Chris carter shot at forrest bluff

Staunton, VA

#119 Jan 8, 2013
Curious wrote:
What type of gun was used?
one that shoots bullets
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Chester, VA

#123 Jan 8, 2013
Chris was also addicted to puffing some Peter
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Huntington, WV

#126 Jan 8, 2013
Ashley Bowen is not a good person, even before she became a drug addict, she was a bully in high school, I have seen her jump people for no reason and it is not someone I would EVER associate myself with. HOWEVER, having said that I do not think it is proper to get on this website running your mouth about someone who was murdered and coming up with conspiracy theories. I know people who are on drugs who this could happen to, and we have all tried to get them to stop. Drugs take over your life and makes you a different person, and after so long there is no turning back. You do not have to respect these people involved in this situation, but you should take a minute to stop and think about what if you had kids that one day grow up to be these kind of people... rarely is it the parents fault and you should put yourself in the shoes of those who love these people. I know several people who come from amazing families and who have strayed down this path. I cannot imagine something like this happening to someone I once cared about and people coming on here saying they deserved it. You people are no better than anyone else- drug addicted or not. You people are very pathetic.

United States

#127 Jan 8, 2013
hey YOU SUCK fu@@ you,maybe they will be next to bite it you are a pos junkie to im sure

United States

#128 Jan 8, 2013
i can still smell ashleys puss on my bed yumm it smells good

Charleston, WV

#129 Jan 8, 2013
How's. This for theory... Watch the news... It has been now said Ashley was involved in robbing them. So the man she loved so much she now assisted in him being killed. Now lock her up!!!!

Springfield, NJ

#130 Jan 8, 2013
You've got it all wrong.

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#131 Jan 8, 2013
pete wrote:
foxie75 is a fat looser and leaves on 775 in ohio with her mom. she gave up her kids up.worthless
I still have my kid ty and I don't live there anymore so know what u r talking bout before u run that dick sucker. Of. Yours u pos lifelow prick
How so

Springfield, NJ

#132 Jan 8, 2013
misunderstood wrote:
You've got it all wrong.
All wrong huh please enlighten!

Springfield, NJ

#133 Jan 8, 2013
do you know Ashley or Chris personally? Like honestly on a person level, not just because of drugs or whatever? Ashley never jumped anyone in high school.. Yeah she fought a couple times but she was never a bully. She was nice to everyone. I don't think Ashley set Chris up. I have no room to talk and its not my place to try and explain what happened. Drugs do terrible things to people but it doesn't make them awful people. Wrong place, wrong time. Don't speak of someone you know nothing about and don't just go by what the news is saying.

Ashburn, VA

#134 Jan 8, 2013
i dont blame the people who shot him...sorry folks ...he stole and got what happens when you steal...4 dead kids, a dead hooker and now a guy from the projects...DONT STEAL and u will live

Hansford, WV

#135 Jan 8, 2013
This town is going to shit fast..and it is very sad. I feel awful for Chris and his family may he RIP! But someone needs to get Bri Black outa tha fucking bluff most bad shit revolves around her and her apartment. She is nasty and doesnt even have her kids..soo why r they still letting her live there??? Id love to know....But the bluff is nothing but nasty pill popping junkies that will never amount to anything. If you have Kids raise them..dont do drugs dumb asses.

Huntington, WV

#136 Jan 8, 2013
birdie rules u get it.
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God bless us all

Nitro, WV

#138 Jan 9, 2013
He might have been a bad guy but regardless I think that its awful that a young man was murdered when the 2 prostitute junkies (Ashley and Bri) were the ones that robbed them. In my opinion, they are the ones that should have suffered the consequences not Carter and his family. Some may say that he died a hero because he was in love with Ashley. But thats false. This young man died a victim.. not hero. He was executed because of someone elses actions. Its women like Ashley that are ruining a lot of peoples lives in this country. Its time to stop the drug use and the violence that comes with it. We need to find a better path for out youth. Its time to take a stand against the trafficking of drugs. Punishments need to be severe and enforced. This is only logical. I hope that one day, law enforcement and judges all across the nation will help in handing out very long, hard sentences for drug crimes and crimes that are related to drug use. Good luck America.

