Child molestor in West Virginia

Child molestor in West Virginia

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#1 Nov 7, 2008
Thomas Scott King raped and sodomized me twice when I was 7 years old. I am prosecuting him on these charges. If he raped or attempted to rape you and you would like to gain closure to your ordeal, please consider coming forward with your testimony. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.
Danny Boy

Gainesville, FL

#2 Nov 7, 2008
I was raped by a man named Ed when I was 12 he lived over Thabit's Rest. on 4th Ave and worked at INCO. Years later I would see him hanging out in the men's room at the field house and fairfield stadium

Port Angeles, WA

#3 Nov 8, 2008
I would check out the statue of limitations to see if prosecution is possible. You only have so many years and then there is the burden of proof like witnesses or mediacl evidence or a confession would clinche the deal!

Good luck
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Heres your help


#5 Nov 9, 2008
there is no statute on child molestion sorry if misspelled

Gainesville, FL

#6 Nov 10, 2008
Heres your help wrote:
there is no statute on child molestation sorry if misspelled
I fixed it for you

Lubbock, TX

#7 Nov 10, 2008
the child molestation is jess
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La Grange, IL

#9 Jan 14, 2009
bumping this up

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#10 Jan 15, 2009
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#11 Jan 25, 2009
Bear wrote:
I would check out the statue of limitations to see if prosecution is possible. You only have so many years and then there is the burden of proof like witnesses or mediacl evidence or a confession would clinche the deal!
Good luck
I did.. I have reported everything to the prosecuting attorney's office in the county the events occurred. There is no statute of limitations for what he did, according to them and the time period. Indictment is no problem, it's the conviction that would be difficult without tangible proof. I will testify against Thomas Scott King as my molestor. There have been numerous families come forward and reported incidents that happened to the brother, cousin, neighbor.. almost invariably, the abused goes on to a life of addiction. However, it's the testimony of the victim themselves that is required. This is what I am trying to accomplish. All we need is just one more person who was sexually assaulted by Thomas Scott King and is willing to talk about it. Coming forward will change your life. I know. It did for me. Contact me at [email protected] if more information is requested.


#12 Jan 25, 2009
Thomas Scott King worked at

Elkhorn Jr. High
Welch Jr. High
Mt. View High School
Lewis County High School
Valley High School

Try a Google search for his name. You'll see an account of his arrest while principal at Valley High School. He also is mentioned at the website for the Committiee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students as having attempted to rape several exchange students while they slept at his house.


#13 Jan 26, 2009
One former student at Welch Jr. High indicated that Thomas Scott King took him on a trip to a WVU ballgame along with TSK's son. On the way back home, they stopped at a hotel. The boy said that he woke up, was completely naked and Thomas Scott King was taking pictures of him. He was say no more about what else happened. This is absolutely sickening. Please, if you can help, do so.


#14 Feb 10, 2009
From the reader again:
"Not that I can remember. Just a lot of stories about getting drunk with him. I do remember one guy talking about Mr. King chasing him and a couple of other boys around the room, drunk of course. But he was laughing about it like it was a big joke. I don't think he tried to fool with everybody, maybe a way to keep his little games to go on without being looked at as only rumors? I don't know. To all of us in school he was a hero. He was the cool teacher who would buy you drinks and take you to ballgames and many school trips. We didn't know what a pedophile was. I don't doubt anybody's testimony and I hope the right justice is served on him for any thing he has done. "
This is typical of a child molester. First, if you drink, then it incriminates you. You feel you cannot tell what happened later because you would get in trouble for drinking. The liquor buys your silence. Second, the molester begins with inappropriate touching. With me, Thomas Scott King began by pushing me under his bed to retrieve some items (I was 5 years old) and then pulling me out from under. Then his hands were all over me. When he was "chasing" the boys around the room in the hotel room, he was testing the waters to see what reaction would occur if he touched each individual boy, sort of like determining which one was safe to molest and which one wasn't.


#15 Feb 12, 2009
Something big coming out this Friday, watch for news.
The REAL Deal

Huntington, WV

#16 Feb 13, 2009
And how many years has this been going on?


#17 Feb 13, 2009
Read the story at West Virginia . He's been raping children for 40 years and "the authorities" have known about it. The schools just moved him from one school to another. When he molested the International Exchange students, they moved him again. It's crazy. Everything is being dragged out slowly but surely. There are MANY people involved in this whole thing statewide.
The REAL Deal

Huntington, WV

#18 Feb 13, 2009
40 years and just now caught. I don't ever have to say another thing about West Virginia.That says it all.


