Mr Nice Guy fake weed...

Mr Nice Guy fake weed...

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Huntington, WV

#1 Nov 17, 2010
i smoked a lil pinner the other day and felt really REALLY paranoid and my heart was beating really fast, i felt like i was dyin...i didnt like it at all. the next day i smoked the roach just to see how i felt and i felt really good off of like 4 hits. i think i smoked too much the 1st time. but when i just took a few hits i felt i had smoked a joint of the real stuff. anybody else try this stuff?

Huntington, WV

#2 Nov 17, 2010
Yeah that shit's tastes like shit and it can't be good for you. THC is harmless but the chemicals in that shit have been causing real problems. Ive heard that people have been having seizures. I wouldn't smoke it.

Huntington, WV

#3 Nov 17, 2010
oh you mean the shit they sell as incense at certain stores! Yeah, that shit blows! I had a friend that bought all of the ingredients online & made it himself! He put way too much of the chemical white shit in it & it was miserable. Definitely one of the worse panic attacks I have ever experienced! You really gotta put the correct amount in or the wrong person could be taking a trip to the hospital!! Though the store bought shit ain't no treat either. Its good during sex, thats about it! lol.... I'll stick with the real deal thank you very much!!
true story

Huntington, WV

#4 Nov 18, 2010
yea ive never got high b4 and me and my buddies bought some of this stuff at the flea market just to try it out..BAD IDEA!! we started panicing and puking..Our hearts were racing..We all wanted 2g2 the hospital..Never again will i try that stuff!!

Front Royal, VA

#5 Nov 23, 2010
I've been smoking mr. nice guys for about three months now, and it has helped me quit smoking weed. I think alot of people tend to smoke mr nice guy as they would smoke weed. It only takes a hit or two to start feeling good.
Former Pot Smoker

Front Royal, VA

#6 Nov 23, 2010
I had to quit smoking weed and an herb blend similar to this helped me do so. It gets me high like weed and, if made strong enough, doesn't take as much. I make my own and pay the equivalent of $.60/gram to do so compared with $10 or more a gram for weed.
It is true you can get too high. But some things are ok in moderation (like alcohol and other legal highs).
As for the seizures it is my belief that there could be a possible allergic reaction from some people as they may have an allergy to one of the many herbs contained within the different blends.

Anyway, the real point of this whole thread should be that none of this stuff would ever be in the market if marijuana was legalized. Marijuana has existed for thousands of years and has never killed anyone (unlike alcohol). Also, to my knowledge (and I've done a lot of research) marijuana has never caused a seizure.

Huntington, WV

#7 Nov 24, 2010
yea i agree about the smoking too much. this stuff isn't like weed. all it takes is 2 or 3 hits of the mr. nice guy cuz its one of the strongest "synthetic weed" brands. thats why i felt so bad the 1st time was cuz i smoked it like i would a joint of real weed. you cant do that with the mr. nice guy stuff. 3 or 4 hits and ur good. i tried the "greenhouse effects" stuff last week..its not as strong as the mr. nice guy, but i actually did get a buzz. i like the mr nice guy better cuz it only takes a few hits. i had to smoke almost a whole joint of the greenhouse effects though

Emmaus, PA

#8 Dec 20, 2010
my friend smoked this yesterday and we were walking to our friends house after about two bowls of mr.nice guy.. two of us wen tone way and the three of them went the other way. she dropped her purse and stopped to pick it up.. and than she sad her body just shut down and she couldnt walk. than she started throwing up and than she was laying down and she started shaking and drooling and couldnt open her eyes. than since she couldnt walk a couple of guys had to carry her trading off every couple of minutes. very scary and we will never do this shit again..than my friend wanted some just to try it.. well he started throwing up about twenty minutes later. and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head. all of us were terrified so we took him to our friends dad who was close by ( as in walking distance ). this friend is the same one from below who had a siezure in the restaurant from weed.
but my friend also had a siezure from just weed.. he had smoked and he was in a restaurant at the counter ordering his food and he blacked out and his head swung forward and he hit it off of a pole that was there. than he fell over and his friends dad caught him and he had to go to the hospital .
nothing is safe to smoke and if something bad happens you dont understand how scary it gets. you start wondering if youre going to live or not. and when you see this happening to your friend you start wondering if they are going to live. worst experince of my life.

Miami, FL

#9 Feb 22, 2011
what do u role it with,dutch?

