Chris Dorner is a Hero!!
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Ithaca, NY

#1 Feb 8, 2013
For to long have Police in LA acted with complete disregard for the law. Anyone who has grown up in LA county knows the LA cops will BEAT YOU A$$!!! He acted as a man and with integrity and turned in a fellow officer for abuse.(THE RIGHT THING TO DO) but what do they do? they fire him for it. For being an honest and good person. I do NOT agree wit him killing the Captins daugher at all, but maybe they will eb forced to take a look at themselves and that Blue Wal of silence actually hurts people! When police act above the law, they will be delt with!! Please stick to Cops Mr Dorner , LA COPS NEED REFORM!! When a man is driven to the edge, he lashes out!! God Bless you Christopher!!





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United States

#2 Feb 8, 2013
as a former long-time resident of L.A., I believe most of Dorner's story but there's more to it. If you look at the timing of events, he and Evans had some kind of falling out, she wrote him up and he filed the initial complaint the next day.

And many people don't understand that his legal rep, the father of the murdered woman, was part of the coverup.

Glendale, CA

#3 Feb 8, 2013
so people might agree with you the people he has killed and the family of the victim that were killed by cops now have some closer and some justice was serve on cop killing dirty cops for me i think it a sad day for america the LAPD need to bet rig of all the red necks think with in the department american need to final deal with the race issues these red necks got to understand that if the black fall in america you fall because who will fight in this country get invaded again you got sleepper post all around the USA and you hate blacks if this race issue don't get finaly solve their will be no america the LAPD are going to breed sleeppers within the force and once that happends no one safe if your are white and if that sleeper hates whites they go after your family within the system times of red neck thinking has changed and if you continue to play the race card some you no just might get killed some of the men and women who will come back from that war will no how tapp you ass before you no it and if they join the force get access to info dame light out on the persons who are the haters remember they are sleepper posted and they are not all black or white

Glendale, CA

#4 Feb 8, 2013
these red neck get be breeding sleeppers this guy has now change the came how the police do their daily business they continue to treat black latinos like they do will breed sleeppers within the force i'll say within ten years time a lot of police officer will be living in great fear because yu wont know who that sleepper is and if he or she piss off at you only time will tell

United States

#5 Feb 8, 2013
its sad how someone has to kill to show people that you cant run over ppl all the time; and to all those ppl who says violence is never justified; what do you call the american revolution or the boston tea party. the only time its not justified is when it inconviences you
CD is loose

Wellsboro, PA

#8 Feb 8, 2013
If I run into Chris Dorner I will feed him and help him along his merry way. It would be an honor to help such a historic man. Godspeed Chris!
Biggest Fan

Ithaca, NY

#9 Feb 8, 2013
Someone needs to beak the Blue Wall of Silence!! Why is it seldom even loked at? Regular peopel break the law and they are scum, a Cop breaks the law and he is encouraged to cover it up and lie, when a actual "GOOD" cop steps up and speaks the truth they fire him and destroy his career that otherwise was perfect. You did it to yourself LAPD, wake up you are being held accountable for your actions, the world is watching!!! We are sick of you hiding behind your badges and abusing suspects or just citizens in general. The time for change is now, Mr Dorner may just be the beginning! STOP THE ABUSE!!! STOP THE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!! BE WHAT YOU ARE SWORN TO BE!

Riverside, CA

#10 Feb 8, 2013
Mr. Dorner is a true democratic patriot. Don't let the yellow media slant your mission...nor the bully pulpit of "law enforcement" persuade your honorable character.

Mr. Dorner is not focused on John Q Public...they want you to think that...for too long the media and law enforcement scare the public into submission.

He is a hero like Sitting Bull, Poncho Villa, and Nelson Mandela.

"It is better to die on your feet; then, to live on your knees"

It always takes one to bring down a tyranny.

God Bless Chris Dorner!
May Michael the ArchAngel protect you!
Felon smasher

Charlottesville, VA

#12 Feb 8, 2013
I declare a fatwah on every sick failed fake male attention whore sociopathic felon in America (ala Dorner) who pathologically misreasons in his flaccid, tubby, daddyless, damaged, malshapen, infantile ego that if he just kills X, he will somehow become "SOMEBODY." Pray that your lonely, passive violent video games (tiny, ball-less little pretend god in the dark) will save you. May God's wrath be poured out on the debased mcnobody boys and their cheap, tacky, desperate, empty, impotent, useless rage. I loved visiting prisons where I saw 1000s of deeply stupid, usually ugly, always personality disordered nobody fake males rotting to death, alone, forgotten, malignant in their fetid forever cages. Pure bliss for justice lovers.Suck on those cage bars harder little nobody boys and maybe we'll let you see the sun next year.
Dorner 2013

Wellsboro, PA

#13 Feb 8, 2013
Here is Christophers Manifesto:

Paducah, KY

#14 Feb 8, 2013
I just heard that Dorner's Mom, who lives in Whittier, has been killed and mutilated. Is this true?
felon smasher

Riverside, CA

#15 Feb 8, 2013
Please invest into The American Heritage College Dictionary and a tablespoon of gray matter...

