With the recent storms and related high winds last week, there certainly are a lot of broken limbs and downed trees in our area.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day saw tornado watches and warnings. Winds averaged in the 20 to 30 mile per hour range. While there were no reports of an actual tornado in Kingwood, we know what happened a little over a year ago.

Remember...was it October 2011? The tornado that went through the Magnolia Cove and Kings Point villages? Dozens of families had from minor to significant damage on their homes.

Roofs damaged and or torn off. Trees cracking in half and dropping onto roofs. Water damage from the rain leaking in.

Thankfully, there were several area contractors that responded to the scene to help home owners out. It's important to act fast because you must tarp the roof to prevent minor or moderate damage to the roof from becoming major interior damage.

In addition, wet insulation can mildew quickly in our warm, moist climate.

All in all, the general contractors and insurance agents worked together closely to get homes back into shape. I saw Scott Baumgartner of Colton Roofing http://www.rooferskingwood.com up on many of those roofs. He and his crew did an exemplary job of covering up quickly.

Scott and many of his crew are your neighbors in Kingwood. This really is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors!

If there is any question at all that your roof needs to be inspected after the recent wind storms, give Scott a call. He will come out and inspect your roof for damage. There is never a charge for his free inspection or estimates.