Front Royal, VA

#10 Feb 22, 2011
Wifa wrote:
what do u role it with,dutch?
Never tried rolling it. It burns great in a pipe though.
oh noooo

United States

#11 Feb 22, 2011
That stuff is really bad for you. I have been smoking for about a decade now and never had a problem. I tried mr nice guy one time And ended up in the emergency room. It dropped my blood oxygen level so low it almost gave me permanent brain damage and would have killed me within an hour if my husband wouldn't have taken me to the ER. the dr said I was lucky to be alive. It has killed numerous people. Marijuana is a million times better for you.
The real deal or no deal

Saint Albans, WV

#12 Feb 23, 2011
I smoke pot everyday and I ve never had seizures or anything. I smoked that mr. nice guy and my heart was beating out of m chest and i felt light headed. I didn;t like it!!! I prefer the real stuff!!!

United States

#13 Mar 20, 2011
its good cant smoke the real but mr.nice guy is nice haha probly not good for you tho cant waite till the real shit is leagle !

United States

#14 Mar 20, 2011
i will never smoke any of that sh!t again,i tried granddaddy something or another not sure exactly on the full name and i also tried zombie matter,in a time period of 2 days. after me and my friend had a couple hits,my eyes started rolling and my body felt extremely heavy,my heart was beating really fast and i went to sit down and i started goin in and out of consciousness and had extreme dizziness and almost passed out. i went to lay down and i had to get up and go to the bathroom because i almost threw up in the floor,i was definitely thinking about having someone call an ambulance for me. it was the worst feeling ever. screw that stuff. if i ever smoke again,im smoking marijuana,the real thing. i do not recommend any type of herbal incense to anyone,especially if you have intentions of smoking it alone. so before you think about bashing me on here..i take full responsibilty for my actions and yes,i know it is not for human consumption. i was only telling my story trying to help and give advice to anyone who thought about trying it. it's not worth a trip to the hospital and the effects it causes on your body.

Fullerton, CA

#15 May 5, 2011
im smoking mr nice guy right now and it feels great. idk what you guys are talking about.
say what

Columbus, OH

#16 May 5, 2011
Where did u get it??? I miss it!

United States

#17 May 19, 2011
Apparently this stuff really is crazy. My husband and I smoked it just once because we thought it would be like the reg stuff. I had no clue we were supposed to only take a hit or two. We practically smoked a whole joint. I ended up just eating everything in the house (literally). My husband on the other hand went insane. He took off all his clothes and started flipping out. Telling me he was in hell and to please get him out. Screaming and everything. I thought he was joking at first but he wasn't. He ended up running around the house and I even think he went outside for a while. I was so messed up I just watched him for a little but while i ate a bowl of cereal. Idk I can't even explain his reaction. He ended up in the emergency room and they just made him wait around till it wore off. I'm pretty sure I gained 10lbs that night. So I guess it just depends on the person.

Lake Worth, FL

#18 Jul 12, 2011
I took like 6 hits and it was the best trip ever...maybe it's not meant for you old farts ;P

Rock Creek, WV

#19 Jul 13, 2011
Who sells it local?
opinsmokingallda y

New Castle, DE

#20 Jul 21, 2011
I've been smoking most of my life and done alot of drugs like triping and everything I thought I was going crazy I wish I had read this story about this guy awhile ago if u smoke it like weed or haven't ever smoked this shit before it for some reason makes you think you died and went to hell and you can't do shit about it I had a bad trip like ten yrs ago wasn't even as close to as bad as this shit tho I thought I had died and went to hell foreal and it was like u could hear people screaming and u where stuck in this really fucked up freaky situation and I was like I'm in hell and my friend roommate was like you think this is a joke you are here and I couldn't control anything like something took control of my body and no then helped I lost all science of reality and the feeling was so real it mad me think that it was showing me things in my life like go out side I started feeling like I was died and I could hear people calling my name like jhon doe come this way if you want to make it keep fighting don't give up or you are stuck her I don't care what anyone thinks if you want to have a bad time smoke it and if it hasn't happened yet it will my boy smoked it alot like all day then he finally felt the same thing as me in hell dying and all the hate and evil u feel its not worth it foreal the thing I don't understand is why there is so many things out there like this like bath salt shit makes you go insane to I would rather do the real shit who ever is making this shit must have never tried or smoked there own shit I would never wish this own anyone just smoke pot this fake shit is made by some cemist that do sent understand the effect

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