WHY does SUNSHINE keep posting TRASH ???

WHY does SUNSHINE keep posting TRASH ???

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Kansas City, MO

#1 Sep 11, 2013
just saying | 7 hrs ago
Why does SUNSHINE THUGS write same style, same trash and call yourself teachers lol.
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no future with rankin

Arlington, VA

#2 Sep 11, 2013
nothing better to do with spare time...

Amazing how many hours have been wasted writing garbage since 2008.
just saying

United States

#3 Sep 11, 2013
Rankin say the truth and Victor bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad boy lol.

Hayward, CA

#4 Sep 12, 2013
just saying wrote:
Rankin say the truth and Victor bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad boy lol.

Mister_Sunshine | Saturday Sep 7
The drug dealing, lying, thieving fraudster PEE WEE RANKIN who sees himself as the master of Orange Cove - Master Drug Dealer - never graduated high school. Flunkie.

Flunkie RANKIN instead operated as a street drug dealer - and was able to weasel his way into an EOC job in Fresno, where there was a hornets nest of drug dealers and corrupt individuals that operated out of EOC. RANKIN learned fast how to use his position with EOC to pressure people for their ballots - as the poor people in the community would come to Flunkie RANKIN for EOC economic assistance; to pay rent, utilities, etc. And even though the people qualified for the assistance, and it was government money being issued, Flunkie RANKIN had the people believing that it was HIS money, and they could not get any help unless HE approved it.

So Flunkie RANKIN did what other corrupt EOC paper shufflers did; he sold drugs , with government money., Flunkie RANKIN , the high school drop out, would scream at people if they refused to use hiss PRINT SHOP.

What a low life.

And why did Flunkie SUNSHINE want a 3,000 bed prison in Orange Cove? Why did he send his three drug dealing MORONS to correctional officers school? Because RANKIN had 3,000 potential drug users lined up that he would be and most likely greeted by a RANKIN street dealer who would assist them in getting a fix.

I really wanted the prison at Orange Cove, just think all the money , I would have been making !!

Flunkie Sunshine controls the OC TIMES through CNS Stimulant . Buy votes, use threats, intimidation and bullying the elderly. Oh, and let's not forget the influx of people , using for prostitution.

That places RANKIN squarely in the SUNSHINE DRUG and COUNTERFEITING circle...

Guess what, Sunshine, you're part of the drug and pervert investigation. Could be the OC TIMES personal gets arrested, along with The Law, Precioso, just Sayin, you call yourself a christian, but you are bearing fruit of another kind.

You won't have to explain anything to me, Jimenez, there is a much higher authority that you will answer to.

All this corruption from a drug dealing high school drop out named John Rankin.
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San Leandro, CA

#5 Sep 13, 2013
just saying wrote:
Rankin say the truth and Victor bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad boy lol.
Just Saying| Yesterday
I have it on good authority that Sunshine ( Rankin ) has a prior history of being a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, DRUG DEALER and COUNTERFEITER

So why hasn't SUNSHINE been ARRESTED ???

Because The Law cannot afford to lose his top man in OC TIMES , Drug dealing Operation. Sunshine does not have a deep pool of people he can recruit to be sleazy enough to screw the City over by overseeing the SUNSHINE Drug Importation and Delivery System from within the PRINT SHOP .

Where is SUNSHINE in this?

Up to his neck. Hall is so stupid - if the Drug Operation gets busted, guess who takes the fall? john rankin Why? Because Hall supposedly "is in charge" of OC TIMES operations. So when the LAW comes down, RANKIN gets hit the hardest. When he tries to squeal, he will be reminded that his wife & kids are not safe, so he'd better shut his mouth.

Prison will not be kind to a man of RANKIN 'S size and build...

What are the chances that the RANKIN article report from OC Times will be shredded minutes after this is posted? After all, the OC TIMES is controlled by SUNSHINE from top to bottom...

United States

#9 Sep 22, 2013

Mister_Sunshine | Friday
RANKIN MORONS , always circling the wagon, to protect PEE WEE SUNSHINE Drug Dealing Operation in little Orange Cove.

