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Thurmond, WV

#1 Mar 15, 2010
can anyone point me in the direction of a suboxone clinic that is fair in pricing and that doesn't overhwelm you with meetings? hopefully, one exists in this area.

Ellwood City, PA

#2 Apr 1, 2010
Or you could just stop being a junkie.. Suboxone is way worst than any pain pill and it's a hundred times harder to get off of. I've seen three people overdose from being so strung out on that stuff in the past 2 years. Good thing I don't do that stuff or even hang out with people like that anymore.

United States

#3 Apr 2, 2010
I don't know if we have one or not I don't know much about any of that stuff.

Waynesboro, VA

#4 Apr 8, 2010
there is one on 6th ave between 9th and 10th st downtown

Huntington, WV

#5 Oct 5, 2010
EWW wrote:
Or you could just stop being a junkie.. Suboxone is way worst than any pain pill and it's a hundred times harder to get off of. I've seen three people overdose from being so strung out on that stuff in the past 2 years. Good thing I don't do that stuff or even hang out with people like that anymore.
this is JUST PLAIN RUDE....who are u to judge?

but anyway theres a doctor at HIMG named robert turner. and a DR.SAX up in b,ville at dr. matthew harris' office..
you could also google it and u can find many others...
theres quite a bit of suboxone doctors around now, hell with as bad as the drug and oxy abuse has become in huntington we need the doctors and need more rehab facilities... thank god for suboxone... its an amazing help to road of recovery.. tho you can become addicted to it as well but the withdrawls are wayy less intense than the withdrawls of painers and ur success rate of becoming an staying sober are higher than if u just try cold turky...ur less likely to relapse if on BOXIN..i hope u stay true to your self and continue you path to sobriety...GOOD LUCK && wish u the best of luck...dont do it alone, be honest to others and with yourself...go to and stay in support meetings..they are a MAJOR factor in sobriety
On Suboxen

United States

#6 Oct 5, 2010
TO EWW I dont think u know what the hell u are talking about.....I have been in recovery for like 8 months and I rather be on it than painers and oxys!!! I have ALOT of respect for ppl that want help so why the hell are you judging ppl that are trying to do right??? I have 4 beautiful girls thats the reason I wanted 2 get clean so if it has nothing to do with you then dont judge ppl.....
Recovering for Life

Frisco, TX

#7 Oct 6, 2010
Ewww, really that's real mature! Hope you never have to deal with an life changing experience that leave you needing pain mess to even get up, then after u feel better or not, your Dr stops prescribing n you are stuck, u didn't put a needle in your arm but it's the same! Addiction is addiction & I'm sure my friend you too have skeletons in your closet :-) we all do honey! I've been in recovery or 7yrs now, first few years on Methadone n moved over to Suboxone about 4 yes ago & you wouldn't even know it if I was your waitress, Childs bus driver, teacher, doctor, nurse....So ewww to you for being so freakn closed minded. I'm not going to try n sell it to u, but just like with anything treatment/church/work/life is what we make it, there's always the bad apples, but there are just as many good ones out there too! Most docs, atleast mine Requires we attend monthly/wkly Counseling sessions. So please remember that next time you use your sword for tongue. Have a great day! I know I will cuz I'm living another day thankful to medicated assisted treatment :-)
to eww

Lynchburg, VA

#8 Oct 7, 2010
U can't od on suboxone idiot. Are u high??

Huntington, WV

#9 Oct 8, 2010
Ewww sounds like someone who has been deeply affected by the pill abuse we have in our society today. I understand your frustration.
If the methadone and suboxone clinics worked more toward the ultimate goal of getting off everything then i may be more open to understand the program. However, it seems to give people a false sense of "its ok to be that way" kind of concept. It still portrays an outline of addiction; continuous financial depletion, maintains top priority, creates a barrier for genuine emotions/feelings, etc.
I see these types of clinics to have high potential for success for an in-patient setting, not so much as they are currently.
To several of the other comments from people who feel the clinics are helpful to their addiction, I commend you on your efforts to become sober.
Thank God for Suboxen

Kenova, WV

#10 Oct 8, 2010
OBVIOUSLY most of the people talking bad about suboxone, are the ones that have never had a problem. I thank God everyday that it came about. I was an addict for about 2-3 years, and my life was way out of control. I was lying, cheating, stealing, you name it I done it just to get money for drugs. The sad part is, is that I'm not that type of person, I was raised better than that.

