Rt. 60 Music Store: A Story for all t...

Vienna, WV

#230 Feb 22, 2013
I know those guys up there. They have been nothing but helpful. I agree with the one post that said.. Why should the business eat the difference ? They should have a least charged you 10 - 15% for the return. Cause it's true, they have to sell the item as used !! That can mean 100s for the business owner. All because you made a bad decision. I think I would be pissed off at you too.

Chesapeake, OH

#231 Feb 22, 2013
i was thinkin about buying my sons band instruments there but not now! thanks for letting ppl know how they are. i would never spend money there now

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#232 Feb 23, 2013
Kayla wrote:
i was thinkin about buying my sons band instruments there but not now! thanks for letting ppl know how they are. i would never spend money there now
I wasnt aware that Rt 60 Music sold band instruments.
Route Screw-you Music

Ashland, OH

#233 Mar 31, 2013
Route 60's policy depends on YOU being the expert or else it is YOUR fault for relying on a dishonest sales staff to sell you something that you are not happy with...to which you cannot return.

Remember the old days when a salesman helped you find what you need through expert knowledge and experience...as opposed to making a sale by any means possible?

#1.- Their store is full of nothing but Japanese crap you can't keep in tune with lousy tone, inferior parts, shoddy Chinese workmanship and cheap hardware.
#2.- They sell you gear, but provide no factory shipping cartons in case you need to return for factory service. If you buy a $950.00 amp from them and have a problem still under warranty...you are out in the cold. They will offer NO HELP or customer service whatsoever...and without apology...OVERPRICED!(un-frigg ing-believable!)
#3.- Even their prices are overpriced.
#4.- I took a $5,000.00 Gibson in for a simple repair and when it came back it had the wrong parts on it and a nice deep scratch in the finish to which they acted like it was the customer's fault for mentioning the botched job, and never once offered an apology or reparations to "make it right."
#5.- THEY DON'T ACCEPT RETURNS in this day and age when EVERYBODY else accepts returns for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.
#6.- Once they have your money, you are no longer a valued customer, and merely someone who wastes their time.
#7. They are NOT an authorized Gibson, Fender, Marshall, JBL, etc., dealer, so if warranty work is needed, they leave you out in the cold. Good luck if you need repairs, because your shipping costs will make the deal not worth it and their "tech" is only able to "fiddle around" with easy repairs that are OUT OF WARRANTY, seeing how if they did anything to your instrument, and not being an authorized center, they will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.
#8.- MusiciansFriend.com will ship their products to you within three days, insured, thus saving you time, money, gasoline and the hassle of being pressured into buying something you really don't want based upon a Rte 60 salesman's lies due to their stock being second-rate garbage.
#9.- If you buy something and it needs to be repaired you must send it out of state to an authorized service center...AT YOUR COST.
#10.- The owner is more concerned with posting political bullcrap on Facebook instead of taking care of his customers needs and concerns.

Like the other poster says...Go to MusiciansFriend.com and get a fair, low priced deal on the exact same gear (or better) with free shipping and 45-day returns accepted without question. They also offer extended warranties to protect your gear far past the manufacturer's period.

So sad in this day and age when you try to support local businesses just to have them turn around and screw you at every chance they get. It seems they don't see the bigger picture and fail to realize that longevity and total customer satisfaction will ensure a quality merchant with complete success, but instead, their exploits of customer pilferage prevents them from being a true contender in the music business and leaves them void of any customer trust, reassurance that leaves the consumer with a happy and fulfilling experience which comforts the customer into a life-long relationship of return and repeat business.

Stay away... STAY FAR AWAY or else "You'll be sorry" like so many of us already.

United States

#234 Jun 25, 2013
Owner with the white hair is a ignorant left wing hippy , tried to sell me a fender with a 90% mark up. Go elsewhere , bad greedy people run that place.

Lynchburg, VA

#235 Jun 25, 2013
Ferd wrote:
Owner with the white hair is a ignorant left wing hippy , tried to sell me a fender with a 90% mark up. Go elsewhere , bad greedy people run that place.
Riiight, 90% markup. Big fat liar, you are. And why bring up the person's political leanings? Irrelevant. Move on, junior.

