deer park school budget $94,000,000 a...
Oh Really

Rockville Centre, NY

#402 May 21, 2010
WE WON!Smart move Deer Park!
Whats $95,600,000 anyway??????
A drop in the bucket. We're untouchable!!!!!!!!!!
I will get more money too!! You eat pizza, I eat fillet mignon! Ha,Ha. So what if you into foreclosure! I live on the North Shore and my water don't have fecal matter in it but yours does!!!
Read the report if you have time to read, idiots!
I earn $342,000 elsewhere, so who cares about your superintendent earning $200,000 or $1,000,000.
We use the entire vote event to put together shows and programs and exhibit that the kids must attend. So we get the parents to vote yes since they drop off the kids!!!
10% showed up to vote.....8% work or have kids in the district, 2% are the backbone of the community and work two jobs to pay the bills and get this, 90% are working three jobs or physically challanged and can't even get in the building or have transportation to vote!
Absentee ballot is useless, they cant afford a stamp etc. If your 85-90 years old, they dont even know what an absentee vote is.
They may think you ran out of ice cream after dinner!!
This is great. WE WON!!!!!
DP Doubter

Rockville Centre, NY

#403 Aug 13, 2010
BOE member????

Oh and I would like to see proof that the prior Supt. turned down the raise.
longtime DP resident wrote:
Once again - wrong information. The prior supt turned down her raise in her last year in DP. Once again, the issue seems to be lack of correct facts. Yes, the budget is increasing by just over 1/2 of a percent in spending. If BOE meetings were attended by more than the handfull of regulars, residents would know what is really going on in DP. It is easy to spread the blame around and be an "arm chair quarterback" however, the reality is that there is a carefull balance between students needs and taxpayer needs. I think the BOE understands this.
As far as taking it out on the lower paid teachers - I dont know where that comes from. Maybe a teacher? Fact is that the average teacher earns in the $70k range and the high earners are paid in excess of $100k. These teachers also enjoy raises of almost 6% on average. That number is unheard of in the private sector. This salary is for working 183 days a year. This compares to the private sector of approx 230+ days per year. Then of course, there is the health insurance and pension for life!!! So, not to say that administrators dont earn a bundle but lets not downplay the teachers salaries. From what I read/heard at BOE meetings, a pay freeze for just one year would save taxpayers around $2.5 million! Who would be against that?
The idea of individual school districts merging together and creating a centralized district that reduces administrative costs has been discussed for years. Lets ask parents and all residents how they would feel about merging with the surrounding districts. Wyandanch, no Babylon, w. babylon, fact is we would not want to see our property values decline from a merge and I am sure you would hear the same from HHH or Commack if you asked them to merge with DP.
regarding giving $10k per student to go anywhere? I believe we tried it - it is called charter schools. You should check into one of them. They are for profit and scoring at the same level or worse for their students.
You want real reform? Why dont we talk about the funding that our federal govt promised but never delivered or our state mandates which keep growing on the backs of local taxpayers because Albany refuses to fund them. how about having teacher negotiations on the state level to prevent the out of hand teacher contracts? What about equitable state funding of long island school districts? I find it amazing that people are disgruntled with the schools/taxes but do little or nothing about it. Just spend a few hours a month comming to all the BOE meetings. meet them and discuss your issues with them. I see that they do listen (at times). Try it.
John On Nichols Road


#404 Aug 19, 2010
Don't believe everything you read or hear???
Thanks to the freedom of Information the truth cannot be tucked under the couch. If you take the time to review the budget and search engine the salary of school employees you will find the salaries you question. I stand by my information. If you have any doubts, you can email the NYS superintendent of Schools. I doubt he is familiar with Long Island because its to far away. The prior Superintendent ran out the door over the numerous scandels on Long Island. Be sure, corruption is alive and well.
For your information, statistics are comprised of where children go after high school and they are deplorable here in Deer Park. We have a principle in each school earning well over $100,000. Do we need a principle in John Quincy? You are just flipping through your mail while responding on this forum. You need to get your facts straight. This is a small town and $96,000,000 reveals mismanagement, no oversight, poor supervision and just a money grabbing entity. The children are used as hostages. Thank You....
Oh Really wrote:
<quoted text>
Boy you seem awfully informed about the supt. and the BOE, how do you know so much? While you have corrected some misinformation some on here have been spreading, the "facts" that are disseminated through the Standard and the like, are, well, often an interpretation of what actually happens. You would be amazed at how some can take numbers and make them come out in their favor. Don't believe everything you read or hear.
John On Nichols Road


