Home buyers unmollified by THP promises

Home buyers unmollified by THP promises

There are 114 comments on the The Morning Call story from Apr 24, 2009, titled Home buyers unmollified by THP promises. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

Life, it seemed, couldn't get much better for John and Nicole Clancy. In a brutal economy, the Montgomery County newlyweds both were recently promoted at their jobs.

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Madoff Lending

Schnecksville, PA

#88 Apr 24, 2009
Vuja De wrote:
Who buys a house from a company that advertises on toll booths?
The answer is:

The same person who gets a loan from Madoff Lenders....Yep, you pay off your loan after 20 years only to find out that all you paid off was Bernie's Yacht Fees for his not one, but two luxury Yachts....

Lancaster, PA

#89 Apr 24, 2009
John Boy wrote:
Pulte Homes is probably next. They build complete crap (Just google them once and you will see all the complaints). They have built thousands of low quality expensive homes. I honestly hope they stick around to fix the garbage.
I am hoping that isn't the case.....they have to finish my development still!!! I don't want to be surrounded by unfinished THP and Pulte homes!!!

As a Pulte representative told me yesterday....they are doing fine.....their not going under....they just bought another company for $1.3B.

Lancaster, PA

#90 Apr 24, 2009
Madoff Lending wrote:
<quoted text>
The answer is:
The same person who gets a loan from Madoff Lenders....Yep, you pay off your loan after 20 years only to find out that all you paid off was Bernie's Yacht Fees for his not one, but two luxury Yachts....
Are you going to provide serious discussion or continue with your non-sense garbage?
Madoff Lending

Schnecksville, PA

#93 Apr 24, 2009
Patrick wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you going to provide serious discussion or continue with your non-sense garbage?
Don't you see the scheme these builders ran?

$300,000 for a $150,000 townhouse.

$30,000 in discounts from their mortgage company?

Only $5,000 down to buy the home????

When you see the loan documents, you will see why our economy has tanked due to the banking industry and greedy builders.

Kernersville, NC

#94 Apr 24, 2009
what crap wrote:
<quoted text>The BBB is a mediator and can do nothing unless the company that belongs to the BBB wants to comply !!!
Yes, this is true, but my experience has been that companies that want to keep their ratings high will work with the BBB to resolve the issue.

All of my claims related to instances where a customer service rep told me something that later the company denied, and resulted in me being charged for something I did not agree to. When I tried arguing my case with these companies I was repeatedly told there was "nothing they could do", even when elevating my complaint to supervisors.

However, when I got the BBB involved, the companies suddenly were able to reverse the charges that I was refuting!
Brian B

Weatherly, PA

#95 Apr 24, 2009
small town girl wrote:
It's about time something stopped THP from continuing to rape the land of what used to be rural towns in this area. When are people going to realize how destructive these cookie cutter neighborhoods are? Roads not suited to accept increased traffic, increased impermiable surfaces leading to increased local flooding, and overcrowding of schools have become major issues because of these developments. In the Pennsburg/Red Hill/East Greenville area south of Allentown, these eyesores of homes have devistated what used to be a visually stunning area. It is beyond me that anyone would pay money to live in these shoddy houses less than 15 feet away from the next shoddy house.
Amen to that ! In an age of computers, why cant these cookie cutters McMansions at least look different from each other? All are squeezed together with crappy cheap "landscaping" These guys are not developers but rapers.. of land.
they should rot in Hell
Big Blue Wrecking Crew

Keyport, NJ

#96 Apr 24, 2009
Tarnished Sheba wrote:
Look on the bright side, at least you people have jobs....
Look at the bright side you're not on fire. We can do this all day, these people were cheated out of hard earned money and you see a bright side. Goof!
De Stress

Northampton, PA

#97 Apr 24, 2009
Wow John D. is 1 angry person. Hey John, if this area is so bad, and the people here are so stupid, why on earth would you want to live here?

“What does your soul look like?”

Since: Apr 08

Bethlehem, PA

#98 Apr 24, 2009
THP Homeowner wrote:
<quoted text>
You have no idea what you are talking about! I'm sure my home is alot better looking than yours! A bit jealous, hmm?
I have a friend who bought a house 3 years ago from THP in Breinigsville. Still needs some work done to it. I don't even think his driveway is done yet. So no, I'm certainly NOT jealous of your pre-fabricated, cheaply built home. Trust me, I used to work in construction - I've seen what goes into those homes. My wife wanted to buy one and I talked her OUT of it. Some of the foundations aren't even POURED in. They are solid pieces of concrete that are pieced together. Yeah, that'll stop leaks.