Hansford, WV

#236 Jun 25, 2013
ugh wrote:
<quoted text>
Riiight, 90% markup. Big fat liar, you are. And why bring up the person's political leanings? Irrelevant. Move on, junior.
I enjoy Star Wars references.
Guitar Center

Proctorville, OH

#237 Jun 25, 2013
I hope RT 60 music goes out of business, along with Kerrs Music World. Bunch of frauds they are. They also say when you mention a price 'well we got to stay in business!' well, I've got to get the lowest price! Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, etc will get my business - not the novice musicians who work at RT 60/Kerrs.
Big mike

Chesapeake, OH

#238 Jun 29, 2013
Ok guys, I had them order an audio box that was out of stock around Christmas. After 3 weeks of the run around about It being the manufacturers fault, I ordered from musicians friend. It was cheaper due to a 15% discount and arrived in three days. Later, I went about 2 weeks later to buy a delay pedal from them and someone asked if I just didn't want the audio box or what the deal was. I felt terrible bc I did feel like they ordered something that they otherwise would not have, but they left me hangin for about a month. Not long after that I ordered the new boss foot pedal from there, paid in full when they ordered, took 6 weeks to arrive!
So long story short they asked why I didn't wait a month for an order that was promised on a week, and 6 weeks for a pedal. I want to support them, but how can you when musicians friend delivers, constantly has 10-15% off and will accept returns 45 days after, no questions asked!
I will give them business if I need something that day. I will never special order again!
On a side note everyone in there seems like good people.
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#239 Jun 29, 2013
Sorry about your inconvenience. Just out of curiosity, what evactly were you going to do with bongo drums?
Big mike

Huntington, WV

#240 Jun 29, 2013
Sorry about your inconvenience. Just out of curiosity, what evactly were you going to do with bongo drums?
Eat shrooms get naked and play til the cops come, what else would you do with bongos?
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#241 Jun 29, 2013

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#242 Jun 29, 2013
Sure you can return gear. If its defective they will honor a return. Sure they sell guitars made in China and Japan. They also sell guitars made in the USA.
Thats typical of every major retailer in the world.
Guitars are a hard sell because once they leave the store, they are "used" and can easily be abuse and mishandled making them difficult for a retailer to resale.
Rt 60 has to cater to the demographic. The annual average salary for an individual is $18,500, so needless to say they will sell a lot more $200 guitars than $5,000 guitars.
Just because they aren't authorized doesn't mean much. Commonly, companies demand you carry ( purchase) a significant line of their products to obtain better deals, credit, and an authorization. The market is too static ( and amateur) in this region for Rt 60 to make that kind of commitment.
As with any retailer, they are open to negotiation, if you feel you overpaid, then shame on you, the internet is a clik away on your smart phone.
Personally I never understood anyone buying a guitar on line, because you really need to bond with that specific instrument, which is something you cannot do on line.
BTW, Rt 60 IS an authorized Fender dealer.http://www.fender.com/d ealers

Portage, MI

#243 Jul 7, 2013
Like other posts have mentioned, I went to Rt 60 looking to buy a new Taylor. I went twice and I told the salesmen that I was wanting to buy a Taylor and none of them offered to help. I am not bad mouthing rt 60 but I look for customer service when i spend my hard earned money. When I bought my $500 amp the salesman was very helpful but then when I was looking at a $1600 guitar nobody would help me so I went to my favorite online music store sweetwater.com .
Like always my sales rep from sweetwater calls me up about once a month to check up on me. I told him what I was looking for and he recommended the Taylor and I had it the next day after they did a 55 point inspection and free shipping.
If customer service is what you are looking for call sweetwater and ask for Jason Koons and tell him Clay sent you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
If rt 60 is what you like then by all means stick with them. I just like to be acknowledged when I am going to shell out over a grand on a new guitar. Nothing personal just business.

Charleston, WV

#244 Jul 9, 2013
Lemme see....the owners were Pied Piper alumni....trained by the best in stickin' it to you.....CAVEAT EMPTOR!...."Let the buyer beware".....do your homework before you buy.....

Farmington, MI

#245 Jul 9, 2013
Who the f cares about grammar in this instance? If you came to Topix looking for good grammar then you are a sad pathetic troll who needs to off yourself and do the world a favor.
Turd Ferguson

Coraopolis, PA

#246 Jul 14, 2014
Rt. 60 Music is terrible to you unless your a good ole boy looking to buy yourself a $1200.00 Tele. Did you know that a Fender HSS Stratocaster is not a Stratocaster? Well according to the white haired gentleman with glasses it's not. Who cares what Fender says about it.
Randall Adams

Roanoke, VA

#247 Jul 14, 2014
I had trouble returning an electric guitar there. It had an untraceable short in it. They gave me a hassle and it ended in an ugly way but I did get a full refund. Lesson learned. They will never get my business again.
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Huntington, WV

#248 May 16, 2015
Not interested in ever doing business there again. Complete lack of customer service. The tall gray haired fella acted so arrogant. I have bought two guitars, two amps, and various pedals and cables from this place, trying to support the local store. No more. I will shop musicians friend until the go under then drive to the music store in Ashland. They alway seem glad you came in and have been friendly, even though I have yet to make a purchase there. See ya Route Screw you Music.

Saint Albans, WV

#249 May 16, 2015
Car Stuff sucks as well. I went in there to return something I had bought for my wife a few months ago and they showed me the sign in meniscal letters out of the way of everything. They suck. Glad you got your money back though

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