Gov. clothing vouchers mis used

Gov. clothing vouchers mis used

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not pleased

Waynesboro, VA

#1 Nov 6, 2011
The gov. vouchers are given to parerants to get the clothing for their children as they start school and this has stuck with me as i was checking out one day at Gabe and brothers this male and female with a little girl was in front of me the female was on something and she had a buggy full of stuff only that could fit her bras panties to match lots of them and a pair of nike shoes and tops and jeans I did not see one thing for the little girl but the female was happy and that went right thru me .
Just saying

Addison, NY

#2 Nov 6, 2011
This is why I have a problem with pretty much every government assistance program out there...I work and so does my husband 40+ hrs a week and the people sitting around with their hand out are living better than we are on the tax dollars that my hard work provides...most all of the programs are intended to help families, particularly the children, live a less poverty stricken life and ensure they have essentials and very few of those hand outs actually reach the couches are used to buy mommy more clothes, the food stamps are traded for drugs, the welfare checks go to buy drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and to support gambling addictions, the places paid for by HUD are used for drug dealers to deal out of....this is why in my opinion if a family receives assistance it should be given out in the way it is intended to be used or not at all....don't give food stamps, give food, don't give clothing vouchers, get the size of clothing the child wears and give clothes in that size that do not have tags and are therefore not returnable, if someone lives in a HUD home then that house should be subjected to random checks to ensure people that aren't supposed to be living there are not and even bring a drug dog in to check for drugs, don't give welfare checks to pay for utilities and such just pay for what that family is receiving the check for...let the family submit a monthly account for what they intend to spend that check on and provide those things or pay those bills but don't give them cash to do with what they want....government hand outs are a privilege, not a right and if a family isn't doing anything they shouldn't be doing with these hand outs then they wouldn't mind adhering to programs like that and would simply be grateful for the help....if they don't want to do things to ensure the money is going where it should then they shouldn't get the very least they should have to submit receipts and if the totals don't add up right then they shouldn't get help anymore and if it can be proven they spent $100 on alcohol for instance then the following month they should get $100 less because obviously that was money they didn't really need. If someone makes their own money then let them spend it how they want but if the tax payers are keeping you then they should also be allowed to dictate what is done with the money and if you think these ideas are an invasion of privacy and don't want to do them then get a job and take care of yourself. I know I'll catch a lot of flack for this but mark my word if things were don't like this and people couldn't live the high life while sitting on their ass you would see a major decline in people content sitting around with their hand out.
Just saying

Addison, NY

#3 Nov 7, 2011
Couches = vouchers. Sorry for this and any other typos my computer is typing very slowly for some reason and it auto corrects so when i look at the screen it looks like what I meant to say then the computer auto corrects it three minutes later to something else nd I miss the typo.
not pleased

Waynesboro, VA

#4 Nov 7, 2011
If their was only a voucher only store that no refunds were given open during the time for vouchers to be used and then it turns into a drug testing place for the ones on foodstamps.

Huntington, WV

#5 Nov 7, 2011
Maybe you should quit your job and get on welfare since you think people on welfare are living so much better than you and you wanna bitch about it.
Now I am just saying

Huntington, WV

#6 Nov 7, 2011
Adults can get clothing vouchers to if they are in school or are working so maybe that was the case here, but I don't know.
Working Poor

Manakin Sabot, VA

#7 Nov 7, 2011
Um, maybe the clothes you saw were for a older child? Just because she had a little girl with her does not mean the volcher was for THAT child. I often go get the kids clothes with them at home, my oldest son wears men sizes, so I am sure if some random busy body standing behind me looked at me and my husband and our two younger boys with a buggy full of full sized mens clothes they would also think we were abusing the system.

I mean really, just because it was womens clothes does NOT mean it was for the women.

As for the post below yours, I am sure that sounds great to you, imagine how much MORE it would cost for a program to do it that way instead of the way it is now, I am sure you would not mind having your taxes raised to pay for these oversights.

Also hud housing requires 30 day inspections EVERY month to make sure they are not keeping people not on the lease. Diffenret HUD housing does it differently, some better then others. Thats the managerments job.

As for the rest of the rambling, none of that is even remotely feasable, common sense should tell you that, but that seems to be lacking on these boards. The only smart thing that came out of your post was the drug testing suggestion, but keeping it real thats not your idea, as its been talked to death everywhere. Yes drug testing should be done, until then not much we can do about it.

Unless like I said you want to pay billions more for someone to shop for that food, clothing and household items. But don't forget all the extra people needed to read the reciepts and the paperwork, sheesh really? Your whole post showed your ignorance and inabilty to see something bigger then the end of your own nose.

Huntington, WV

#8 Jul 20, 2013
lol wrote:
Maybe you should quit your job and get on welfare since you think people on welfare are living so much better than you and you wanna bitch about it.
Seriously. Do a quick google search on your computer: the VAST majority of people on GA have jobs. They bust their asses doing thankless jobs just so they can never get ahead and be looked down on my ignorant asses. Sounds like a life to be jealous of, right?
For real, and drug testing welfare recipients? Again spend three minutes on google. They have done that in FL and its costing millions and guess how many people that are tested are coming up dirty? Less than five percent. So there goes another genius theory.
There are exceptions, but most people on welfare are hard working people getting screwed over by their government..... Just like everyone else.
so what?

Pittsburgh, PA

#9 Jul 20, 2013
The voucher could have even been for the mom. If the mom is in school or works sometimes they provide vouchers for adults too

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