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#1 Jul 10, 2012
Thoughts !

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#2 Jul 10, 2012
A son, a brother, a friend...I know he has been through some trouble, I know his parents love him, I hope all is well with him. So if you got something negative to say, just don't.
poor dude

Charleston, WV

#3 Jul 10, 2012
his parents made him think that it is cool to get high when he was real young. they even had tate get drugs for them. they knew tate was using at the very least pot and did nothing about it. they should have been telling him how stupid it is to start using instead of condoning it. he is a nice kid from what i have seen, he just needed some direction. his dad had him thinking that it is cool to fight and skip school which is probably why he ended up getting into trouble. they should have been teaching him to learn from the mistakes that they made, not to make the same ones. unfortunately where they are living is not the best environment to raise children. i wish tate and his brother all the best

Princeton, WV

#4 Jul 10, 2012
Awh </3 I miss him .

Saint Albans, WV

#5 May 27, 2013
I am Tate's Mother by birth, not his stepmom. I have tried for years to persuade,buy and beg both my boys to leave Marcum Terrace. I have done all I can to direct Tate from living that lifestyle. Actually today Memorial day I am celebrating 4 years of sobriety. I have never done drugs with my son and regret the 5 years I was consumed with loniness and depression after his Dad left us. I had a wake-up call when I was jailed for 6 months for DUI and lost my boys to that idiot that never cared about them to begin with. I support my boys financially,emotionally and most part physically because he sleeps all the time. I am thankful to see that someone else can see what I have been fighting against for years.
old schooler

Ansted, WV

#6 Feb 1, 2014
I've got to call your bluff on all shit Sarah! I know you are way more worse than tates father is. I know he cares a lot for his boys. You are nothing but a hypocrite. And if I remember correctly I think you are the one that signed for tate to quit school. So don't try to paint this picture like you are some saint. I've known both of you for many many years.
not clueless

Ansted, WV

#7 Feb 3, 2014
Are you serious, I don't understand why people get on here and completely lie about themselves to try and make everyone think they are sober when everyone knows your not why try and lie about it. You are a piece of work and I feel sorry for the boys that you are even their mother. I don't know the father and I'm sure he isn't perfect either but I don't see him on here degrading you!

Huntington, WV

#8 Feb 5, 2014
Oh Sarah, Sarah Sarah. Oh how hilarious you are. "Begged" your boys to leave the terrace? You really must be the biggest brain dead hoe there is. Because you don't spend most of your time up looking for either suboxone or speed? And cant forget banging you ex husband for suboxone and all the while, lying to your husband about being a whore and dope head. You have had no more of a wake up call then your dope cooking boyfriend. You choose a someone who bounced on his family (probably because of you), over your own children? Your pathetic Sarah! I have never met or known of a bigger hypocritical bitch.. You've got many more enemies than you probably think. And trust assured, from what I heard, you screwed with the wrong family. And no, your HUSBAND supports you financially, and your son. But f**k Tate right? Your worthless. You get money from your husband and give it to your boyfriend for meth supplies. And he's what, half your age? Lose some if the make up and stop with the meth and you might look closer to your age. I feel so bad for Tate having to call you his mother. Just to show how people feel about you, I'm someone you thought was your friend. You're no ones friend you're out for yourself and your loser boyfriend. I happen to know Steve before he got with you, and you have made his life hell too He used to be a goodperson that everyone wanted to be around. Now look. Learn to make nastyass meth on your own, and you wouldn't have to bring down innocent, family oriented men with you. Karma is a b***h, and so soon your life will be too. Got the feeling you pissed of the wrong bitch.

Seth, WV

#9 Feb 6, 2014
Wow, Sarah, you are nothing but a useless junkie. How does your HUSBAND feel about your 27 year old child of a boyfriend. Neither one of you deserve the children you have. Steven's little boy is the sweetest, cutest little guy, but Steven wouldn't know, he is too busy [email protected] your nasty skanky ass and cooking your dope. His little boy is 1000x better off without him. It's pretty sad that your own son, Tate, will admit that his "mom" is nothing but a wh0re. And no, before that idiot your with starts with the accusations, I am not who you think. You have many more enemies than you realize. How is that speed that you come up to Terrace for? What about the suboxone? We certainly can't forget that you are nothing but a nasty Meth head. I especially love all the craters on you old ass face. You should do the world a favor and jump off a bridge or maybe you should just overdose, you dumb worthless pos of a "mother". Pathetic. Steven you are no better, how you can even sleep at night knowing that you abandoned your baby for this skank. You guys are perfect for each other. I hope your baby's mom takes your stupid ass to court and you have to pay massive amounts of child support and you deserve to lose your rights to that baby. You both deserve nothing but pain and suffering and I am going to laugh my ass off when both of you felon's find yourselves back in prison, where you belong!

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