Springfield, NJ

#139 Jan 9, 2013
Anyone kno how much heroin was stolen? And how did ashley pull off the theft? I'm sure it wasn't just laying around!

Ardsley, NY

#140 Jan 9, 2013
Wondering wrote:
Anyone kno how much heroin was stolen? And how did ashley pull off the theft? I'm sure it wasn't just laying around!

Eh about tree fiddy
Oh I see

Springfield, NJ

#141 Jan 9, 2013
Nessy wrote:
<quoted text>.
Eh about tree fiddy
So it was that damn lock ness monster that got the dboys... Now I understand!!
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Step daddy

Saint Albans, WV

#143 Jan 19, 2013
ohio boy wrote:
This morning when i went to work. leroy is one lazy guy. He don't do shit at work.
What the f#*k does this have to do with anything being said ???? You a fu#king idiot smh
Step daddy

Saint Albans, WV

#144 Jan 19, 2013
hmmmm wrote:
<quoted text>
Gotta love Internet gangsters!! Lol! I bet u really scared him u big scary thug u!!
Lmao u said big scary thug you bahahahaha
ppl r nuts

Chesapeake, OH

#145 Feb 5, 2013
Bri Black has been evicted thank god, its about time. You'd think after her Mother supposably "Over Dosing" ( Which she went and told a people she smothered her own mother over some klonopins, her beautiful baby girls getting taken away, The suppose to be "love of her life" Hanging himself "because he thought she was dead", Her what was suppose to be "Best Friend" getting shot in her apartment & later on dieing, i think this should have been done along time ago. Bri When are you going to open up your eyes and grow the fuck up?? noone feels sorry for your ass, your an attention whore, you use people just to get what you want. some ppl feel sorry for you and say no wonder look at what shes been threw. FUCK THAT, yeah youve had a hard life but goddamn open up your eyes and do something with yourself, if i was you id want to make myself better && turn my life around, for the people that have died around you that loved you, the 2 Amazingly Beautiful baby girls you could get back, and most of ALl YOURSELF!! Do you really want to end up dead && have to have austin explain that their mommy died , & theyll never see or get to know you, Make them be proud of you not wonder & think my mommy must not love or care about me because she chooses a buzz && to get fucked up over getting me & my sister back or to even be involved in our lives? Is that really what you want abby & mia to think now or when they get older? that their mom was a pos, that slept with everyone & did shit with people to get drugs, that shoots up, doesnt work or go to school, & kills herself more & more each day? You must have had to do/doing some fucked up shit for this bad of KARMA to come back to you. Im Glad Austin Bowen has done a complete turn around for HIS KIDS, Im very Proud of him, && i think its wonderful that he quit useing drugs, went to rehab (GOT HELP PERIOD), is working & takes care of his girls the way they deserve to be taken care of, && i give their Grandfather props for taking them & raising them, they are in a much better enviorment than being with or around you!! WHat do u think could have happend to your kids if you would have had them when all this crazyness has occured? Have you just ever stoped to think of someone else other than youself?? you are one selfish bitch And personally i think that all 3 of these deaths have been your fault!! How do you lay your head down at night and sleep? How do you go everyday with blood on your hands?? GROW UP, OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES, YOUR GOING TO END UP DEAD SOON IF YOU KEEP SHOOTING UP && DOING THE THINGS YOUR DOING!!! YOU SHOULD AT LEAST BE NICE ENOUGH TO GO TO THE TROOPERS WIFE YOU WERE FUCKING && LET HER KNOW SHE NEEDS TO GET CHECKED TO MAKE SURE SHE HASNT CAUGHT ANY OF YOUR NASTY DISEASES. DO you ever really think your goina get your kids back at the rate your going? Or do you even want them back? cause im pretty sure its been almost 2 years and you'd think if you wanted them or missed them youd done try to get them back. Your pathetic, get off your back, shut your leggs, get the needle out of your arm, & get a fucking Job like an adult & big girl, & live in the real world, And take care of your kids, your their mother you gave birth to them you should have them they are your responsibility not everyone elses but bris, I have known you for years and never once in 6th grade did i ever think you was going to be like this and turn out this sad. Do you know ppl call you the communitity bicycle because "everyone gets a ride". Do you know how embarrassing that sounds? Quit feeling sorry for yourslef, quit Craving attention & DO something with your life!!

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