OC TIMES and the PRINT SHOP requirements are a joke, as well as the DRUG DEALERS position. Who needs qualified people? Not Orange Cove, we just need someone corrupt enough to cover SUNSHINE'S tracks when he robs the City blind while dealing drugs and counterfeiting also prostitution,out of the PRINT SHOP
The head of prostitution , is Just Saying
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San Leandro, CA

#10 Sep 22, 2013
just saying wrote:
Rankin say the truth and Victor bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad boy lol.

thompson-Western Mavrick | Sep 23, 2008

The RANKIN THUGS Minions and Puppets in Orange Cove are in a PANIC!!!

The Law/ Sunshine Loonies knows they are losing the DRUG CARTEL.

Our privage polling and surveys indicate that the community is ready for change;

"New Faces for a New Change"

They can't even get the names on their corruption sign spelled correctly;
[[ a picture of the sign is "Orange Cove Photos" ]]

They are LOST in a desert of naivete devoid of common decency.
[[ the graphic won't show on this post - it is on the Internet ]]

Wandering lacking direction looked upon by neighbors with CONTEMPT.

Waiting for the hammer to fall the DRUG & counterfeiting charges - When?

So desperate to salvage even a minor "victory for SUNSHINE" that they resort to FLAGGING the ads posted on behalf of OC TIMES .

Desperate people resort to desperate acts of perversion, and reality is replaced by fantasy.

YOU will not defeat the HONEST efforts of HONEST PEOPLE!!!
just saying the blind bim

Arlington, VA

#11 Sep 23, 2013
just saying wrote:
Rankin say the truth and Victor bad boy whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad boy lol.
Only an moron would believe rankin bull...

Rankin morons' lack brain cells...

San Leandro, CA

#13 Sep 27, 2013
Just Saying/ 2 hour ago.

Sunshine (RANKIN) really needs help if he believes all the garbage that comes out of his mouth !!!!!! All he does is repeat the stupidity talking points and frankly. I don't think he can could come up with a thought on his own , if he tried .
Sunshine(RANKIN) can't do anything without taking his drugs
So much hallucinations, stupidly
His WORLD revolves around DRUGS
and CONSPIRACY theories , down right TRASH


Sunshine a true DRAMA QUEEN

Hayward, CA

#14 Sep 28, 2013
no future with rankin wrote:
nothing better to do with spare time...
Amazing how many hours have been wasted writing garbage since 2008.
Support | Yesterday
Yes, RANKIN never let a freeze go to waste. I remember the freeze of 1998, when Christian organizations brought in food for the Salvation Army to distribute, through Pastor Applegarth here in Orange Cove.

The food, 2 truck loads, one filled with Rice, Beans, Tortillas, Flour, etc., the other filled with meat, was stored at the Millwood Packing facility. Applegarth put locks on the storage doors until it was the day to distribute.

When Applegarth went to open the storage doors, he found that the City, under orders from the Thief, RANKIN, had placed an additional set of locks on the doors. Applegarth was told that the PRINT SHOP was going to distribute the food, not Salvation Army. They said RANKIN ordered it, and Applegarth had better take his locks and go.

Applegarth did not fight, he took the locks and washed his hands of the affair. When time came for the food to be distributed, a truck load of food was distributed - Rice, Beans, Tortillas and Flour. The meat had disappeared. I personally remember people walking away with the food, complaining that there was no meat.

SUNSHINE ( Rankin ) has friends who are brokers. He also runs OC TIMES . It is possible that the meat found its way to the RANKIN MORONS , through a SUNSHINE broker, who charged Target Eight what Sunshine , told them to charge, kept a percentage, and gave the rest of the money to The Law.

That's how this clown works. Steal from the poor, steal from the tax payer, steal everything in sight. and pretend to care for the very people he takes advantage of. RANKIN belongs in prison, along with his OC TIME members, Precioso, Tango, Just saying , his OC TIMES Fraudsters, his 3 drug dealing accomplices, and many others that are corrupting this town.
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Santa Ana, CA

#16 Oct 10, 2013
Justice ; Jul 10, 2013
You really got them crying now Informed . Sunshine (RANKIN )are guilty. Only guilty people act like these idiots. its hard to believe somebody can bable and make no sense all day long but The Law , Precioso , Just Saying and FS Bulldog don't make any sense anyway anytime. just come to a PRINT SHOP these guys in action is like going to a retard convention.
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