avenger killer

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#146 Mar 21, 2011
wild one wrote:
hey killer bring it dont hide behind a keyboard! only cowards talk chit about the avengers m c on a computer. wake up and give life a try, you might like pulling your head out of your ass and smell the fresh air. the avengers like to ride, brotherhood, and hanging with true friends. what do you have other than the y.m.c.a.
just for your info, i did bring it face to face with them many times and they backed down everytime. again, they are punks.

Poca, WV

#147 Mar 21, 2011
i ride with a group that get along really well with them!! we are not a 1% club or anything but they stick to themselves mostly unless you give them a reason not too!! just as close friends do! they help the community and ask for help from the community when needed!! they dont go around randomly attacking nething or neone! but just like our club if you trash one you trash us all!! my kidz are not scared of bikers and would rather ask them for help than the local or state cops and trust and believe that the bikers would take care of whatever is going on!! we are close to alot of different groups! but they are not bad ppl at all and as far as drugs and being drunks-- heck half our population is that way!! just bc they are 1% and thats the impression that the TV gives you dont always believe what you hear and less of what you see or watch!! i personally have never seen ne drugs ne where associated with these guys and drinking hell we all do that so it dont mean that we are drunks at all!! just friends having a few drinks and having fun!! so for future reference you may want to do a silent search of what your wanting to know before you take it public because out here it doesnt matter if your in their club or not at the end of the day all clubs usually stick together and when you mess with one you mess with all!! so good luck on whatever you want to find out about whatever your looking for but id really just leave well enough alone and go on about your business and if what your looking for wasnt answered then i would look for it in a different way!!!!

South Hill, VA

#148 Mar 23, 2011
avenger killer wrote:
<quoted text>just means you dont know shit, avengers are punks
And what exactly means that I dont know shit?? Maybe if youd back up your argument I wouldnt think youre a complete dumbass.

Lambertville, MI

#149 Mar 25, 2011
do they have a website? can someone send it to me?

Charlevoix, MI

#150 Mar 27, 2011
what about colors? i met a guy that called himself an avenger but didnt wear any colors?!? where was his pride? im young yes but i grew up in a biker family and one of the things i learned was colors. dont u guys wear colors anymore?

Charleston, WV

#151 Apr 5, 2011
just want to know if there ever was a guy named lurch that rode with avengers from southern coalfields.real good dude man,i went to his house a couple times when he lived up rt.85. how can i get in touch with him??
wanta be

Cranberry Twp, PA

#152 Apr 12, 2011
Who knows a cat that goes by Old School that runs with a smokin hot young girl with dark hair?
i care

United States

#153 Apr 13, 2011
Ex skybox employee wrote:
Oh sure the Avengers are great guys. Perhaps you didn't know that they beat up an old man at Skybox Sportsbar for no reason at all! An innocent old man who went outside to have a ciggarette while they were having a meeting. WTF is their clubhouse for??? Their meeting area is not the smoking area at Skybox. Its a shame that happened. They are barred from SKybox. Great guys my ass! And this old man DID NOT START IT FIRST! He was in the wrong place at the wrong time obviously.
Your stupid your just mad cause they didn't pay any attention to you but

United States

#154 Apr 13, 2011
And old biker once say a patch dont make a man or a club the man makes both

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#155 Apr 13, 2011
young wrote:
And old biker once say a patch dont make a man or a club the man makes both
I ment to say the man makes the patch and the club

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Since: Dec 10

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#156 Apr 13, 2011
wanta be wrote:
Who knows a cat that goes by Old School that runs with a smokin hot young girl with dark hair?
I don't know him, but I met him at the V Club last Sunday. I was stupid drunk and made an ass of myself, bit from what I can remember he was a good dude.

Huntington, WV

#157 Apr 13, 2011
wanta be wrote:
Who knows a cat that goes by Old School that runs with a smokin hot young girl with dark hair?
I do what about him.