Drugs truly ruined my life, and I felt like I was never gonna get my life back. Then I heard of suboxone. I was skeptical at first, thinking that I would be trading one addiction for another. I done extensive research and really learned alot about the treatment.

Now, it's been 4 months. I'm clean and sober. My treatment started with two 8 mg tablets a day. When I talked to my doctor about getting them, I told him up front, that I don't want to be on them long term, and I don't want to be addicted to another drug. He was very understanding. As soon as I started taking them, I knew immediately that the dose he gave me was too much. I started breaking them in pieces to correctly dose myself. Within a month, I asked the doctor to reduce my script, that I was ready to start winging my self off them. He then wrote me one 2 mg pill a day. Within a month, I am down to breaking the 2 mg pill in half. And that is all I take.

I don't think about drugs anymore, I do regular things now, I have life. Slowly, and I mean slowly my family is giving me another chance. I continue the weekly drug counseling, AND LOVE IT. It gives me hope. I just recently got my 4 month coin for being sober. Its really been 5 months but they dont have a coin for that.

So for those of you that think EVERYONE on suboxone is just trading addictions or just want to get high. YOU ARE WRONG. There are people that TRULY want to change. I admit alot of the clinics want to keep adding to your dose, I have heard of people taking up to 5 a day. That's not the purpose of the treatment. I've also heard of people being on it for 5 years, that's not the purpose of the treatment either.

I chose to not go the clinic route, and went to my doctor for help. He's not in it for the money, he's there to help. I take weekly, random drug tests, where they watch you pee, and guess what...THEY ARE ALWAYS CLEAN. So I truly thank god for suboxone. It has turned my life around, and gave me a second chance of things. So please don't judge everyone, for there are some that want the change.

United States

#11 Oct 8, 2010
suboxone is awesome! ppl dawgin it never had a problem with addiction. it can save ur life

Huntington, WV

#12 Apr 7, 2011
Tht persons stupid talkin bout ppl odn on subs.. as well as says its hell ta cum off of.. i been on suboxone for a while, started out on 24mgs a day n stayed at tht dose.. wasnt totally ready to get clean so i got kikd out my dr.. subs saved my life, family, marriage.. i was doin 1-2 grams of herion a day as well as no less den 6 80s a day.. neway i was goin to parc west.. they make u c a counselor n go to NA meetings etc which really helped... ive ben off the subs for about 15 months and clean for another 28 months.. if anyone wants to try subs f ur really sincere bout gettn hlp n not jus doin it for a cheap fix an a guarantee way to not b sik den i STRONGLYYYY suggest u give it a try.. theres alotta drs dat takes cash or medacaid.. alotta da drs jus writes u ur script an dats dat.. f u really wanna get clean go to prestera on rt 60.. they offer a goood program tht saved my life! And family!
just wandering

Huntington, WV

#13 Apr 8, 2011
Can any doctor write a presciption? I am trying to get help for my husband and have great insurance that will cover but I don't know what doctor to get him in with to help him.
methadone clinic

United States

#14 Apr 10, 2011
The methadone clinic also had suboxone. Personaly the methadone worked better for me i didnt like the soboxone. I've been in treatment for 2 years now and the methadone litterally saved my life. I'm proud to say I'm a methadone patient, those that down it or soboxone are idiots and need educated on the matter. Good luck to you and anyone taking the steps to make changes in there life

