yo yo

Huntington, WV

#1 Apr 1, 2013
anyone know anything about her?

Huntington, WV

#2 Apr 1, 2013
she has slept around ever since her boyfriend died over the summer. what a way to cope huh?
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Jamie sturgill

Rock, WV

#4 Apr 6, 2013
Roflmao u all dont know how to bring it to my face what scared.....wanna know somethin about me ask me...lmao....u b!tchez are so worried about me and my life its wacked..blow me s!!utz..cant be real then suck on my invisible left nut....
Jamie sturgill

Rock, WV

#5 Apr 6, 2013
lmao wrote:
she has slept around ever since her boyfriend died over the summer. what a way to cope huh?
huh u know me so well dont.yea lol....lets see.answer these qestions if you know me.whats my d.o.b....whats my address..do I have any kids,& how many...where do.i work?name every guy ive been.with since last summer..& whats my pants size?what's my bra size?lmao & who are my friends I hang with &&&while your at it place your real name.on.here maybe u cant cause your.to scared...maybe I done whipped ur a$$ or.made you piss ur.pants..lol now bring it chicken sh!t...
Jamie sturgill

Rock, WV

#6 Apr 6, 2013
yo yo wrote:
anyone know anything about her?
yo yo I got a fb and a phone number sh!t.just come to me.lol.its so.funny I do know of one b!tch that posts these "know anything about.her" & sweetie ill be more & glad to show u who I am...keep it up & keep it comin
out wayne

Rock, WV

#7 Apr 6, 2013
Who are you people to tell her how to grieve?thats ashame. Jamie girl I know you better then that and these people are just either bored with there own lives or jealous of yours.you have a beautiful personality and a caring friendship.I wouldn't worry about what.they say sweetie.you have it all doll face.what you and your friends witnessed out there at beech fork last summer with Evan was a tragedy that I am so happy that you have learned to deal with especially not having to go see a Dr over or even be placed on drugs.people dont.realize how strong you actually are.especially if they have never been in a walk in your shoes.I know its hard sweetie but seeing you with a smile on your face comes to show you have came along ways.think about it you have a gorgeous little girl.a man that works everyday of his life to make you happy and your little one happy.that accepts your past and understands your feelings.and to be honest Evan woildnt have wanted you to grieve to the point where u let your self go.he wouldve wanted you to be happy.I love you girl you are truly amazing.keep doing what your doing and don't let these peoples foolish ways of life get to yours.

Huntington, WV

#8 Apr 7, 2013
We have our own views on things. But damn you have been through a lot and made it past it. If they wanna know you so bad them why can't they use their real name? Keep doin what your doin because they are jealous.

Charleston, WV

#9 Apr 10, 2013
Seriously you all need help.jamie is a damn good person and yes Jaimie everyone has there own opinions but how in the hell are these low lifes going to get on here putting her down talking about Evan?they know they put there real names out here yea Jamie sturgill will f#%k them up.jamie aint no Barney bad ass but she can and will stand her own grounds and anyone who knows her can say the same.Jamie aint no wh0%e and she is a great mom.and Evan was her rock.she would beat a$$ over that boy in a quickie thats a fact.you know the worst thing you can do when a love one goes is mourn your self to death.Jamie will never forget about that boy but just because she finds a new bf don't mean shes let him out her thoughts or shes moved on it just simply means she's picking up her broken heart.girl screw what these haters gots to say you a queen chick.I gots love for yea just cause I know its gots to be painful but your steady as a brick honey you go girl.and I heard you got your self a coal miner well I hope he treats you good you and that gorgeous little girl of yours.I love you girl and keep your head up and like out Wayne said don't let these fools bring you down.
just another person

United States

#10 Mar 7, 2014
Since shes a good person when y in the hell would u sleep with her sister husband and have a baby him after him signing his rights to his aunt over his first son
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The Jamie

Buffalo, WV

#12 Mar 10, 2014
just another person wrote:
Since shes a good person when y in the hell would u sleep with her sister husband and have a baby him after him signing his rights to his aunt over his first son
Well miss Thelma Maynard lol like I don't who this could be sweetie you know nothing besides how to spread ur legs to every tom dick and Harry !!!!! Yea me and jt are together something u can never go day with out thinking about lol and yes we have a son together and I'll let u in on a little secret there lard ass he never gave up his son!!!!you did when u first had him and u just "forgot" to go back and get him!!!!im a real woman I've always taken care of my babies sh*t I've even taken care of others as well!!!!you on the other hand since u know so damn much about me and you know where I live blah blah blah bring ur stinky a** to me :) and we can settle this like real women!!!why don't you be honest here since you like to run them dick beaters honey!!!!why don't u tell the world how u never have 2 sh*ts about ur son!!!how u mistreated him by locking him in his room!!!!yea guys 2yrs old and he's locked in his room and when he was placed at his aunts house which is a better mother to the child then Rene ever could be she ups and leaves him there for 2almost 3yrs and let's not forget about the "over 56" MEN I hi yes me found out that u were fuckin while jt was at work!!!!workin his ass off say he could pay for other men to get a**!!!!!u don't and won't ever know the real meanin to the vowels that's said at a wedding!!!!! Btw stop tellin every one were sisters damn I ain't never claimed ur hippo a** and our birth certificates say other wise as well!!!!! And don't be jealous cus I'm a better mother and wife and u kno that good stuff then u are or in that manner u will ever be!!!!now I tell u wat :) u live in the terrace apt 514 u work at the Waffle House on rt 60 and u take the bus back and fourth to work u keep it up and mark my words u will seein me face to face my bitches talk and know there shit!!!! I ain't fucked with ur snitchen ass due to the fact u ain't about shit ur all talk no action!!!!now jump back on ur pony b***h and saddle up and hit dodge before I catch up to u and u turn around and I split ur shit and I give a reason to call "hpd" again u fake a*s h*e!!!!!go find ur next f**k for $15 lmao u nasty trick!!!!!btw PAY UR CHILD SUPPORT you were capable of spreading ur thick thighs to make a baby it's time to pay up!!!

Easley, SC

#13 Jun 4, 2014
Damn jamie give it to them lol!!! I think this is the jamie that lived out on craft lane

Ashland, KY

#14 May 2, 2017
Jamie Sturgill died of a heart problem

Ashland, KY

#15 May 2, 2017
She died April 29th 2017 at St Mary's

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