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#43 May 23, 2012
inmate wrote:
i am on hc in cabell county and i am becoming restless, bored, hopeless, feeling sorry for myself, etc and so on. i am a very active, outdoors type of person, normally and this is really gettin to me and the summer of all times. and also sobriety sucks! is there anyone else in the same situation? maybe we can share words of advice, info, etc. reply with any thoughts, concerns or whatever. you most likely have nothing better to do i know because i dont.
Dont know if I can help you except to say, you have to just ignore 90% of the posts in here.
They are generated by little boys with small minds and even smaller wee-wee's who treat the web the same way we used to treat the telephone back in the day. They're just childish pranks, nothing more.

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#44 May 23, 2012
I look at Topix as the bathroom wall of the internet. Good for an occasional laugh and to kill some time...
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#46 May 23, 2012
Sounds like this song is up your alley


Wheeling, WV

#47 May 5, 2013
lol wrote:
If you stole, they should have shot you. If you had cocaine, crack, pills, they should have shot you. If you molested/raped a woman, they should have shot you. You should be thankful that you're on home confinement - not bitching about it.
if you think people should be shot when you know nothing about the case or them you should be shot

Chesapeake, OH

#48 May 6, 2013
I did over 3 months. I became a good cook and painted the house and rearranged a lot.

Charleston, WV

#49 May 6, 2013
Home confinement would be a lot better than jail I would think. I've never been in trouble but just saying.
wv home c

United States

#50 Jul 11, 2013
I jus started six months it really isnt bothering me i work and have alot of supportive family and friends around me everyone thats on home confinment tells me that it will bother me i hope it dosent i am a good person i know so i dont think so weather are not ppl think so is irrelavent if it is negative i cannot wait to put this i have done.what i have to my family and child no regerts

United States

#51 Jul 12, 2013
Stupid wrote:
And my 2 cents worth. You shoulda been put in jail. I totally don't believe in that horrendous and crime-detering punishment called home confinement. pftttttttttttttttttt.
Also, when you're "free" you might want to consider a job ?
Thats the most stupidist thing I've ever heard. So you would rather pay for this person for their stay in jail & their 3 meals a day instead of them paying for their own home confinement???? Home confinement doesn't come out of tax payers pockets, think before you speak???? Who cares what this perso does home confinement can be worse then jail, like any of you are saints & have never done wrong, please!!!! Go crawl back into your holes!!!!!!

Rock Creek, WV

#52 Jul 12, 2013
You should be glad your not in jail bitch.
wv home c

United States

#53 Jul 12, 2013
Lol to YEA in the state of wv they are allowed to base indiments of off hearsay to the uneducated MEANING johnny could have stolen from a store and been charged and convicted two weeks later his neighbors home is robbed for 3 000 worth of jewelry concidentaly johnny helped the old man move some furniture in tje home that same day so you are accused. all that has to happen is the cop writes a letter "johnny has been a problem for almost 10yrs he has a criminal history that dates back to him being a minor. In sept of 2007 he was convicted of delivering methamphitamne he has two battery charges stemming fron a bar fight in 2009 he is well known to local police and drug inforcement alike. And boom u are indicted becuase the neighbor named you ase being there so dont SAY YOU SHOULD BE GLAD TO BE On Home confinment because of overcrowding they are threatening jail sentences to force people into plea pargains for offences that wouldnt have landed jail time anyway or worse people who are scared and uneducated hense the name west virginia well i wasnt born yesterday lol or the day before that. Thats the cold hard truth so pleaze all you uneducqted ppl with nothing better to do give it to me cause im ready.
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wv home confinment

United States

#55 Jul 12, 2013
Thank you zap head i told u the post only applied to the uneducated plz reread the post and tell me qhere i said indiment was a conviction that was not the point i would love to see you cringe at facing serious charges and see whoa shoes u would like being in when the indiment was based on bs

To many misinformed
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wv home c

United States

#57 Jul 12, 2013
Agian proved another point
U have never faced any charges trust me i can read lol for the simple minded i mean READ people u r a white male 35-47 probably lonely (have proved that with such swift responses) here i will be fare and use your line "what a silly post" innocent people dont cringe over charges tell that to the coffee cup murderer lol what does innocent have to do with being found not guilty just the same what does guilty have to do with being found guilty.
wv home c

United States

#58 Jul 12, 2013
Lol i thoight yr post name was zaphead did not know i was posting incorretly sincerly sorry for mishap i am not madd at you just feel sorry for the misguided zaphod but you hqve to.admit maybe i hqd it right the first time i really think your head is zapped by to many social stigmas in that society and the legal system is so cookie cutter by the way i am.29 directed towards everyone reading these post understand on most of my worst days i will be smarter than you on your best
wv home c

United States

#59 Jul 12, 2013
I will end my 2min of thought for the night with two questions for you ZAPHEAD well actually 3 since you have nothing better to do i will be expecting an educated answer quite swiftly 1. How.much in the state of wv is the typical price for retaining a lawyer in a felony perceeding 2. In federal or district court how many jurors have to give a guilty plea.for defendant to be found guilty. Someone case aside lol if you.knew the answer already you would understand guilty or innocent is irrelovant its a huge gamble 3. Why did my post get deleted. U didnt answer and sorry lol to educated to understand internet jargon what is hhs. Or should i say for.a criminal on home confinment i am to educated
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United States

#62 Jul 13, 2013
Lol i dont proof rude u have proved look at the time between all my post there was not even enough time too proof rude it was pushing enough time to even have that much thought which is why i am smarter than most people the only thing u can comment on is my grammer i have used my 2min well 1 u didnt know the answer the average is about 10 000 (do you 10 grand) prob not most ppl with money are more educated 2 your abswer was wrong in the state of wv 11 jurors out of 12 must enter a guilty verdict sorry typo. U didnt even know two basic things i told you my post only applied to uneducated hope i have given u a new sea of knowledge off to the back yard for grill out and swimming have a wonderful saturday 1 question u never answered i said in pervious post i can read people how close was i need to ad one more stereotype probably wished u where a cop either to slow or to fat to make it
wv home c

United States

#63 Jul 13, 2013
I say cop because u where probably one of the losers in school that got made fun of lol like most cops
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simpleton in WV

Branchland, WV

#66 Mar 11, 2014
Does any of these ramblings still matter? Wv hc it's spelled-indictment-I'm sorry, I suppose they didn't teach your well educated ass how to spell only to waggle your tongue around like you know it all. Those of us who do know it all are embarrassed for you. If you are going to be boastful about how intelligent you are please use proper grammar and spelling, thank you. I'm only telling you this to help you, to prevent you from showing everyone what a bumbling idiot you really are! Now as far as I am concerned every last one of you can go to hell.....sincerely, WV born, raised & edukated

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