Baby found on floor next to mom with ...

Altavista, VA

#91 Jul 10, 2013
marjac4334 wrote:
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Thx for supplying everyone w/ that address. Hopefully someone doesn't go looking to rip them of or worse happens.
Who really cares what happens to them?

Lyndora, PA

#92 Jul 10, 2013
Amber wrote:
<quoted text>Who really cares what happens to them?
I wouldn't want any innocent bystanders be affected, smart one.

Lyndora, PA

#93 Jul 10, 2013
Amber wrote:
<quoted text>Who really cares what happens to them?
Y do u care anyways since ur all the way in VA?

Huntington, WV

#94 Jul 10, 2013
pray for the family this has affected them more than anyone will ever know

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#95 Jul 10, 2013
I went to school with her and she was a stuck up pot/pill head. Doesnt suprise me that she did that. Sad.

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#96 Jul 10, 2013
She was not very nice at all...i feel sorry for her family and daughter...not her.

Nitro, WV

#97 Jul 11, 2013
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Hansford, WV

#99 Jul 11, 2013
_-zaphod-_ wrote:
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Stupidity is a disease. Quarantine yourself.
Says the person pretending to be me.
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Petersburg, VA

#101 Jul 11, 2013
This is a sad story, but for the baby only. I do not feel sorry for this mother. There comes a time when people have to take responsibility for their actions/decisions. People enable addicts too much. There is no real consequences for them.. Spend a few nights in jail then out the next day because we need to have room for the "real" criminals, and all the other bs reasons junkies don't ever do any real jail time.

Huntington is known for drugs. Dealers aren't the only one keeping the chain going. Just as there will always be someone to sell them, there will always be someone to use them. Maybe if the users are punished with the same severity, they would have the clean time to recover. There are programs for users within the institution walls.

I am speaking from experience in having users and abusers in my family, and honestly believe it would be more help to them to actually do some "hard-time" as opposed to a slap on the wrist.

At some point, there has to be a stopping point where this isn't considered to be taken lightly anymore. There are two many mothers neglecting their children for drugs, the kids get taken, then they have more kids for the government to support. What kind of cycle is that? We need help smdh

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#102 Jul 11, 2013
valleyboy08 wrote:
She went to spring valley high school
Her name is Kayla Karr and I know her and her family very well!!!!!! I'm friends with her brother
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#105 Jul 11, 2013
errghh. this is getting old down this way. these 20 somethings with all these babies getting government benefits, but they're not using the 'help' to get on their feet and raise their children, they are making babies to have money, a home, food and Drugs! Makes me sick!
agree yet disagree

Steubenville, OH

#106 Jul 13, 2013
BeenThereToo wrote:
I was reading your post and was going to say I couldn't have said it better myself until I got to the part where you said this girl and yourself at that stage was a POS and trash. I dont agree with that. I too am a recovering addict and know what it is like to walk in the shoes of shame as you say but I never considered myself a POS. I was lost in my addiction making bad choices. I did walk in the depths of hell on my own choice because of my addiction but that didnt make me trash. I was simply caught up in my addiction lost within it, needing to find my bottom so I could begin to dig myself out from there and begin to heal. You yourself should know reasoning for using. It was a way to cope with life on our terms until blessingly we found a new way with out using. Not excuses cause there isnt any though as an addict we sure did find many until we no longer needed an excuse to use. We dont know her story we only know ours we can relate 100% though and maybe that was her bottom. I hope for hers and her familys sake. Aas far as my original point you should have considered yourself and so many others who have been there and are still there simply as weak, struggleing, lost souls.
<quoted text>

I honestly do think it is great that you thought so highly of yourself, and considered yourself a weak, struggling, lost soul. I, myself, did not think that highly of me being an addict. everyone had their own opinions, mine are just a but more negative. I did not give myself pity. I gave the sympathy party to my family I almost ruined, the father of my children who stuck by me, and those trustworthy people I came into contact with and used THEIR weakness to my advantage. it's nice to see you think so highly of drug addicts, I do agree they have a problem, and it is very hard to let go. but I also have been on both sides of the fence and saw enough to know that having pity for an addict only enables them to make another excuse. and before I get any backlash, I was clean before I got pregnant.
An Addict in Recovery

