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Grossed Out

Evans City, PA

#1 Dec 7, 2013
I really hope you guys are enjoying watching your employees on camera. I feel so violated. You checking my bum when I bend over?

Several of your clients have already expressed and/or shown behavioral issues due to cameras in THEIR home (which they pay rent to live in). Should APS be made aware? You are taking away their privacy, their right to be comfortable in their home and most of all their right to live a normal life. MIKE GRADY would you rent an apartment if your landlord could watch you 24/7?

Wtg ASC. Youve dropped the ball again. I hate this job and will gladly follow everyone else to Diversified.

Saint Albans, WV

#2 Dec 7, 2013
I agree with you 10000%. they don't care about the cameras being a violation to anyone. and that's so funny to ask mike g is he would care! about the others managers who come in drunk or high or bang their staff on the regular. or commit Medicaid fraud on the daily. is diversified hiring??

United States

#3 Dec 7, 2013
Who comes in high??? Name names!!!

Saint Albans, WV

#4 Dec 7, 2013
umm..countless DSS...SC's...managers (community and residential) one who will ever have the threat of being tested like everyone else because they are safe in the in-crowd.
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in the know

Kenova, WV

#6 Dec 7, 2013
Diversified is a great place! They care for their clients!!!
Grossed Out

Indiana, PA

#7 Dec 7, 2013
If we name names they will have this thread deleted.

Yes, alot of them do drugs but that is the lure for these types of jobs. Only now do they drug test but the older ones are grandfathered in, so no testing for them. Why else would someone stay in a $40,000/year salary when you could take that masters degree and work for quadruple that amount?

I find it really strange that of the top 5 people in this company, four are male. It is completely wrong that they can watch (at their leisure) an all female group home with all female staffing. Seems a bit perverted to me.

Saint Albans, WV

#8 Dec 8, 2013
yea and one thing that makes it sad is the only female really does care for the clients..but follows their lead to not loose her job..i mean I know she does drugs but at least she doesn't come to work on something.

Altavista, VA

#9 Dec 8, 2013
I have it from a great authority that the cameras are dummies, not real. So go ahead, Facebook away, fall asleep on the couch. No one is actually watching.
Alligator Jackson

United States

#10 Dec 9, 2013
The above link is to one of three short stories I wrote about Autism. All were sent to Mike Grady. He did tell me he received them but at the time he hadn't had time to read them and he probably never did.
I worked for ASC as a second job for almost 5 years. I have three degrees from Marshall including a Masters in Training and Development and Adult Education. I defended ASC on earlier ASC thread
I left ASC recently (I gave 2 weeks notice) after becoming disgusted with current management direction and their decision to invade client and staff privacy with cameras.
The managers were to be the ones to run the cameras. One manager was recently fired for sexual harassment. He harassed and bullied staff for a long time before he was terminated and they were still going to try to keep him until they found other things he did like stealing
My manager repeatedly talked down to us and left letters everyday threatening us with disciplinary action. Even accusing the staff of adjusting the temp on the hot water heater(haha guarantee no staff walked to the basement to do that)
I felt that I had an unique skill set that could impact ASC and increase awareness of Autism. But I wasn't cool enough to crack into the cool kid group

I left without being given an exit interview or even a thanks, good luck or goodbye from my manager. I never rocked the boat
I feel managers will use the cameras to bully and as a substitute for being there. I enjoyed working there for years but the company has gone downhill espically in the way they treat staff.

I left for another agency and less money. I still would have been willing to work as a volunteer both for increasing awareness and perhaps to consult about how to make them better since I have over15 years of management experience but no one ever contacted me
Please read my short story. It is a touching fiction story and I would gladly donate it to any agency who would want to increase awareness

Pittsburgh, PA

#11 Dec 9, 2013
The new joke around the office is that they spent $15k rebuilding a bathroom last year ( buddy contractors) that they are now rebuilding AGAIN. That money could have lined Mike Grady's pocket. Bet he's kicking himself in the pants.

Now I have a letter taped next to my office for my staff to see telling them that ASC is donating and accepting donations to a local charity for Christmas. Now all I am hearing from staff is grumbling ( and rightfully so) that they could have received some kind if Christmas bonus with all this donating and money being spent in surveillance.

United States

#12 Dec 9, 2013
Too bad they didn't have the cameras when they had the sexual harasser managing Sullivan house. He could have stayed in the office and pleasured himself watching the girls on the camera and he may not of had to sexually harassed them. Instead he sent texts and stalked them. The cameras may have kept him in the office
I also heard rumors that the sicko manager said that a female client had a nice rack
They need to watch their abusive, drug taking, sexual harassing managers a little closer instead of listening and believing everything the managers say about staff
Know for sure

Faber, VA

#13 Dec 9, 2013
A lot of people who work these homes don't do anything with the clients. Especially the evening shifts. Staff watches tv,eats and just stays on computer or their cell phones. I'm glad for the cameras! Make these people earn their money. You know that all they do at night is sleep instead of work anyway!
Alligator Jackson

