_-zaphod-_ wrote:
I can't understand why people feel the need to make such bogus claims on topix. You have one moron who claims to have 3 degrees one of which I believe is a PHD. All that time and money spent to have a job that works him on Sundays? Sure thing dude. A whole thread of idiots who all claim to make upwards of 60k, yet none of them can string together two complete sentences. I'm looking at you last closeted poet. Mr I make 75k a year on a 3 to 11 shift at an undisclosed location somewhere near culloden. For some reason my BSometer is going nuts.
It's an anonymous site guys. There's really no need to make such laughable claims. No one buys it anyway.
And yet you feel so compelled to make a new post on the subject? Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Disclaimer: Which is not so say I'd defend that d'bag that trolls by a poet moniker.