Huntington's Elderly Fire Chief

Huntington's Elderly Fire Chief

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Concerned Lilly

Katy, TX

#1 Jun 12, 2012
I had a fire a couple months ago and I was suprised when the fire department got there, the young men and women that jumped on the fire immediately. There was 2 young men on one of the hoses waiting for water to spray on the fire. This elderly man was on the truck and couldnt get the water to them. He had to have one of the young men come do it for him. This was my first fire to need the fire department so I was suprised to find out that the elderly man was the fire chief. I was glad to see the fire get put out before it made it to my home. So thank you very much to the young men and women that stopped the fire from spreading. I have heard from other people that this elderly man is forgetting more and more everyday. I do understand that with our later years in life our mind does slip but I am just really concerned for our community and these young men and women. What if this elderly man forgets some of his knowledge and directs these fire fighters in the wrong direction and someone gets hurt or even killed. My oppion is he needs to train and pass on his knowledge to some younger more mentally fit fire fighters.

Idalou, TX

#2 Jun 13, 2012
The Huntington Volenteer fire department? They ALL need to be replaced

Conroe, TX

#3 Jun 16, 2012
OKAY Mr-M in Viloni,Ar ------- When are you moving to Huntington to join the VOLUNTEER Fire Dept and be available 24 hours a day to respond?

Godley, TX

#4 Jun 16, 2012
Lol! Is that what you got out of that post? Where it's SAYING I am? They are a joke! And I AM on call 24/7 I am a parent!
Concerned Lilly

United States

#5 Jun 17, 2012
Mr-M... I am not sure what experience you have had with these men and woman, but they did a very good job at my place. Just the concern on the chief being elderly and having some memory loss. But again if they aren't doing a good job then that would fall under the chief not directing them in the right manner. There are a few bad apples in any organization or business, but that doesn't mean the whole bunch is bad.

Houston, TX

#6 Jun 18, 2012
I have since moved from there after my wife was in an accident and past away..after they arrived and administered CPR with no results, come to find out half of them are not even CPR certified including the one working on my wife! So yeah I have a problem with that

Conroe, TX

#7 Jun 18, 2012
Mr-M ---- "IF" this is true.... Would you have preferred no attempt be made at all until the ambulance arrived???

Houston, TX

#8 Jun 18, 2012
IF? Why in Gods name would I make something like this up? You obviously are one of them or related to one of them. I don't have to explain myself or my story to you or anyone else! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and this was mine!

Conroe, TX

#9 Jun 19, 2012
Mr-M .....
1. I have no connection to the Huntington or Ora Volunteer Fire Dept, nor am I related, however, I have 55 years experiance and knowledge in public safety and emergency services as a paid fireman at 16 (lied about my age), years in the military, and as a member of a Search & Rescue organization.
2. I remember when most ambulances were operated by funeral homes using "snatch and run" in converted station wagons or panel trucks with no equipment or two-way communication. Many with ONLY the driver.
3. Once the accident was located, bystanders were utilized to load the patient on the stretcher and make a hair raising run to a hospital. There was no such thing as CPR, and many died during the wait for ambulance, loading, and transportation.
4. Be thankful for all the paid emergency personel and the many many mostly volunteer "first responders" and Volunteer Fire Depts who have to raise most of their own funds to operate.


Covington, TX

#10 Jun 19, 2012
This elderly man, as he is being referred too, has forgotten more than a great of the now members will ever know. When this man, the Chief, leaves the Huntington Volunteer Fire Dept., you might as well lock the door & throw away the key. Most are members for the guts & glory, lights, sirens & the picture taking part.. not for the betterment of the dept. So talk on Mr or Mrs no name..

Lufkin, TX

#11 Jun 19, 2012
It sickens me how you people can talk so poorly of man that has been so dedicated to you and the city of Huntington for over 25 years. I Bet that the majority of you have never stepped into the boots of a firemen, never had the lives of your neighbors in your hands, never felt the bone chilling rush of a young child's blood flow over your hands as you tried so desperately to close a wound and stop the blood loss....but yet you talk like you have filled my shoes and Jerry's and all the other dedicated act as if you would know how to handle each and every situation that might arrise...well my good people you wouldn't. Until you have walked a mile in our boots keep your comments to yourselves, you only show your inner ignorance by voicing them...not something to be proud of...

Conroe, TX

#12 Jun 19, 2012
Calm Down and RE-READ the the thread "Readyanytime". There is ONLY one poster that has said anything REALLY bad.

Don't go off the deep end here. Mr-M is the only really negative poster. Myself and others have been positive and constructive.

Rest assured that I have been there and done that.

