When I was out walking in Kingwood the other morning, I could not believe the number of homes that still have leaves on their roofs.
Not just a few leaves but significant piles of leaves. Leaves were collecting along the valleys where the siding and roof rakes meet.
This is a real problem because the leaves are actually impeding the flow of water off the roof. Those leaves get wet and retain water. Those wet leaves up against the siding causes rot.
http://www.saveonsiding.com/siding-replacemen... Replacement of siding and other home improvement projects becomes a necessity when this problem is left to fester.
When siding begins to rot, you are inviting termites, roaches, mice and other insects an rodents into your home. They are looking for breaches in your home's protective skin so they can invade the warmth of your walls and attic.
The other issue with siding rot is eventually there will be a leak there and water getting into your walls leads to very expensive framing, sheetrock and insulation repairs. You just transformed an affordable siding replacement job into an expensive remodeling job.
So I urge you homeowners to step back away from your homes and look at your roof. Look for areas where leaves collect and clear them out of there. If there is any question about whether rot is starting, contact a siding expert and ask for a free inspection.