United States

#107 Jul 13, 2013
Really wrote:
You are an X addict huh? Once an addict always an addict even if in recovery so you must have just been a abuser. For all of you that dont know. Addiction is a REAL MEDICAL CONDITION. It is considered a DISEASE compared to diabetics. It does'nt make you a bad person. You made bad decisions but are not a bad person. Unless you have walked in the shoe's of an addict you have no right to judge, really there is only one judge and he does not reside here on earth. Not some a**hole who has nothing better to do than run there mouth about something they have no clue what its about. It is'nt the easiest thing to get treatment either. Rehabs are full and if you dont have medical coverage good help could be out of reach. Yet there is programs spounsered by chairity those are the ones full and a lengthy wait to get into. Even with help addiction is not cured over night. It is a life long struggle and if you was a addict you of all people would understand that. Though I agree there should be punishment for putting her child in danger in that situation. It was wrong. Hopefully this will be her bottom and wake up call so she can begin to recover. Sadly again it will be a fight for the rest of her life and sadly only the strong willed will make it. There is no cure for addiction. With help though an addicts life can begin to change. Though it does not happen over night. You people have no right to judge someone about something you have no clue about. You have never stood in her shoes so you cannot begin to imagine her life and reasoning not excuses. There is no excuse. Its just a sad sad fact. For those who didnt know. Addictions is the cause of your brain being chemically changed. Many chemicals stop producing properly when you use and when suddly stopped using drugs you go through withdrawl and feel horrible and need the next use just to feel normal. Not to get high anymore. At first its a high then its a must have to function normally without not being able to sleep, throwing up, diarhea, skin crawlers, shivers and shakes, sweats and cold chills, being dope sick is like the flu x 1000 plus not being able to sleep it off. Though comming off of herion cannot kill you it makes you wish you were dead and other drugs like nerve pills and alcohol can really kill you. I dont feel sorry for this girl because every addict has to hit there own bottom in order to be able to recover, however I do understand addiction. She never meant to put her child in danger I'm sure and if she knew that would happen I'm sure she would have did it different. Before you go and put your opinion out there calling people a POS, trash etc anything else a drug addict has been labled, you need to get the facts. You dont know anything about it obviously and have no right judging someone you know nothing about other than what the media has told. Is your life so sad that you have to pick out people to pick on? Any addict would no that addiction is a life long fight and that relapse is a part of recovery and in order to be able to begin to recover you must hit your bottom and have the will power to deside your done. If you are an addict like you say... didnt you listen at any of the meetings or was you to good of successful addict to attend such things? SMH
<quoted text>
Amen!! This is the best post ever. Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks for taking "The Stand. "

Huntington, WV

#108 Jul 13, 2013
What I honestly don't understand is...WHY was she in a grocery store bathroom?

Was she there to pick up food and just couldn't wait to get home to fix? Or did she buy it there at the grocery store bathroom? Was someone dealing in there?

Also the girl who shot up at Roosters restaurant...did she buy it at Pullman? It seems weird that people would CARRY their H to the store or restaurant and do it there. Unless they had JUST got it, and couldn't wait to get it in their hot little veins. Anybody?

United States

#109 Jul 13, 2013
republican wrote:
Hmmm, a junkie, in Huntington, with all those free services available to addicts? Hmmm, bet ya the breakdown in her family had something to do with it. Was she divorced? Let me guess. No Father involved. Yep, she deserves to be punished and have her kids taken away. Now, here come the bleeding heart liberals. Whaaat? Your free services couldn't help? Stupid welfare trash. Let them die. Less strain on the already broken system. If only she had been raised in Church.
PLEASE tell me that you were NOT raised in church! You are terrible,...IF you were raised in church I'm glad I got something different from my being raised in church.

Altavista, VA

#110 Jul 13, 2013
Clane wrote:
I grew up next door to them for twenty years n all u all is doing is puttin someone down for theif mistake instead of tring to be part of a solution u all wanna dgrade everyone cause ur life so bad anyone from area know whos this is name says it all u all talk shit behind fake names love u haters cause without u all i woulda never had people to beat up growing up now u sit behind a screen n shoot up n talk about everyone else drug problem her family going threw enought with baby u all payhetic n she went to treatment before prego n baby was heatly as could be so take a gun out of where u hid n n see if u can see down the barrel n n pull the trigger all u shit talkers with no names cause all u is is computer warriors pussy
This is the worst attempt at human communication ive ever seen. Slang, Jibberish thrown together with no punctuation!! Wow!! Is this how you communicate in your daily life? If so thats actually sad.

Huntington, WV

#111 Jul 15, 2013
she is out of jail now

Manakin Sabot, VA

#112 Jul 15, 2013
granny wrote:
she is out of jail now
Who are you granny? And why do you feel the need to keep people up to date on this?

Huntington, WV

#113 Jul 15, 2013
cause I am an old old granny with time on my hands thats what happens when you retire who are you and why are you getting mad

United States

#114 Jul 16, 2013
Former addict here. And if I may state my own opinion... I think it's deplorable what this woman has done. I could not imagine doing this, even during the bleakest, darkest, most miserable point in my addiction, I would've given my child to someone that could for them before risking their life. She shouldn't have anyone making excuses for her. What about the baby? The one without a voice? There is TOO much help out there, readily available to those that want it. If she is from such a great family, why wasn't that baby with them? Why did she feel like she couldn't come to them with this? Why didn't she drop the baby off before scoring her dope? Before shooting up? If she was raised right, seems like she would've dropped that child off at grandmas house for a little visit and then go do her dope. If you're a good person, why the hell would you put you or your baby in that situation? She was in so much of a hurry she couldn't go home after dropping baby off? Doing it Ina grocery store bathroom like a homeless crackhead? What the heck drove her to that?! Stop with excuses because there are none. Get help and give your child to someone that can care for them, stop being selfish, stop playing the addict card, you want to be a good mom? Give your baby a better life if you can't give
Her that yourself. Someone else will, that will be the best thing you ever do for her if you choose not to get sober.

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