Charleston, WV

#15 Apr 10, 2011
I started using, hardcore, opiates at age 15, till 27. I was taking unbelievable amounts orally, everyday, always: top priority, first thought of the day. After nearly two years in the Suboxone program I thought things were going well, I did not crave, and was not sick. I did not get a buzz off of them as you do at first (they wouldn't be sold on the streets if they didn't get you high)...then after tapering down, researching more, I realized that within males it lowers your testosterone levels which gives you lack of a sex drive, you lose muscle, you become apathetic(lack of caring/feelings about any given thing) and wanted off. I thought " I don't feel anything when i take them i should be fine." In almost two days of not taking 1/4 a 8mg pill a day at the end, I realized how powerful that medication is. I HAVE NEVER FELT AS BAD FOR AS LONG AS I DID WHEN I CEASED SUBOXONE TREATMENT...just keeping MY truth real for whom it may help. It builds up in your body, is a narcotic, is addictive, it just provides less of a euphoric sensation than other opiates/opoids--the reasoning about how an addict can go on about life without using; "they're not high.." Maybe not, but they are dependant, and being CHEMICALLY altered, the feel of such is just not there...until you cease the medication. I was told I would have a day or two of mild flu like symptoms, I used to praise it as a wonderful thing-Suboxone, and it CAN be...but the shorter the treatment I feel the better, and you do need support from those going through the same thing, if not just to meet someone you didn't know before who isn't using illegal drugs. I was in the worst withdrawal of my life for nearly a month after ceasing it, and thankfully I am now, in retrospect more so, feeling better everyday.
Just don't think it a miracle drug that cures you. Investigate. Question. Keep your health in highest priority and be true to yourself. When you cease the medication you will no longer have the cushion of knowing you won't feel bad/sick/crave that day as you get with suboxone's then back to unadulterated (raw/real)emotion, life on life's terms, not scripts or connections terms, and that is really tough and something the treatment programs don't inform you of. Pharmacueticals are a big business, don't underestimate the power of the money that is made from legal Suboxone my experience it has led to deceipt by doctors, and the associated staff---it wasn't two mild days of sickness but a great great great deal longer FOR ME, and I felt as though pain pills were easier to get off of. Suboxone treatment is also a young program, not all is know about it. I feel it is grossly sugar-coated and a pacification of a difficult problem to treat.
If you take it, good luck with your sobriety really, just don't think all you have to do is take the medication and then one day stop and all is well, it allows you to regain some aspects of life you gave up for the pursuit of your drug of choice, lets you get away from those uninterested in getting you SOME of yourself back.
Just try to be as smart about it as possible and know you are who is the deciding factor in whether you progress or not.
My best wishes to all of those who are suffering and to those who still fight the good fight.

Hansford, WV

#16 Apr 13, 2011
great for short-term use, not so sure about the long time is suggested to be used for 2 to 3 years...that has its' consequences, most of them bad in my thoughts.

Hansford, WV

#17 Apr 13, 2011
to eww wrote:
U can't od on suboxone idiot. Are u high??
you can die from suboxone if you use it too much or combine it with other "downers"
Looking for help

United States

#18 Apr 20, 2011
I too am in need of finding a good Dr to help, I've been hiding my addiction for almost 2 years from my husband and family in fear of them not understanding and end up losing everything from my children to my marriage and home. I've been hooked on the small stuff and I've tried to quit cold turkey but cant get past the second day. Ive gotten suboxone from people I know and it does help, I would really like to find a doctor that can really help m e and not judge. If any one has any referrals, it would be really great. I saw some of the referals above, but there is such a long waiting list, I need something immediate...but then again I guess we all do. But any info would be appreciated...and to EWW- You obviously dont understand how it works, so maybe you do some research before making a fool of yourself in front of the intire web.
feel for you

Huntington, WV

#19 Apr 20, 2011
I am getting my husband help at Oasis in Barboursvielle. I am going to be there for him. I am just proud that he is gettin the help.

United States

#20 Apr 20, 2011
Prestera on route 60 and valley health in Altizer both have suboxone clinics. Hope it helps..

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