#405 Aug 19, 2010
Sorry, your wrong.
Stinky wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Jesse 69 rating 0-100 ... 100 being the best get your facts straight
Oh Really

Rockville Centre, NY

#406 Sep 6, 2010
John On Nichols Road wrote:
Don't believe everything you read or hear???
Thanks to the freedom of Information the truth cannot be tucked under the couch. If you take the time to review the budget and search engine the salary of school employees you will find the salaries you question. I stand by my information. If you have any doubts, you can email the NYS superintendent of Schools. I doubt he is familiar with Long Island because its to far away. The prior Superintendent ran out the door over the numerous scandels on Long Island. Be sure, corruption is alive and well.
For your information, statistics are comprised of where children go after high school and they are deplorable here in Deer Park. We have a principle in each school earning well over $100,000. Do we need a principle in John Quincy? You are just flipping through your mail while responding on this forum. You need to get your facts straight. This is a small town and $96,000,000 reveals mismanagement, no oversight, poor supervision and just a money grabbing entity. The children are used as hostages. Thank You.... <quoted text>
Okay first the glaring mistakes

TOO far away not TO far away

As for statistics being comprised of kids going to 4 year colleges, again, that's mom & dad not the schools. My kids do just fine thank you very much and they will be attending 4 year schools because WE AS PARENTS have been involved and have guided our kids to the right choices. We don't depend on the schools to do that because it is not their job, it is our job.

I have taken many statistics classes, believe me, I fully understand what goes into the numbers and believe me, the numbers can be used correctly or incorrectly depending on the agenda, don't doubt that for a second!

You might want to put down the mail and get your facts straight.
John On Nichols Road


#407 Sep 16, 2010
Your mistake is to refer to a child as a kid. They are not kids! They are children! It is obvious that someone here is an employee of this mess. Many times I have heard an employee of the school district use this "kid" term in describing the children on Long Island.

To correct spelling is just a cheap shot, a form of belittlement and its is meaningless to me, because the real issue is spending $95 million dollars a year on this poorly run operation in Deer Park and all of Long Island. I am not fooled by catchy terms or phrases.

I am also bored by a person who tries to correct me instead of dealing with the issues here, they are tacky. Sad for small people, it reflects the lowly position they have in the school district.

The party will come to an end, and it will be soon.
Someone, perhaps a bright energetic person will step forward and shake the entire Long Island Educational party bus.
Yes, its a party bus and the taxpayers are paying for the cavier and champagne and the coffee and donuts and exotic training classes held in far away places.
I am not fooled and many people are getting to the point that we demand politicans and Washingtons intervention. We need an Inspector General and we need accountability.
This good old boy corporation and all the clubs it has generated need to be ended.
We are hoping a new governor will get rid of the idiot that replace the prior moron who overseen the Education in New York State.
Perhaps a former District Attorney upon appointment will bring the paddy wagon to our district offices and back up to the doors.
Silence is deafening....Oh Really
Oh Really

Rockville Centre, NY

#408 Sep 18, 2010
You amuse me with all your guessing and incorrect assumptions, but if it makes you happy, continue.

I call my own children kids so your conclusion that only district employees do that is asinine.

I also am not ignoring the facts I simply disagree with your view of things and correct your mistakes which you do not care for. It isn't only your spelling that is flawed, you are simply incorrect about many things that go on with our "kids".
John on Nichols Road


#409 Sep 19, 2010
$96,000,000 spent each year on a school system in the little town of Deer PArk....and more foreclosures on the way.....
Why School Administration refers to children as kids is beyond me. They must of missed this during the back room meetings held to spread propaganda to the taxpayers of Long Island and Deer Park that everything is over the top in Deer Park and peachy keen......AAhhh, so place some flyers on the Avenue Vote yes for the kids, what a sad joke that was. Whats next???
Fact is they know nothing about your child once they are rushed out the door from High School where the real results should be measured.
Do you know, they don;t tell you what the drop out rate is in Deer Park, it would blemish the phoney records...
I would rather spend $96,000,000 a year on a private school......not a public school full of patronage appointments. What a mess..