Huntington, WV

#158 Apr 13, 2011
They were a big club when I was growing up, and I remember that club house out on 5th. st. hill too, Ii got sh1t-faced there a few times in my younger days. I'll never forget one time there at a party they/we were passing around a bottle of wine w/a few dozen or so hits of acid in it, that was a night to remember, if you could that is. Anyhow they used to be a nationally known club, and they were 1% r's. I guess they have a place they hang-out at on 8th. ave. & 28th. st. I remember them when K. Baylous was in charge. They were like other clubs and that is if you leave them alone they will leave you alone and let them take care of their own issues on the inside.
Crown dog

United States

#159 Apr 18, 2011
Hey know a few if these guys and can say mist are a good bunch if guys... So are the guys in the BOTW ..... The last rebeltards most I've meet are worthless
Avengers Daughter

Coppell, TX

#160 Apr 18, 2011
Kiba,... we probably know each other... if you've been around since Keith was runnin things. my dad was a member at that time. initials BP. ring a bell?

Huntington, WV

#161 Apr 19, 2011
My brain has been a little poluted a few times since those days so it would take me awhile to figure out the initials but its very possible I either know him or have met him before long ago. And is that his real name or his nic-name cause they all had them ya know like red-neck, I knew him pretty well and he lived right up the street from me when he died, that was sad man, sad. Do you know Sam? We were pretty good friends, I dont think he actually joined the club tho but like I was saying that was a long time ago, like 30+ yrs. and a lot has happened since then ya know. I was surprised to see where they have a hang-out place on 8th. & 26th. st. awhile back tho, I had always wondered what happened to them and I still dont know but I have seen that place w/bikes parked in front of it and their logo on the door. I dont know if it is still there or not but I remember back in the day they always had that club-house on 5th. st. hill, I somehow wound-up there a couple of times in my younger days, not a lot of times but about twice as best I remember. Later and have a nice day.
Avengers Daughter

Coppell, TX

#162 Apr 19, 2011
nickname... with the initials BP. heres another hint for ya.... probably the only person you ever did or ever will know that had one fine A$$ '46 knuck. :-)

Huntington, WV

#163 Apr 20, 2011
Sounds like a nice bike thats for sure but its been so long ago ya know. I didnt really hang w/them a lot or anything but just through mutual friends getting together and going to support parties and such I just got to know a few of them but like I said its been like 30+ yrs. Plus I dont feel to comfortable even talking about them too much ya know, some of them are a pretty private bunch. But altho Im starting to see some of them riding around and I saw that place on 8th. & 26th. and I always wondered what happened to them, did they disband and get back together or what? I just wondered about it before because I remember not seeing any of them around all of a sudden like 20 or so yrs. ago. Later, been nice talkin to ya.

Bourbonnais, IL

#164 Apr 20, 2011
I dated an avenger. I met a majority of the club members and hung out with them. They are normal great people. Good friends. Fun to hang out with. Great to have around when you feel unsafe, thats for sure.

Huntington, WV

#165 Apr 21, 2011
I met Red-Neck when he first came here from Columbus (I think it was columbus, pretty sure) and he was a good guy and we used to talk a lot, he was a big bad burly biker but just by talking to him you wouldnt have known it, then I didnt see him for awhile then he popped-up a block from my house but he had been shot and had a wreck I think but he was all messed-up. He had his bike, or I guess it was a trike then (I think, long time ago) customized to carry his wheel-chair and his good looking blonde ole lady. I would walk my dog and he would be on his back porch having a beer and his place had all of the wheel-chair ramps and decks on it, then it happened, he wrecked on that ramp across the river getting on the bridge comming back to Huntington and lost his life, but thats the way he would have wanted to go thats for dam sure. A super nice guy. I remember I was hanging out at the bar we used to dam near live at in Barboursville the "Our House Tavern" and I was standing outside and he pulled up on this big Harley fatboy, I remember it was kinda like a copperish color, pretty different and we started talking and he introduced himself and said he had just then rode in from Columbus. I was like 18 or 19 and Im 51 now so thats how long ago it was. I'll never forget the guy, but in the paper I think it said he was originally from this state I think, cant really remember. Anyone remember or know him? His name might have been Clarence, I think thats what it said in the obit but again its been a long time ago and many many fried brain-cells ago too.

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