Unfortunately, these Mission of Mercy's exist because most dentists refuse to treat low income people on Medicaid and have priced other Americans out of regular dental care and won't live or work in poorer neighborhoods where the need is the greatest. The solution is to legalize Dental Therapists who will do the work dentists refuse to do . DTs just need 2 years training and can do simple dental procedures. Studies show their work is equal to that of dentists; but they will work in areas and mouths where dentists refuse to go.

However, Organized dentistry lobbies long and hard, with their pockets full of corporate cash, against legalizing DTs even though DTs have work successfully for decades in other developed countries. It seems organized dentistry chooses to preserve its lucrative monopoly more than it cares about Americans preserving their teeth.

A tooth decay epidemic has occurred in the US after legislators followed the advice and counsel of organized dentistry. It's time to leave dentists out of the remedy for fixing the problem that happened on their watch and with their major input.
We have to get politics out of dental care.