whats your annual salary

Elkview, WV

#44 Sep 24, 2013
I have a Bachelor Degree and I make around 12k a year right now working part time.

There are no jobs here.
fatman in the party van

Huntington, WV

#45 Sep 24, 2013
Nancy wrote:
<quoted text>You may use all the excuses you want for not obtaining an education. Life has been easy for me and my Family. I will advise any one if at all possible to get their degree. Your degree will make a great difference in your life, it may or may not make a rich person out of you, but money and material things doesn't make a wealthy family. There are five in my Family, me my husband and three children, and all have our college behind us... And no "Fatman" college isn't a rip off, only to those who use excusses not to attend college.
Nope....it's a rip off....u did a lot of talking but didn't really say anything...all I got was u went to college and don't need a lot of money...life has been easy for me because I like to work.....I Didn't go to college...
i hear that

Saint Albans, WV

#46 Sep 24, 2013
that's true..i have a BA and plenty experience.but not jobs in non-profit
fatman in the party van

Huntington, WV

#47 Sep 24, 2013
If everyone goes to college it takes the specialness out of it....not its basically like graduating high school...everybody does it...it's expected
just wondering

Huntington, WV

#48 Sep 24, 2013
NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys wrote:
I make $60,000 with a 2 year degree as a RN. I love my job!
I am a RN as well, with a 4 year degree. I don't make quite that much. Where do you work if you don't mind me asking?!

United States

#49 Sep 24, 2013
I have a bachelors and work in home health therapy making $102,000 a year. YES, to anyone who has a therapy degree or would be willing to persue one you will always have a good job in this area.

Level 5

Since: Sep 13

United States

#50 Sep 24, 2013
Gullible wrote:
<quoted text> My name is 'Gullible' and I believe any thing you hill folks tell me. If you tell me a piss ant could pull a truck, I would help you hook that little insect up and start pulling that truck. I would never ever call a hill person a liar, they are just too honest..
You have taught me a lot.
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Huntington, WV

#52 Sep 24, 2013
The most glaring sign of the nouveau riche is that they are so eager to discuss money. Every one of you declaring your income are simultaneously declaring your low social status. It's a fast ride to Déclasséville.

I'm afraid I'll have to cross each of you off my guest list for my next salon. I haven't the faintest idea how much money my friends have, but I do know what qualities make them worth knowing. And it's never money or garish acquisitions.

Cherchent soit à l'amusement ou à l'éducation

Milton, WV

#53 Sep 24, 2013
NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys wrote:
<quoted text>I have been a nurse for many years. I just love Labor and Delivery. There is a reason these jobs do not come open often. I really don't work overtime either.
You are the exception then in the nursing field bc I totally agree with Ben There. More power to ya L&D nurse.
Ben There

Milton, WV

#54 Sep 24, 2013
just wondering wrote:
<quoted text>I am a RN as well, with a 4 year degree. I don't make quite that much. Where do you work if you don't mind me asking?!
Right on. Been an RN for many many years & also have a 4 year degree. The general public has a distorted view of what they think nurses make.
Peter LaBarbera

United States

#55 Sep 24, 2013
dude wrote:
Make 65-70k year and also paycheck to paycheck. Did I mention I hate my job too.
You live beyond your means.
Thin Mint

Chesapeake, OH

#56 Sep 24, 2013
Your mom pays me $50 each time i pack her fudge.

Hurricane, WV

#57 Sep 24, 2013
dude wrote:
I call bullshittt last warrior. Nobody has a credit rating of zero.
I swear it's true. Call someone who knows these things. I didnt know either until out of curiosity after hearing everyone talk about their credit score i went and checked mine. Big fat 0

Milton, WV

#58 Sep 24, 2013
Depends what day it is. Some days it ain't nearly what they should pay me. I work like a dog, put my all into it, and get squat.

Then, there are days that I don't try hard at all, work slow, make mistakes, might even spend time online at sites like Topix. Those days, I owe the man most of my salary back.

So how much is it? More than I deserve but not quite what I'm worth. Gives me something to work toward and for, you know?

Thank GOD! I live in a country where I'm free to work hard, earn more, and do what I want. The only limitation on me is the one I put on myself. If you buy into this BS of I can't get ahead cause I'm whatever color, race, religion, sex; then you are gettin what you settle for. If you settle for less, it ain't there fault for only giving you that - you accepted it.

That is somethin that really pi$$es me off, people buying into all this oppression BS. Look at the dudes talkin that trash, you think Jessie cooks his own meals? You think Al can even drive a car? Hell to the no! They screwing you worse than anybody else and you keep buyin it.

Glad I got wise to that crap, makin me some good money and providing for my family.

Hurricane, WV

#59 Sep 24, 2013
_-zaphod-_ wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear lying car salesman,
I don't need your invitation to post on your thread. Just go back to inflating your salary in a sad attempt to boost your ego.
You miserable little sob, do you even have the f***ing social skills to have any friends? You're so damn envious of people you can never post without degrading someone.And now, just because you dont make shit you begrudge those who do. LOL

Hurricane, WV

#60 Sep 24, 2013
_-zaphod-_ wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yeah. He bought his trailer straight cash homey. All of his utilities are in underage relatives names and he inherited his 1979 Ford Fairlane.
So no credit needed.
I could buy everything you have 10 times over and give it to charity and still live comfortably.
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glad person

Greenup, KY

#63 Sep 24, 2013
i just graduate in office tech. and i need job

Hurricane, WV

#64 Sep 24, 2013
_-zaphod-_ wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok Rockefeller. Why don't you just have your butler do it?
Never had a butler but my parents did employ a nanny from Germany when i was a kid.Does that count?

Chesapeake, OH

#65 Sep 25, 2013
I gots me a college edubacation and I like money. Don't have much but I want me some more. I also like boobies
Silent majority

United States

#66 Sep 25, 2013
_-zaphod-_ wrote:
<quoted text>
I just assumed you sell cars. Apparently I hit the nail on the head.
PS You're an idiot if you expect anyone to believe car salesmen in this area make any cabbage. Maybe that's why you can't get a decent job
Hahahahahahaha...its better to just let people think youre dumb than to open your mouth and remove all doubt....you got a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. I understand why you hang out online., you dont get your jaw busted that way.

my buddy works at dutch miller kia and makes 10,000 a month...and no he doesnt care if an anonymous irrelevant topix nobody believes it...

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