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Fort Huachuca, AZ

#21 Nov 30, 2010
The lake is 5.25 beneath the normal lake level DUE TO DROUGHT...Here is a quick lesson in contours...Think of the lake as a cone as you empty the the cone it becomes wider on top. There is plenty of water in the lake it is just what happens when water is not released from the sky.

Also mercury is a natural accuring substance in nature...and yes coal plants...although the mercury in Hugo Lake has NO indications thats where it is from, when the levels get to a certain number they have to be reported to the public even though it is not hazardous, just make everyone aware. The mercury only effects certain fish like catfish the bottom dwellers...Fish like crappie are not effected. Even if you eat fish with mercury you will not feel the effects of mercury unless you eat catfish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a long length of time. Also in extreme amounts of mercury it will effect drinking water in Hugo Lakes cause you do not have to worry about the drinking water.

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Durant, OK

#23 Dec 1, 2010
i was never able to go as a child. my parents were afraid of it
Stop the Nonsense

Brookston, TX

#24 Dec 1, 2010
Typo: Last Sentance...In extreme amounts mercury will effect drinking water. But that is not the case for Hugo Lake the drinking water is fine...if it wasnt the city would have to report that to you. Part of the whole clean water act.

Dallas, TX

#25 Dec 1, 2010
Concerned, the mercury has been in these lakes for a long time and has contaminated the fish for years, the mercury in fish just got so bad that it could no longer be ignored and the warning had to be put out to the public. I had read of the mercury in several more Oklahoma lakes that have the same warning about fish having to much contamintion of mercury for people to eat. But a pwerson can eat the fish if they want to ignore the warning. there are also many lakes in texas that has a warning of fish contamined by mercury. Mercury has been known to drift for miles and miles with the wind. It can travel to only god knows where by wind and real far if the wind has been blowing hard. Some of that mercury drifts up here to Oklahoma all the way from south of here from TEXAS coal fired generating plants.
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Fort Huachuca, AZ

#26 Dec 2, 2010
Also, the dam at PINE CREEK lake has some issues that are being addressed, and they held two public meetings about those issues. Nothing going on with the dam at Hugo Lake.
Are you Kidding me

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#27 Dec 2, 2010
It's amazing how much you can find out when you ASK QUESTIONS of the right people. According to the Corps of Engineers log books, the lake is currently at 400.78. Normal lake elevation for this time of year is 404.50, which means the lake is 3.72 feet below normal for this time of year. They have records back to the time the gates were originally closed in 1974 and those records show the lowest level since then has been 398.67 in Nov of 1978. That year the rainfall was 34.04" and through Nov of this year, our rainfall is 34.85" so, in reality, the lake is not the "lowest it has ever been". It's possible the silting that results from normal movement has caused it to appear even lower than it actually is. If you have any other questions, you should call and speak to someone at the Corps office. They will glady answer your concerns.

Mabank, TX

#28 Dec 8, 2010
You folks had better watch the TUNA eating too. It also contains mercury that is toxic to the nervous system same as the fish in Hugo Lake. Did you folks know that even the mercury from coal fired generating plants has been found to end up in the U.S. of A because of being carried by the wiond drift from China. Might even be eating some Chinese mercury poisoned Hugo Lake fish. Now you folks be carefull when eating the fish from Hugo Lake and only eat a serving or two from the lake, as mercury is a nuerotoxin. Even those cans of tuna in the stores are mercury contaminated. That is according to the Food and Drug administration and the EPA. If is recommended a pregnant woman not eat mercury contaminated fish or a small child child. Have a nice day, I am. Hi Concerned, Merry Christmas when it gets here. Now you all be good or Santa wont come.

Mabank, TX

#29 Dec 8, 2010
Did you fine folks know that the banks foreclosed on Santa Claus at his North Pole home and he moved to North Pole Oklahoma. I saw on the internet where a guy named Time Traveler visited him at North Pole Oklahoma and also saw the elves and his work shop where they build the toys for christmas. Time Traveler wrote that they were getting Rudofph ready for the Christmas toy s delivery for Christmas. Are you kids ready for christmas. Merry christmas and a happy new Year everyone.
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United States

#30 Dec 9, 2010
they should drain the whole lake, clean it out, repair the damn and fill it back up... theres no tellin what u would find in the bottom anyways! im pretty sure it could use a good cleanin out n posssibly fix the mercury problems

Dallas, TX

#31 Dec 9, 2010
hey hey, that mercury is in the bottom dirt and the water andd is still coming into the lake and is still acumulating in the lake and ground --it is coming in to this and other areasby the air flow movement. It could be coming as far away as China, mexico,Cansada and our own coal fired plants in the states. It just depends on from which way the direction of the wind is blowing-- there is no such thing as clean coal. When burned in generating plants it emits mercury into the air. And as stated before it is a neurotoxin and causes nerve and brain damage.

