Highlawn.. whats going on
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Hermitage, TN

#107 Oct 12, 2011
Melody wrote:
I did a little research and found that there are no statewide protections for sexual orientation or gender identity in WVa. A bill that would prohibit discrimination based on one's sexual orientation was passed by the senate in March 2009,[3] though was killed by the House later that month.[4] In 2010, the bill was re-introduced in both the House of Delegates and Senate but stalled in committee.

This is good news! At least WVa as a whole has some sense. Highlawn must be the queer capital of the state. I came in this weekend to go to the Pumpkin Festival with my mother. I just arrived in town a bit ago. I hope my visit this time is not bothered with homosexuals who walk the streets and parade around.
I hope you're trolling. You are too dumb for words.

Hansford, WV

#108 Oct 31, 2011
Melody wrote:
<quoted text>
They do CHOOSE. Show me proof that they don't. There is no science behind it.
Lady, you are f-ing stupid. That is all. You are one of those people who think they are better than everyone else when in all actuality, you probably wish you could be as happy as half of the gay couples that are BUYING homes together. Looks like they are doing the right thing by investing in something together instead of having children they can't afford like you probably are. You're probably unhappy because your husband won't have sex with you anymore. Get you a lesbian. They do everything better anyway. PS: I don't see Lady Gaga writing a song about your stupid ass saying "Baby you were born IGNORANT!" =P
Response To Melodurrrrr

Hansford, WV

#109 Oct 31, 2011
Melody wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll take a drug dealer living next door to me any day opposed to a vile homosexual. At least a drug dealer has the ability to be saved and change their way of life. Look around and you will see ex-addicts and dealers giving back and talking to kids about how drugs almost destroyed their lives. You see reformed drug dealers reaching out to make a difference. How often do you see a reformed homosexual speaking out to educate about the sins and perversions of their chosen lifestyle? Not very often. They keep choosing to live their lifestyle because of the physical sensation of pleasure they receive from the touch of the same sex. They don't have sense enough to ignore and fight those emotions and replace them with the ones that they were intended to experience. I am in the process of making contact with some of the nuns that live in the area and run the hospital. I also make this an official, public request to the Highlawn Neighborhood Association to add as agneda item for their next meeting a resolution declaring Highlawn a "Family Friendly Zone." This would state that practicing homosexuals are not welcome to live, work or do business in Highlawn. What does anyone know about the Association President?
This is just for your ignorant ass. The last time I checked, there were such things as discrimination laws in place so you go ahead and waste your time trying to get the nuns to follow you to a meaningless neighborhood meeting. The city doesn't care who lives in the neighborhood and nobody owns the neighborhood but the city. The owners of the houses can't do anything about your little proposed "Family Friendly Neighborhood" either because of the law below. Maybe you should educate yourself before looking like a dumbass to so many people.

Housing Discrimination
The West Virginia Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of housing against any person because of race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, familial status, blindness, handicap or national origin.
You Are Stupid

Hansford, WV

#110 Oct 31, 2011
Melody wrote:
<quoted text>
She wouldn't sell it to homosexuals. We wouldn't do that to our neighbors.
Maybe she should because we obviously have more money than all of you heteros with 98787635764385764897 kids they collect welfare for. Maybe she can HUD it out and you can live next door to the druggies like you want!

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Since: Jun 11

Front Royal, VA

#111 Nov 15, 2011
I was thinking about moving down my McClendon park and I was wondering what the crime down there was and how it would be ?
Ashley Myers

Addison, NY

#112 Nov 16, 2011
I personally think melody should marry judge Roy brown from the "homosexuals attack..." thread because they'd be perfect for each other but together they'd still only have the combined IQ of a slug....almost. Idiots!
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I Love You Melody

Huntington, WV

#114 Nov 16, 2011
Just from reading your posts on here, I can say that without a doubt that you are an extraordinary person and that I'm absolutely in love with you. It's because of your posts that I get on here at all, just to read all that you have to say. It is because of you that my eyes have been opened and I have been able to grow intellectually and personally....and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart and just want to say thank you. I'm in love with you because I now realize that every person in this world, including myself, should do everything possible to gain the wisdom and knowlegde in order to become the person that you are not. It's because of you that I know without a doubt that most people in the world have grown to be decent and knowledgeable, but that there are still those out there that are so incredibly ignorant. You speak with such conviction, but your comments fall on deaf ears because of the unfathomable ignorance and stupidity that makes you who you are. I say that I love you and that you are extraordinary because I love seeing the rediculous things you say, and you are extraordinarily close-minded and ignorant that nothing makes me laugh more than reading your posts. You have opened my eyes and I have been able to grow because you are a constant reminder of the people in this society that refuse to gain the knowledge to grow as a person, and you make me see how important it is for myself to not be like you. So for all the wisdom and knowledge you lack, and all the ignorance you post on here, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart because without you it would be impossible to see how amazing most people are and to know without a doubt that this world would be so much better without you. You are the absolute antithesis of a decent human being and are so far behind the rest of society that it makes me proud to tell you that every single day I strive to be what you are not.

Huntington, WV

#115 Dec 7, 2012
Ahhhhh yes Melody you are right, The homosexuals are the soul cause of the decay of our community. As we all know drugs have noting to do with the decay of our community. Man i wish there were more people like you in our community, This here is America not France where we let homosexuals run free and do their gay things. Those evil homosexuals living on 1st ave are the reason for the decay of our community.

America jesus and freedom that's what its all about....

Huntington, WV

#116 Dec 7, 2012
you are an IDIOT, drugs definitely have an impact on our surrounding community. Because im pretty sure the homosexuals that you are talking about live near Enslow and not at the end of first ave near basf. I would say all the drug activate happens at the end of first ave.. So has anyone who lives near the Highlawn noticed the black Lincoln with 20' rims that the is always parked near Chapman printing in that crappy looking apt... Or has anyone noticed that crack head woman and that disabled guy that uses a walker, does any one know his/her name.
just me

Ardsley, NY

#117 Dec 8, 2012
Melody wrote:
I can tell you what is going on in Highlawn. Since the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws a few years ago, the homosexual agenda has ramped up. The problems in Highlawn are a symptom of the moral decay that is all over our country. Open homosexuals have moved into the area. When this happens, people fear for their children's safety, property values decrease and the neighborhood starts the downward spiral. These homosexuals have a lot of nerve and no shame. They are even buying houses together and playing house, pretending to be a "family." In reality, they are NOT a family and are a threat to all of our families, economy and American way of life. People have previously called for the Highlawn Neighborhood Association to make an official statement denouncing open homosexuals living in the neighborhood. They have ignored the requests. It may be time to take these requests to a cornerstone of the neighborhood, St. Mary's Hospital. I think the nuns would help support a movement to restore strong values.
Your are dumb as hell!!!!
just me

Ardsley, NY

#118 Dec 8, 2012
who cares wrote:
Why does it matter if they are homosexuals or not? If that's the life they choose, so be it. I don't understand how they bring down property value?? They pay their taxes just as we do and put their pants on the same as everyone else.
Well said

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