Deer Park as well as all Long Island does not even register to the NYS Educational superintendent. We haven't heard from him since day two of his 6 digit earning appointment.
He needs a GPS in his car to even find Deer Park, Long Island or he'll end up in Deer Park, upstate..,eat lunch at a Lobsters galore eatery and go back to Albany.

Well is a third grade fact.....
A young goat is called a kid.BBBaaaaaa...
A female kid is called a doeling. SOoooo your just a lowly assine person who knows nothing and lack character.
Excuse me but your assine and clueless.
Why would a foolish small individual want to address a taxpayer instead of exhibiting some form of intelligent...OMGosh... people can make such asinine statements like an ass...Oh Really So we now an opinion: that is, from a Doeling, BBbbaaaaaaba.
Next we'll hear from Porky Pig. What position does he/she hold or is it running for public office?
With enough money Porky could become a school administrator or even an elected politican here in Deer Park.......End
What planet is this?
Oh Really

Rockville Centre, NY

#410 Nov 2, 2010
Wow!! That is some tirade, too bad it is virtually incomprehensible!
Vote for Me


#411 Nov 4, 2010
Time to consolidate.
What politican is going to step up to the plate? hello...hello...hellooo


#412 Nov 14, 2010
I am sure that the Newday article will open some eyes on this matter.
Why a superintendent earns $400,000 per year is beyond the norm.
In the reality of todays world, these salaries reveal that a total revamping of the LI school system is necessary to perserve the quality of life we are losing.
It will be a tremendous endeavor to end this mess,but with the families being destroyed and homes being foreclosed because of the local school taxes, it has become necessay to take this task to the next step. We will be bankrupt at the school tax pace we are in.
The tough economy and recent downturns in employment,is completely ignored by all the school districts.
They hope by May of the following year, it will all go away so they could ask again and again for more money and get it.
Oddly, not one politican is brave enough to address this matter or work on an alternative means of educating a child.
At this pace,homes will continue to drop on Long Island while homes in NYC will surpass value.

So sell your house in drug and prostitute infested areas of Brooklyn for $1 million and move a dysfunctional family here to Dix Hills and Babylon village.
They are already here,noted in the increase of criminal activity,drug sales, arrest and also grafitti in our communities, thanks to the results of school taxes destroying Long Island that no one appears to care about.

As far as this Oh Really idiot, he is in lala land,totaly lost, sadly in the past and just a lowly symbol on some obscure totem pole.
Thanks John for opening my eyes....
Oh Really

Rockville Centre, NY

#413 Nov 14, 2010
I never said that changes weren't necessary, I have however taken exception to some of the nonsense John has posted. Some is way off base, some is simply not true.

The tax burden clearly needs to be addressed, I am a stressed tax payer also. Changes are necessary, we cannot continue to watch taxes head to the stratosphere. At some point our home will be un-sellable due to the crazy tax bills attached to them.

I do however take major issue with the quality of the education available, my children have received excellent educations, I cannot fault the schools for that. I have also noted that many of the students who CHOOSE not to continue their educations at 4 year colleges are the products of home that do not stress nor support this. That is a nasty little truth few want to acknowledge. I have also stated, and I stand by this, that schools are to educate children, not raise them. I raise mine, I in no way expecting the schools to do that no matter how much I pay in taxes. If that puts me in lala land, then I'll wait there for everyone else to wake up and realize this. I guess you view this as a "past" idea? I had no idea that the modern view of parenting meant having the schools raise children.
If it took John to "open your eyes" I fear your spot on that obscure totem pole!