United States

#32 Dec 10, 2010
they get violent about dogs down there

Mabank, TX

#33 Dec 10, 2010
STOP, then why did the state put out a report that there is mercury in the fish in Hugo lake and advie that people do not consume over a serving or two per month? It was an article in the McCurtain county Gazette. It also stated that the mercry comes from coal fired generating plants-- some mercury coming into the area from as far away as TEXAS. there are also lakes in TEXas that has warnings about eating fish as fish are contaiminated with mercury there also. Mercury has been known to travel all the way from China to the states. Remember Mt. St. Helens volcano Erupting and the ash traveling all over most of the states--traveling and blown by the wind. Just go ahead and let a pregnant woman eat that contaminated fish and later she may have a child born that is harmed by the mercury causing neurotoxins affect on the child causing nerve damage. Just eat at your own rish. there are several lakes in Oklahoma that has mercury contamination. And it does also come from the coal fired plants. And if you can get a report on the water quality from Hugo it will show mercury in the water. And if you use fly ash from a coal fired generating plant on a driveway it also contains mercury--- google it STOP and read it.
The Godfather

Oklahoma City, OK

#34 Dec 11, 2010
That's why this country needs to convert to Natural Gas fired power plants. Leave the coal for Santa to put in the bad kids stockings.

Greenville, TX

#35 Dec 11, 2010
pappy wrote:
Nope, JOE, just common sense. I quit eating the fish in the lake a while back because of the mercury warning out out by the state of OKlahoma. Mercury can effect your brain and nervous system, and if that mercury is in the water and floating around in the air, it sure got to be in the ground also. But your welcome to eat all the fish you want. Now that the water is low you shuld be able to catch those fish easier as they are in a smaller area, Have a nice day Joe, Iam.
"can effect your brain " should not be a problem in Hugo :)

Hugo, OK

#36 Dec 11, 2010
the upper end of the lake at normal is only on the average 3 to 5 feet deep so its not as bad as it appears and i drove the road to the old river bridge since it has been full so it has been lower and while the mercury effects severl species of fish bass is the only one your not supposed to eat which most people dont anyway so yes come crappie time i will fill my freezer and eat like theres no tomorrow as far as our water i dont and wont drink it anyway just wash my a-- in it and i do agree with the gass fired plants and shut off the coal most lakes have an adjustable suction spout so to get to the better layer of water yes beleave it or not there are layers of water but hugo does not not so we get whats there

Duncanville, TX

#37 Dec 13, 2010
Meme, there are layers of water some of it does not contain enough oxygen in its content to support life in that area of water--its a dead zone. Fish may enter it temporily but will not stay in that area. And MEME, lakes usually will turn over(upside down) I do believe it happens when it has no oxygen content in the watr at certain levels. when a lake does turn over you will be able to smell a difference in that area of the lake. And MeMe you will not catch fish out of a dead zone as thefish have left, it contains no oxygen.

Duncanville, TX

#38 Dec 13, 2010
Have any of you heard of any big foot sightings or foot prints found? I saw some extra big foot tracks , twice as bit as my size 11. do not know if they were made by a man or not up near Cripple Creek ridge North of Broken bow above the highway over look out near a low water bridge. Dam they were the biggest foot tracks I had ever seen. And they were deep in the dirt to.
old man from texas

Scroggins, TX

#39 Dec 4, 2012
Would like to say we have fished Hugo lake from the first opening,a lot of the roads around the parks were not even built.
We have watched the lake over the years,camped and fished a many a night [ best fish to date was 58 pound flathead].Have many fond memories of the lake and if we can make it one more year to retirement we are going to Hugo lake and as I say we are going to stay for quite a spell.
My dear wife has fished with me every time since Hugo opened. We are both looking foward to staying a spell God willing. We are now two seniors who LOVE HUGO LAKE

Old Man

Hugo, OK

#40 Dec 4, 2012
There isn't much lake left...Dried up. Fish packed up their bags and left for good....
just wondering

Dallas, TX

#41 Dec 4, 2012
boater wrote:
I heard they were going to sell water to texas. maaybe that's where it's going
i don't want any water coming from hugo, all jiggaboos and indians, if you read the paper and watched the news, instead of rolling papers and watching mtv, you would know it is a drought, stupid okie. i dont want any water that you all swin in all summer to be coming into my home in texas thats why i have well water, and you are all disgusting for swimming in it all year with your dogs and then drinking in it, makes me sick.

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