United States

#14 Dec 9, 2013
As an ex employee of ASC, a holder of a Masters Degree in Training and Development, and over 15 years of management experience I feel compelled to offer them advice
1. When you train your managers have them work at least one morning and one evening shift with each client so they are familiar with each client and their routine
2. In order so managers have an idea of what is going on in house require them to work one evening and one midnight a month preferably unnannounced so they can see firsthand staff interactions with clients, programs being performed, and who calls or drops by.
3. Have staff help develop programs for clients. They know the clients better than anyone plus to get them involved in something important facilitates teamwork and gives them the intrinsic feeling that they have some control over their jobs and that their opinions and knowledge are valued
4. Give someone 50 cents more an hour and make them assistant or lead. Of course send them to another house but this gives more eyes in the house and also gives someone whose opinion is valued at the office and has a voice at the office to keep the manage honest

5. Put time licks in With the money spent on cameras you could have had time clocks to make sure employees are there. Truth is probably that you know you will have to pay tons of incremental overtime.
I'll have more soon
Alligator Jackson

United States

#15 Dec 9, 2013
Know for sure wrote:
A lot of people who work these homes don't do anything with the clients. Especially the evening shifts. Staff watches tv,eats and just stays on computer or their cell phones. I'm glad for the cameras! Make these people earn their money. You know that all they do at night is sleep instead of work anyway!
True this does happen but there are other ways to make sure people are working without sacrificing the clients and good employees rights and privacy. Plus who watches the managers. They come and go as they please and are hardly ever at their houses
Alligator Jackson

United States

#16 Dec 9, 2013
Know for sure wrote:
A lot of people who work these homes don't do anything with the clients. Especially the evening shifts. Staff watches tv,eats and just stays on computer or their cell phones. I'm glad for the cameras! Make these people earn their money. You know that all they do at night is sleep instead of work anyway!

Plus the clients are gone out of house all day so there is nothing wrong with them staying at home and relaxing. The staff keeps eyesight guidelines on clients do yes they do sit a lot. It's the nature of the job. You don't expect security guards to clean at night These staff are responsible for another human life. If something happens to this life than the staff will be fired, possibly prosecuted and never work in the health field again
Household chores are usually performed by staff and client together. The clients deserve to rest and the staff watches them. There is a lot of stress in the job and 8-10 dollars is not overpaying staff
No one including administration gets that the main factor in these jobs are the relationship between clients and staff. That is why it is important for staff to be with clients during downtime not hustling around cleaning window blinds or something stupid. Relationships are built during downtime. Friendships are developed during downtime. Clients deserve to have fun and quiet time as well and like to feel like staff are friends. They don't view staff as widgets or machines like administration does. Relationships give quality to life.
bad seed

Emmaus, PA

#17 Dec 10, 2013
You are going to have bad seeds, sexual harassers, lazy employees and the like no matter which job you have. The only problem with THESE particular jobs is that now that the cameras are in it will be abused by management to get rid of the people they dont like. That person could be a great asset to the men and woman who live there. I just hope they finally take action against the people who are stealing and sleeping on the job instead of getting the laundry done, no matter how much they like them.

Flatwoods, KY

#18 Dec 10, 2013
This is the trailer park of the internet, and anyone with any common sense would take what they read here with a grain of salt, but what disturbs me is that nobody has mentioned the HIPAA laws this violates, not to mention other privacy laws of employees and the residents.

I'm assuming that ASC asked the clients' POA/guardians permission to use cameras in their homes? I find it hard to believe that the guardians of these individuals would want their loves ones on camera in any capacity, especially with the risks involved.

The problem with ASC and like-agencies is that they think the direct care staff is stupid. While some may be a brick or two short of a load, the rest are hard working and have a greater knowledge of developmental disabilities than most of the managers with their little degree that they barely passed college to get. I may be wrong, but isn't the average GPA to pass Psychology/Sociology at Marshall around a 2.0? If so, that's not very impressive.

None of these degrees teach managers how to have people skills or problem solving skills. Most of the managers are kids with entitlement complexes or have that "bro" attitude. They are not professional, they're bullies who are going to piss off the wrong person who has friends in higher places than Mike Grady. Not all managers are like this, mind you. However, the majority who have this attitude are a danger to the clients and the agency as a whole. Just because a book says a particular client is a certain way doesn't make it so. Take the time to know your client and staff instead of checking in 5 minutes a month and drinking at Sharkey's.

Pittsburgh, PA

#19 Dec 11, 2013
I would assume ASC has found a loophole pertaining to HIPPA violations. Just like the loophole they found by not paying overtime to community only DSS.

My manager K.S. has already been badgering staff, calling and asking why are they reading a book. Then calling back asking why are they sitting on the couch, did she need to come down there.

Why yes you do because I QUIT. Did they seriously think this wouldnt be abused by ego trippin BEACHES such as she???? Drug addict.

Saint Albans, WV

#20 Dec 11, 2013
she an do what she wants..shes in the "IN" crowd...cause someone is getting it in her ..such a sad place to work
Alligator Jackson

United States

#21 Dec 12, 2013
More advice for ASC

1. Challenge yours agents to catch their employees doing something right.y old manager left notes all of the time about things done wrong or threats of disciplinary auction. Try positive notes and try to leAve one praising an employee but be careful not to play favorites. Try to catch everyone doing something good

2. Try to develop employees who have degrees. So they an later be promoted. Tell them what they need to learn. Get them familiar with IPP. Have them attend IPP meetings. If they have weaknesses in that area coach them to get stronger. Many of the outsiders that are hired are weak because they've never worked one on one with clients, know what really goes on In houses, and may not work well in a team setting. One example of a manager hired outside was the idiot who sexual harassed everyone. No one knew anything about him because no one ever worked with him

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