what does vicodin show up as on a dru...

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#24 May 24, 2012
your piss wrote:
<quoted text>almost always shows up as " drug addict pillhead who needs rehab"
your piss why are you on here anyways. Just to put others down. Get a life. You don't now what people have going on in there life. Suck a d*c*

Chester, VA

#25 May 24, 2012
Oh come on 'you don't know what's going on in someones life'....please
Everyone 'has a story', some are just strong people, and some are mentally weak lame ass losers who use chemicals cause they want an excuse...an excuse that has become medically viable because rehab is a money making industry
lab tech

Chester, VA

#26 May 24, 2012
It shows up as "lame ass s o b who is weak as he'll, and popped pills...again"
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#27 May 25, 2012
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#28 May 25, 2012
it causes the machine that reads the test to start playing lady gaga's poker face and then you better have yours on cause they gonna be wanting proof that you are prescribed that sh!t

Van Nuys, CA

#29 Jun 21, 2012
UnionBFFs wrote:
<quoted text> It shows that u are a pillhead, and that u are a low life.
I disagree. I am in the military and have a very painful infection in my rib cage. I took one of my husbands vicoden for the pain. Just because you happen to take one of these pills does not make you a pill head. Grow up.
ure a loser

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Jun 25, 2012
whoever made a comment that vicodin showing up in a drug screen means ure a pill head who needs rehab is a loser who should be shot...u obviously don't know your ass from a hole in the wall an should keep ure negative comments to ure self!!!!!!!
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dr ruth

Holder, FL

#32 Jan 30, 2013
Apparently the people who answer these posts are either uneducated or under the age of 16 judging from the mentality of the responses. Its an opiod. Dontbother using sites like this for answers.

Mooresville, NC

#33 Jan 30, 2013
They show up as a big fat "take a look at yourself in the mirror you fiend". Get your shit together dumbass.

Los Angeles, CA

#34 Apr 15, 2013
Local Libertarian wrote:
Stop doing drugs, human trash.
You're trash! I hope someone close to you gets addicted and punches you in the face after hearing one of your biggoted remarks
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#36 May 7, 2013
Sry wrong person was writing to that libertarian ibuprofen bitch
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#38 May 7, 2013
Vicodin does not show up in the standard opiate category it is a semisynthetic and is a derrivative they have to test for it specifically
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Charleston, WV

#40 May 11, 2013
wlp wrote:
<quoted text>I disagree. I am in the military and have a very painful infection in my rib cage. I took one of my husbands vicoden for the pain. Just because you happen to take one of these pills does not make you a pill head. Grow up.
You are very correct, however, according to where someone works taking someoneelses medication and it showing up on a drug test can be fired. Even if it was a legitimate reason.:(
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#42 Jul 11, 2013
All of u who post people are trash and lazy you people are just plain ignorant!!!!! Just cause someone asks if vikodin shows in a piss test that doesn't mean they are a pill head. They may have a script for them and are in pain and just want a simple fuckin answer. Not a bunch of dumb ass comments like " I bet he don't get laid and shit " grow up commenters you are probably the pill heads as u call them cause y else would you be on this forum responding to vikodin questions. DUH!!

Washington, PA

#43 Aug 18, 2013
Nice to see no matter what there s always those few people who can't act right when given a little freedom . But thanks nonetheless I have gotten the answer I needed..

Huntington, WV

#44 Aug 18, 2013
Spleencage wrote:
I'm convinced there are cures for most diseases. Over 50 years ago, without the aid of a super computer that can map & analyze a human DNA strand in three seconds, cures were found for polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, small pox etc. So why after all of this time with radically more advanced technologies and chemistry have we not cured anything of significance since then?
Of course we do make pills that effectively treat the symptoms and keep the disease at bay to keep us on more pills. No money in cures. The industry is still grieving over Jonas Salk's decision to give away the cure for polio for free. That evil bastard.
Spleen cage that's the most intelligent thing I have ever read on topix.

Huntington, WV

#45 Aug 18, 2013
Actually, hydrocodone doesn't show up as an opiate. I get 10 panel drug screened every 3 months. The opiate test is too broad and my company does an add on for hydrocodone specifically.

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#46 Aug 20, 2013
Wow!! I find it so funny how ppl judge from a simple question. I was wondering the same thing simply because i went to the dentist a little over a year ago and got prescribed vicodin, i recently threw my back out at work and didn't want to report due to losing my safety bonus. I work 60-80 hours a week all weekdays, no time to see a doc so i took some of my old prescriptions to be able to go to work and support my family. I get random drug tests though so i was curious...does that make me a pillhead?

Chesapeake, OH

#47 Aug 20, 2013
It shows up as another junkie so don't waste your time hiring me bc I'm just gonna quit or get fired.

Lake Orion, MI

#48 Sep 15, 2013
Local Libertarian wrote:
Stop doing drugs, human trash.
you are A disgusting piece of trash.what are you even doing on this site.you're just another disgusting keyboard warrior.people are looking for answers and you are looking to hate.so I ask you who is the loser? who is the trash?you do not seem very intelligent so I will have to tell you the answer is you.why would you even come on this site I guess it means you have no friends nothing to fill your time and simply no life.so hide behind your keyboard and keep hateing you disgusting internet troll.now go do something productive with your life loser

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