They look nice, but I know that they're being held together with tacks. And see, that's the point. You say "...my home is a lot better looking than yours." Sure, maybe in your eyes. I know what goes into those homes - and I bet 110% you over-paid wayyyyyyyyyyy too much.

Macungie, PA

#99 Apr 24, 2009
toof ferry wrote:
5000.00$????????? Are you serious? your buying a 300,000 home with 5k down....moron
Most of the time the builders want you to pay some money up front for OPTIONS that you are adding to the home.

“What does your soul look like?”

Since: Apr 08

Bethlehem, PA

#100 Apr 24, 2009
John D wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yeah, let's buy some pre WWII brick pile of garbaage that floods, has mold, rodent infestations, can't hold the heat, a/c in the windows... no thanks, keep your garbage.
Actually, the garbage is those developments. Sure, I bet your property value will sky-rocket now that there's a bunch of un-finished homes and muddy fields washing away every time it rains.

I live in a pre-WWII brick home in west Bethlehem.

I have central air/heat.

I live in a DEVELOPED neighborhood with nice people. Not half-finished homes and construction laying around, accompanied with snobby, ignorant people such as yourself.

I don't have problems with flooding in my basement because the foundation is solid concrete. The newer homes have concrete pieces that are put into a nice little square. The only they don't leak is because a lot of newer developments have drainage systems. That drainage system eats-it, grab your flippers cause you'll be swimming in your basement.

I don't have any mold. It's been checked.

I don't have any rodent infestations.

I have no problem retaining the temperature in my house during the winter. Built solid, remember?

You're generalizing what you see or where you're from. Or something. You need to take a bong-hit or a valium or something, either way. You're a total d.1C.k about being on here.
Great Job Macungie

United States

#101 Apr 24, 2009
Same old story must keep up with the Jones they just were lookig forthe first time buyer credit other homes aready built better are settled and still offeragarantees. They not even get the $8000. and lose there $5000. hast makes waste.
Steve wrote:
This is why buying a used home is better than trusting ANYTHING that isn't built yet in this economy! I still don't understand why these people didn't pick up one of the HUNDREDS of homes that were for sale CHEAP in the same areas.
Allentown resident

Allentown, PA

#102 Apr 24, 2009
Sound Reasoning wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, we all know now who is, don't we John?
If your punchlist includes nail pops, and you go ahead and close without them being fixed, then yes, you are the moron.
After closure, the problems, new or old, are YOURS. That is the responsibility of home ownership is about.
Gee, this isn't renting and there isn't a "super" to fix things for you anymore.
Well that is not true if you have a builder who cares about the clients my husband will go back and do punch list at closing at 6 mos and at one year if the homeowner so chooses. the builders he works for do this as a part of the buying experience. And because it is the right thing to do if your a good builder.

“What does your soul look like?”

Since: Apr 08

Bethlehem, PA

#103 Apr 24, 2009
All this talk about homes makes me think about the Tom Waits song,'The House Where Nobody Lives':

So if you find someone
Someone to have, someone to hold
Don't trade it for silver
Don't trade it for gold
I have all of life's treasures
And they are fine and they are good
They remind me that houses
Are just made of wood
What makes a house grand
Ain't the roof or the doors
If there's love in a house
It's a palace for sure
Without love...
It ain't nothin but a house
A house where nobody lives...

He's awesome...
Writing on the Wall

Douglassville, PA

#104 Apr 24, 2009
Anyone could have seen, with the way these guys spent money on advertising, marketing and just plain old toys, eventually when the balloon burst, they would be a part of the companies in trouble. You cant just go around spending ridiculous amounts of money on things like that and not expect it to bite you in the butt eventually. They were one of the companies that boomed a ton during the housing boom, hwoever, the smart companies kept the growth rate under control and banked money, because you never know when times will be harder. Poor business decisions. Not to mention, this problem is not a revelation to them. They didnt all of the sudden notice monday that they hadnt been making money. That is something that any trained businessman could have seen from 6-8-10 months out.

