ideas for tanning salon specials?
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set fire to the rain

United States

#21 Feb 25, 2012
peopleIswear wrote:
cracks me up when people bash tanning but yet they get all tanned during summer.. get the fuck over it people .. u do ur thing and let others do thers. Tanning is not of the past and I would know b/c I have traveled all over. I do think that people who spray and lay look orange, but as for just tanning in moderation.. it DOES NOT leave u looking orange unless u use high DHA bronzers. As far as tanning beds causing cancer.. what doesnt cause cancer anymore.. the air u breath .. duh! There is no direct link between tanning units and cancer b/c how can u monitor how much the person is out in the sun or in a tanning unit. I think a good special would be a test drive special. Let people come in and use 1 visit to each level for a certain price. Then offer them a special price to sign up on your membership
I don't breath air. Must be a tannorexic thing.
set fire to the rain

United States

#22 Feb 25, 2012
1) Future discounts on chemo/radiation.
2) Free tubes of hyaluronic acid each week you tan a minimum of 3 times.
3) Complimentary mole biopsy with a year's membership.
4) Green hair dye coupons for that complete Oompa Loompa look.
5) Sweepstakes for a cameo in the next installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a family member of Leatherface.
6) Marshmallow roast over a fire pit for any other money customers want to burn.
7) Cryptkeeper Look-alike contest for lifetime members.
8) Refer-an-enemy Rewards program.
9) On site consultations with local mortuaries.
10) Buy one get one half off foundations in the orange family.
go tan

Huntington, WV

#23 Feb 25, 2012
Go tan. You're only young and pretty once. What's it matter anyways, you will be old and wrinkled whether you tan or not. As far as cancer, the foods you eat can cause cancer. The lights you stand under can cause cancer. Hell the air you breathe will kill you too. Some people are just jealous because though have that nasty ugly glow when they were their shorts in the summer. Or fat asses that can't fit in a tanning bed.
Mr sun

Tully, NY

#24 Jul 12, 2012
Tan tan tan!
Hey losers sunscreen has harmful chemicals idiots!!
Tan in moderation.
No reason for people to turn orange.... So u pale prude losers... Get a life morons!

Anchorage, AK

#25 Nov 15, 2012
Everyone who bashes tanning appartently doesnt want Vitamin D, I live in Alaska and there is only so much sunlight we can soak up in the summer and then its back to 8 months of dark and cold. I have been tanning for about 2 years and my skin is NOT orange, feel like leather and I defintly dont look older from it. I dont go everyday and i no people who do and they look great. Everyone down in the states over does tanning and thats where people thing that you get orange from it. You know it could be the lotion they use or yes that peron in general over does it but that is horrible of all of you thinking every tanner will look like that. But what about people who need the vitamins from the light you no some doctors do proscribe tanning to help them. Like someone else said you tan in the summer from the nateral light and you know what that can cause skin cancer too so stop pinning skin cancer and everything else on tanners who use fake sunlight to help them, and the warmth makes you happy to. I love the sun and tanning but I dont over do it so does that make me one of the people who will get skin cancer? No everyone bodies are different and I am safe when it comes to exposer to the sun real or not.
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Tulsa, OK

#27 Jul 10, 2013
I hate seeing post like this because it goes to show our era is still so uneducated. There is no link to tanning in moderation to skin cancer. Burning causes cancer or being genetically pre-disposed causes cancer. The biggest mistake people make is burning themselves and thinking its ok (a sunburn is MILLIONS of your blood vessels bursting) it is not good for your skin to burn your skin! Tanning actually helps vitamin D levels go up which in turn has helped reduce some internal cancers, immune system, eczema, psoriasis, several things!!! There is so much more to it than what everyone thinks. And ALWAYS use a lotion (tanning salon quality) not using a lotion dries out your lipids which require the hydration if you use a good quality lotion it helps replenish what you lose during tanning. IF you DON'T use a lotion it breaks down your collagen and skin elasticity in turn meaning people looking like leather bags. Skin care is huge in all aspects. TAN EVERY OTHER DAY! That is huge allow your skin to produce the melanin fully! It takes 24-48 hours for it to develop. Its healthier on your skin and healthier skin tans better! It bothers me people are just saying this is all bad and its all skin cancer. There is so much more to the tanning industry than you know! AND that 50 SPF sunscreen you all use has more chemicals linked to cancer than tanning in moderation EVER has!!! Know what your talking about, and please do your research! has so much info! Please research!

Toronto, Canada

#28 Jul 22, 2013
bronze diva wrote:
Help me come up with some tanning specials? Please.:)
Buy 5 tans get one free
Buy 10 tans get two free
Buy 15 tans get 3 free
20% off lotion
Buy a package get moisturizer 25% off
Buy any package get second one 50% off
Buy 10 tans get 5 free

Greensburg, PA

#29 Jul 22, 2013
We do one at our shop where they get 10 tans for $20. It sales really good and that's what's at of our customers buy.

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