Whitney, TX

#13 Jun 19, 2012
I would like to just start by saying to Mr-M, I am very sorry for your loss. I am one of the Huntington EMT/FF as well as the Asst. Chief. I have 15 years in fire and 9 years in EMS experence. I have worked on an ambulance in 7 different counties responding to 911 calls. But as for the VOLUNTEER fire dept. we are all volunteers, we have families and other jobs outside the dept. I am a mother of 3 and still try to respond to as many calls as I possible can, as well as being a proud supportive mom to my kids. We cant save everyone, when God calls your number there is nothing on this earth possible to save them. These has been many calls that I am the only EMT on the scene until the ambulance gets there and all I have to help me are the fire fighters or by-standers. In an emergency anyone that can comprehend directions, I will ask for their help if I need it, to save a life or property. Just speaking for myself.
I would also like to address the comment about blood guts and glory, lights and sirens and picture taking. If we couldnt handle the blood and guts we couldnt do the job. The picture taking comes from when members are taking breaks or on light duty and not able to fight the fire or whatever the call may be, but those people usually do the paper work and or pump the trucks, which is just as important to be done for each and every call. Not everyone is cut out for what all the job calls for but we try to have a place for anyone that wants to help and serve this community.
As for the comment about the chief passing on his knowledge, we have learned alot from him over the years.
It is very sad that people feel the need to post negativity about the fire service, we dont get paid for what we do, we do it for the love of the job and love of the community. The day of the volunteer is almost gone. We have been very lucky at the HVFD our member list has stayed pretty full. Our members have different work schedules and other appointments that hinder some of their response availabilty, but for the most part we have a pretty good group of people that are in it for the right reason, to SERVE THIS COMMUNITY! To save lives and property! to the best of our ability.

Godley, TX

#14 Jun 20, 2012
@ Amy.... Do you really want a reply to your comment as to how great a HVFD member & Asst. Chief you are on this gossip page ????? Cause I can give you one... As for the blood, guts, glory, pictures, lights & sirens.. That means that you & some others choose the calls that YOU want to go on...... This elderly Chief as he is so fondly referred to on this page has been to about 8-9 calls alone in the past several months & how many calls have you ran. And yet.. In your statement of how great a Dept you have, not one good word about the Chief with over 40 years experience & who is a state certified fire fighter..Just saying

Clyde, TX

#15 Jun 20, 2012
quote from Amy's post
"As for the comment about the chief passing on his knowledge, we have learned alot from him over the years. "
Would like to point out that obliviously not all Amy's members pick and choose their "Fire Calls"
EMS seems to be another story, i live just outside of Huntington and every time i have had to call about my Husband who is 64 and has serious heart conditions. ORA has been there with a helping hand. Not once in the past year has Huntington come to help us. As for fires, i have seen several young men and women out fighting fires. In ways i agree with you Frances about the EMS end of it. But i disagree about the fire end.
I pat you on the back for being a mom with 3 kids and helping the community, however i would like to ask, just how many certified EMS personnel do you have in your department. and why do none of them come to help. I'm sure you have to have more than one, and from your comment i'm gathering that you are one. i know you all can't be busy 24/7, why does ORA have to help the people in our community due to our very own not wanting to help?

Clyde, TX

#16 Jun 20, 2012
Im with ConcernedCitizen
What is up with Huntington? do ya'll not have anyone to go out and help sick folk?
revenia t

Stephenville, TX

#17 Jun 20, 2012
to those of you who are talking negatively about the volunteer fire departments all i can say is this...if you dont like the way they are doing their VOLUNTEER job, then you need to go do it yourself. you need to remember whether they do a perfect job or not, it is still completly a volunteer job. they dont get paid. they do it because they care about helping others. idk if some do it just to say that they do. idk if they choose the calls they go out on. all i know is they are there to help when they dont have to be. yes i know a few people on HVF. my uncle is the chief and my cousin is also in the department. im proud of them both! they dont have to do this. they choose to. think about that next time you need them.

Whitney, TX

#18 Jun 20, 2012
@ConcernedCitizen. Yes I am one of our first responders. I am very sorry I have missed helping your family, truely I am. We have 3 first responders on our list right now, but in saying that one has been out on medical leave and the other is not available right now either. I was unavailable to run med calls for a few months myself, do to CE Hours for my recertification. We are working on trying to get a rescue unit for us to even better serve our community. Oh and we do have another member that is waiting for her certification to come through so that will give us 4 on our list. We have another member fixing to start an EMT class and a couple others that want to get certification also.
But again I am very sorry for the med calls that our dept. has missed.

Houston, TX

#19 Jun 20, 2012
After my wife's tragic accident I heard rumors and I repeat myself RUMORS! That your department abuse their authority as far as using lights on top of personal trucks to drive fast or get threw the one red light in the town, try to pull people over, along with other things I said rumors but there is ALWAYS some truth to any rumor said.
Ms- Vivian

Scott, AR

#20 Jun 20, 2012
@ Frances- Sounds like a lot of back biting in the dept. Seems to me you would all stand together and do the very best job you could for the dept. and the commuity instead of trying to rip each other apart.@ Amy- Sounds like you are doing a great job especially with all the negative attitudes in the dept. I know that would be very difficult to take.

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