Harleysville, PA

#105 Apr 24, 2009
My advice is not to believe anything that anyone from THP tells you- ever. We built with them 5 years ago (during the housing boom) and from the salespeople to the subcontractors to the managers to the brothers themselves, they were arrogant, cocky, rude, nasty and awful to deal with. They were nice one time - when they took our deposit. After that if you had a problem, it was kiss my a** attitude and that did go right to the top. In fact, they told us that if we didn't stop complaining that they would sell our house to somebody else because they had people lined up (true) to buy in my neighborhood. Our complaints were not petty, either. Our home was built incorrectly- literally they put the staircase and support beams in the wrong spot and the only reason they fixed it was because my husband visited our site every single day and saw the subcontractors try to cover up the problem by putting a huge "shim" on the top landing of our staircase. The damn thing would have falled down eventually! But they don't like complaints- it was still kiss my a** on settlement day with what I believe was deliberate sabotage of my house- somebody walked with red clay muddy boots all over every single carpet in the whole entire house and ruined the carpets. They could not be steam cleaned - it didn't work. They promised us they would have them replaced by settlement day, but they didn't. Even on settlement day, they told us that if we didn't make settlement on our house that day (damage and all), they would consider the whole agreement null and void and sell it to somebody else. And we had a realtor and a lawyer with us- it didn't matter! Did I mention that they are liars? Our development was supposed to end in a cul-de-sac. Two weeks before settlement we get this letter in the mail that our street will no longer be a cul-de-sac and would eventually be a "through street" but that we could get out of our agreements without penalty (yeah right- and move where exactly?). Bunch of a-holes deserve to be bankrupt. I feel sorry for anyone building with them- they pay off the township inspectors, board of directors and development committees and do whatever the hell they want. Good luck, folks. The best you can hope for is that the reorganize and eventually finish your developments. But I wouldn't count on it.

Orlando, FL

#106 Apr 24, 2009
jsg wrote:
<quoted text>
BUT, that 5K, is half of his life savings. If that is ALL they have, they should NOT be buying a 300+K house!! They will be bankrupt in no time!
AGREE, that problem is what caused all the banks to be bailed out. Giving loans to people who can not afford them.$5000.00 down on a home that is worth 250,000.00 or higher is asking for trouble. I thought the banks and everyone had that figured out from the first batch of loaning to people who can least afford it.

Orlando, FL

#107 Apr 24, 2009
John D wrote:
<quoted text>
You might be the biggest moron of the day. Punchlist = nail pops... can you guess where a nail pop will be before you close???
IDIOT. I swear, the internet is the home of the mongoloids.
And you need to stop being the jack a$$ that you are and enjoy your life in your wonderful new home. Death and taxed, you can not escape either one and with your unhappiness you will probably go much too soon. So you really are no better then anyone else.
Put on your big boy shorts and deal with it.

Lancaster, PA

#108 Apr 24, 2009
Madoff Lending wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't you see the scheme these builders ran?
$300,000 for a $150,000 townhouse.
$30,000 in discounts from their mortgage company?
Only $5,000 down to buy the home????
When you see the loan documents, you will see why our economy has tanked due to the banking industry and greedy builders.
The scam is more with the builders that have their own lending division. Yes, THP, Pulte, KHov, all of them have their own lending division. Your not paying $300K for a house that cost $150K. Go look at their filings with the SEC. Pulte for 2007 and 2008 posted losses. Their total sales didn't even cover their cost of the homes (which doesn't cover the costs paid to the salaried people). So if you think their is a huge mark up on these homes.....then explain to me why this company is taking a beating financially?

The scam with their lending divisions is this. They give you this great discount to use their lending division and give you a discount. This discount is the phantom write up on the house but it is done so you take their lendors. Afterwards, the lendors then sell your mortgage to Countrywide, Bank of America, etc and make a commission off the sale (6% or so). If you can talk the builder into giving you the discount without using their lendors, good luck, most won't let you. Per the BBB, as long as they aren't making you take ridiculous interest rate loans to get the discount, there is nothing wrong with the practice. If you don't like what they are doing, buy something else.

They way to mess the likes of Pulte, THP is to buy the house and refinance immeadiately. That way they can't make a commission on the sale of the loan.

Yes Batman...I understand your smoke and mirrors philosophy....but get real with your margins you have them making. I think the shareholders would love it if they were making those profits you claim.....maybe we wouldn't be in this economic crisis if they were in fact making those profits you think they are!!!

Harleysville, PA

#109 Apr 24, 2009
By the way, if they do go under, I hope the Hendricks brothers go to jail and they lose everything because they are causing a lot of pain to a lot of hard-working and HONEST people.

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