BTW - Did you really love visiting the prisons or was it just the conjugal visits that made you suck on the hard bars? Was it really love?
Biggest Fan

Ithaca, NY

#16 Feb 8, 2013
Chris Dorner is my Hero!! The LAPD are the real criminals here!! Expose them!! How many innocent people have the killed throughout the years?? Unarmed men and woman shot, beaten to death only to have it covered up?? Two Asian woman were shot delivering newspapers because the truck they were driving was the same model , not even the same color. Did the LAPD get a visual? Obviously not they just shit 20-30 rounds at two woman from behind, how did they mistake Asain woman for a 270 Black man? I call that attempted Murder!! I would ask a grand jury to indict them. I would be charged with attempted murder if I did that, why are the LAPD who shot these poor woman allowed to be free?? The LAPD are the true criminals here!! GOD BLESS YOU CHRIS DORNER!!

Sun City, CA

#17 Feb 8, 2013
This whole thing further exposes the corruption inside the LAPD. Sad we as citizens tolerate the LAPD. We should all march into LA and shut the whole system down. The Police force is needed but the ethics and methods still used can turn people like Chris into vicious vigilantes. I think Chris is a good person that just lost his mind. He was pushed to far and decided to fight back. While I disagree with what he's done I can understand it.

Paducah, KY

#18 Feb 8, 2013
I am a lifelong Democrat so I get unduly excited when a pudgy piece of roly poly unemployable lying crap slays innocent people, afterwhich I insist on disarming obsequious dying doormats like you who long for death, but lack the honor, know how or fine motor skills for suicide. If you love this little psycho, Dorner, you will really, really, really, really love me because I am not just whacked like Chris, but slim and fascinating so now you finally found a true idol who warrants your undivided allegiance. How about getting on your scabby, wobbly, decrepit knees and reading aloud to your children MY manifesto which at least has pith, irony and proper syntax. I assume that I now effectively own this forum and that you are de facto worshippers. Why idolize some frumpy filthy do nothing pork ass cretin like Dorner when you can have a real hero right here whose every utterance you should readily heed, emulate and adore? Do you love psychos? Really? GOOD. Because I make the behemothic butteball boy (who is hiding now from scaredy death!) seem like Little Bo Peep. I'll shove my psycho deity wand and homicidal pixie dust so far up supplicants' wart-encrusted hero-needy rectums that they'll assuredly think twice before exalting in a public forum some pudge-bucket tick over me. You are going to love having me as your new hero/God, boys. I look for people just like you, damaged, wounded failures who long to be victims and whose dingy "lives" bear no good fruit. I make Dorner look like a self controlled and taciturn Rhoades Scholar. So you better display some heartfelt love, boys. There's a new hero in town. We psychos are kinda' territorial and proprietary and since Dorner will soon be cankered worm food, you'd be well advised to turn your sticky unctuous hero worship to me. It's great being a psycho in America. Tell the loose lipped filthy slob that he should never ever wrongly assume that he's the biggest psycho in town. MY sexy, vaunted psychosis fills the sky, pervades the oceans, spins the planet on its axis and follows each and every one of you home forever. I am watching this very special forum now just as God watches over perishing waves of faceless sinners. It is my altar. Comport yourself accordingly with my omniscient and forbidding gaze and my implacable commitment to being your first real and only hero.
Erica Jackson

Newport Beach, CA

#19 Feb 8, 2013
Chris I love you! Keep shooting those cops and I'll always hide you away so they can't find you. I love your sexy muscles!

Aliso Viejo, CA

#20 Feb 8, 2013
Erica Jackson wrote:
Chris I love you! Keep shooting those cops and I'll always hide you away so they can't find you. I love your sexy muscles!
This man can find anyone. He has access to IP address. You are so stupid to post that. Frankly, I doubt that he would need your help, he probably would be disgusted by such a stupid action. He is trying to save his name that the LAPD trashed and you think this is a joke. People's lives are at stake, innocent police officers are out there trying to find him so that stupid people like you can feel safe.

You stupid fuck.

La Habra, CA

#21 Feb 8, 2013
Stacey wrote:
<quoted text>...innocent police officers are out there trying to find him so that stupid people like you can feel safe.
Cops are far from being innocent. The only stupid one is you.

Go, Chris!! Please kill some more pigs!! We're rooting for you!!!
I wanted my Rape gone

South Pasadena, CA

#22 Feb 8, 2013
bob wrote:
as a former long-time resident of L.A., I believe most of Dorner's story but there's more to it. If you look at the timing of events, he and Evans had some kind of falling out, she wrote him up and he filed the initial complaint the next day.
And many people don't understand that his legal rep, the father of the murdered woman, was part of the coverup. Scandel John Egan Captain III Los Angeles Police ...
20 posts - 6 authors - Mar 11, 2011
Look at this fat slut, for a Captain 3, West Valley PD?... Find Your Local Office Scandal John Egan Captain III LAPD Police ..... Loser John Egan the sorry fk who robs ladies on then rapes their children?... That scares women online to know that the Los Angeles Police department ...
Clean my RAPIST Name

South Pasadena, CA

#23 Feb 8, 2013
LAPD Caught in Scandal John Egan Captain III Los Angeles Police Department

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