#19 Feb 14, 2009
He's not even caught yet. I am ringing the bells and blowing the whistles... I have notified the state police... no one will do anything. Do the Google search now. Another story came out yesterday. Search for "thomas scott king"
west VA Authorities Lie

Florence, AL

#20 Feb 15, 2009
"He's been raping children for 40 years and "the authorities" have known about it. "
Child molestation is a scam in Huntington. A neighbor at one time, named Debbie McGraw, had another neighbor named Christene Smith in the West End who attempted to strangle to death to of her 3 children. To cover for her, Debbie used a green handled broomstick to "pop" amanda's hymen to make it look as if she had been molested by her Father, then had everyone state as much. Her Dad did not get custody, the mom went thru "parenting" classes, and they got away with it.
I also knew of a girl who claimed that so her half brother's Father would not get custody of her brother, despite his being a better parent. I think about this, and the fact Plez Marshall and friends molested my cousin's kid, but since he works for the cops selling drugs, he was never prosecuted.
Child Molestation in WV very often means "someone's making a play for money or control", so keep that in mind when you see these stories-they may be true, they may be another ploy for someone to slime the school system after the latest court decision, or a way to lie about someone who is a better parent. I had rumors spread even by the cops about me doing that, despite repeated investigations by CPS proving that I didn't ever at all-and no apology from HPD or anyone else, either.
WV has a lying contest every year-prolly just have cops do reports at a podium for prep.


#21 Feb 23, 2009
From West Virginia News:

"Timo Beinhorn claims that Scott King took him and another boy to a ballgame and afterwards spent the night in a motel. Timo went on to allege he awoke to find himself naked, while Scott was standing over him taking pictures.
German foreign exchange student and victim, Ben Vinzraff, claims Scott King tried to molest him while living with the principal. Vinzraff states that King came into his bedroom on several occasions and tried forcing himself on the student. Finally, one night, the boy had to run naked from the house and seek refuge at a friend’s home.


#22 Apr 26, 2009
From California's Daily 49er:

Foreign students made sex slaves
Jean Kim

Print this article
Share this article Published: Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We’ve all heard about sex trafficking, but did you know that America is among the three highest countries for imported sex slaves and that they’re being brought in legally through the National Foreign Exchange Student Program?

People have long seen exchange programs as a good opportunity for students to travel to foreign countries so that they can study in a different environment and get to know the varying people and cultures.

If we think about it though, it becomes painfully obvious that it’s an easy way for sex criminals to mail in an order for a 16-year-old kid.

What makes these foreign exchange students the perfect victims is that they can be forced into submission by threats of deportation; many times they cannot communicate proficiently in English.

One of the most notorious hosts is Thomas Scott King. King is currently a well-known and valued member of a West Virginia association of pedophiles. He has also become a “high placer,” which is someone who finds a host home for up to 50 or more foreign exchange students each year. With each student worth an average of $15,000, exchange agencies are loathe to displease these “high placers.”

What makes me nauseous is that this isn’t a recent discovery. There have been complaints coming into the West Virginia State Board of Education for a number of years, but they have been largely ignored. The same convicted sex offenders have time and time again acted as hosts to underaged students from around the world.

One unnamed retired police officer from Oregon was quoted as saying,“A convicted rapist hosted an 18-year-old Japanese girl; she stayed in his home only a few days before the situation became known to authorities and [the] girl was removed, but not before the rapist began touching her inappropriately … a year later, this same rapist was accepted by a host organization to host a 16 year-old Thai girl.”

We would assume that the U.S. State Department, which is charged with watching over exchange student programs, would clearly want to put an end to the exploitation of such a valuable academic program.

The exchange programs should also clearly want to protect those students who participate. When this industry is making millions of dollars a year and the state department receives funds from them, however, officials tend to write off incidents as “contractual disputes.”

That’s not to say that there aren’t some people without morals out there. Danielle Grijalva, originally a Center for Cultural Interchange representative, created the “Committee of Safety for Foreign Exchange Students” after researching the mistreatment of students by their host families. Her organization has grown to more than 1,500 volunteers from around the world.

We must wonder why it is that volunteers are doing more to fight for justice than the government. Shouldn’t it be a priority to protect guest students in the U.S.? Are American exchange students subjected to similar criminal abuse by host pedophiles when they travel abroad?

Besides corruption, America’s isolationist attitude is allowing more and more crime to occur within our borders. As long as it’s not affecting Americans we don’t seem to notice. The longer we keep the mindset that America is a separate world within the world, the victimization of our visitors will continue.

Jean Kim is an English major and a contributing writer for the Daily Forty-Niner.

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