#414 Nov 14, 2010
So what is your point? Oh please, if you would review the stats on any school district they are not where they should be in any town on Long Island. Deer Park has a drop out rate you know. I found it true that only 8% complete college with a professional degree. Money is tight and many families can't even afford a State community college. Others realize even with a degree you cant find a job paying over $25,000 for most.
Many businesses are only hiring people as temps so if they get employed, they get no benefits as in dental and medical coverage.
Affirmative action plays a big role in government and agencies employment and promotional practices now. Just about every government entity is managed by an affirmative action appointment that can't figure out anything more then where the bathroom is and where the coffee pot is located. They need to schedule endless meetings to pick a smart persons brain to figure out a simple solution to a problem. They also need endless training at the taxpayers expense.
The schools also have many many deficiencies as noted by John and also Newsday stats on your Deer Park School District.
You would rather stand up and point in the wrong direction to a guy like John and yell"You Lie"' Sadly you offer no proof otherwise and I'm glad your children did well, so I go with John. He makes his point,provides mostly proof, whether you like it or otherwise.
What in the world does a "school superintendent" do to earn $250,000 a year. Come on, telling me he gets kids to school everyday is not an intelligent answer. Not for $250,000 a year plus perks. Oddly, the schools employ school aides for less then $30,000. I understand when they get a pension, its a joke.
I would like to read a schools superintendents job responsibility. Wouldn't you?????


#415 Nov 14, 2010
School superintendents are retiring or just walking out the door and are getting a severance pay of $550,000 is making long island the laughing stock of butt jokes in communities across America.
Some even come bach as a glorified consultant,making hundreds of dollars an hour on top of a pension. School boards say, he's worth every penny, that is your penny!!!
This goes on also in our own Suffolk County government. This disease of sticking it to the homeowner and fertilizer for a revolt or a revolution.
Could you just imagine 200 homeowners refusing to pay the yearly school tax without seeing an itemized bill which they are entitled too??
Hiring extra administrators and school officials within a 2 mile area to overlap responsibilities of other staff at $100,000 a pop is over board in the spending department and it continues every year.Hiring additional administrators as assistants while the economy is taking a nose dive off a bridge and a spiraling dollar value across the United States is quite frankly, criminal(treason) since it contributes to the economic failure of American working families and the necessary foreclosures on homes and contributes to a families anguish.
When you go to church on Sunday, the priest announces the pantries across Long Island are almost empty. Local families are needy and food is costing more and more. Cutting coupons has become a way of life to working families on Long Island.
Working people are even looking for a handout from local pantries.
Our Local government is not interested in Deer Park....a working backsweating community. They are interested in Wyandanch now, and providing them with free turkeys and stuffing. In the meantime here in Deer Park, we pray for help and an end to these outrageous school taxes and all we get as a response is you need to give more! We have no more!!!
People are just walking away from homes now, purchased on heavy credit and 6 brothers pay stubs because one of them lost a job and they cant afford the mortgage.
How can you not see that $10,000,000 is overboard in educating just 4000 kids, thats 4,000 KIDS!!!!..but I really mean to say children and it cost Deer Park alone $95,000,000 a year.(OMG)
The Attorney General and this newly elected Governor needs to shut this cash cow down and totally revamp the administrative operation and educational patronage departments that are also a patronage dump for local elected government officials families and friends.
You cant get a straight answer on any spending practices without a court order and a trio of lawyers.
GET THE POINT??????????
Vote for ME


#416 Nov 15, 2010
Newsday reveals any school district salary at . You could also lookup retirees and also political patronage retirement salaries in Nassau and Suffolk on the same site.
Just type inpublic school employees and use the drop down screen to review any public employee.

The next candidate for Suffolk county and even Nassau county should run on the party ticket, "School Taxes too DAM High"!!!!


#417 Jun 30, 2011
Finally, a politican working for the taxpayers of LONG ISLAND,THANKS!!!

Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the Legislature passed a property tax cap that limits the increase in property taxes each year for school districts and local municipalities to just 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower. If a community chooses to increase taxes more than the tax cap allows, a 60 percent vote in a school budget vote or a 60 percent vote by a local legislative body can override it.

Oh Really!!
mr g

Deer Park, NY

#418 Mar 6, 2014
we the people need to control them they work for you and me were there employer district office impeachment of all of them from the corrupt treasurer all the way up and change salary to 80.000 00 not 265 .000 .00
mr g

Deer Park, NY

#419 Mar 6, 2014
and drug test all of them u would be amazed at the results ha ha coverups for family members that should be in jail thieves etc check it out gov
mr g

Deer Park, NY

#420 Mar 6, 2014
tired of it people and u should be to
Deer Park Resident

Deer Park, NY

#421 May 25, 2014
Eva Demyen sucks!

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