Update: Boyfriend ordered to trail in...

Update: Boyfriend ordered to trail in Battle Creek Childs Death

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Caledonia, MI

#1 Sep 18, 2007
Here is an update found in the Battle Creek Enquirer "Adam Markos was ordered to stand trial for murder after a judge ruled he cared for a 4-year-old boy before the child was found dead last month. Markos 24 was bound over to Calhoun County Court for trial on open murder and child abuse charges in the Aug. 5 death of Dominic Munoz.
The ruling Monday came after two doctors testified about head injuries and scrapes and bruises they found on the boy's body. The child's mother, Lynn Wozniak, also testified she was working and left the child with Markos the night the boy died.
District Judge Samuel Durham's decision to send the case to trial also came after Defense Attorney J. Thomas Schaeffer argued, "There is nothing against the defendant that he abused the child or that he killed the child. There is nothing in the record that my client did anything."
Dominic Munoz is one of three children to die in Calhoun County this year in what police have called homicides. A fourth child suffered serious injuries when it was shaken.
During testimony at the Markos hearing, Wozniak, 26, testified she had lived with Markos for several months and while she worked, he was caring for her son and often his 2-year-old daughter.
"I trusted him with my son," she told Schaeffer. "I would not have left my son with him had I not."
Wozniak told Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Kabot she was working the night her son died. When Markos picked her up shortly after 11 p.m., they went home but Markos told her to relax and watch a little television rather than going right into her son's room, which was her normal practice.
Shortly after midnight, Wozniak said, Markos came to the door of their room and said, "'Something is wrong with Dominic.' I went to the bedroom and I touched my son and he was cold. I screamed at him to call 911." Markos stood there, she said, and asked her several times what she wanted him to do.
"He didn't move. I had to leave my baby to do it."
Markos brought the child to the living room and began CPR but Wozniak said, "I knew he was dead."
She said during cross examination by Schaeffer she told police and others during the early stages of the investigation that she had gone into the boy's bedroom shortly after 11 p.m. and that her son was awake, talked to her and seemed fine.
Schaeffer asked why she told police that version.
"I'm not quite sure," she said. "I said things I feel bad for saying." Wozniak also testified:
Markos was often angry at Dominic for wetting himself and called the boy a "little liar and he needed to shut his mouth" the afternoon he died because the boy mentioned the name of another woman while with Markos and Wozniak.
Markos told her that her son fell from the bed on June 29 and the next day said burns on his legs and feet were sunburn. Dominic was abused by her former roommate in July 2006 when the boy sustained bruises, a bump on the head and choking. The woman was convicted in December of that year. A doctor looked at the boy but determined the injuries were not serious. She denied she ever abused her child, admitting only spanking the child and once picking him up by the arms and placing him in his room.
As an 18-year-old, she told people she had a child who died in the bathtub, something that was not true. "It's called getting attention, for approval."
The night of her son's funeral she said she got drunk, smoked some marijuana and left with someone to have sex. "I was looking to not feel the pain. I got drunk the day my baby died, so be it," she told Schaeffer. "But I did not murder my son."
Earlier, two pathologists, Dr. Joyce Dejong of Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and Dr. Rudolph Castellani of the University of Maryland, said the child died from three blows to the head and would have shown symptoms quickly after the injury.
"This was not from a short fall," Dejong said. "It was not a minor injury but severe, serious force. It was a lethal injury to the brain."

Caledonia, MI

#2 Sep 18, 2007
Sorry the above is so long, but I know some people on here would like to read the update.

I think this man is responsible for this little boys death the mother is just as much to blame, what is wrong with this women, her some was abused back in July of 2006 and had issues, give me a break, this child was 4 years old, so what does she do, move the poor kid from on abusive relationship to another, what is wrong with this womens head.

She was only looking out for herself and not the well being of her child, she deserves to go to jail too.

Since: Jun 07

United States

#3 Sep 18, 2007
Wow.......this woman has some serious issues. I think she is just as much to blame for putting her 4 year old son in the middle of her dysfuctional life and exposing to him to all of the abuse until it eventually took his life. I agree, jail time for her as well. I really don't understand why CPS didn't follow up and why this poor little boy was allowed to stay with his mother. Such a horrific story.

“I think I am an All Right Girl”

Since: Aug 07

Grand Rapids

#4 Sep 18, 2007
EmmaRae this is so sad and I so agree with you this woman is just as guilty! Come on she went out and got drunk after the funeral had sex with someone so she wouldn't feel the pain????? I don't get it no one in their right mind would do that even with that much grief? It's not right and hope that they look in to this! She spanked him picked him up by the arms? I never had to spank my kids never they knew by the sound of my voice! This poor child he is in God's hand now maybe he is better off?

United States

#5 Sep 18, 2007
Which trail is the boyfriend ordered to go to?

Caledonia, MI

#6 Sep 18, 2007
Chris wrote:
Which trail is the boyfriend ordered to go to?
well excuse me for mixing up my letters I am sure you are perfect....

Battle Creek, MI

#7 Dec 8, 2007
how can`any of you judge anyone? have u ever lost a child? Probably not otherwise you wouldn't be so quick to judge. This poor woman is probably going through hell right now and all you people want to do is cut her down even more than she already has. it is not up to us to judge it is up to God. Andno matter what if the police thought that she was guilty of anything then she would be in jail right next to this man....but she is not because they have proven that she was working and what about all the other instances that are showing up now about this little boy when he was in this man's care do u also think that is her fault because from what i have heard she was working 40-50 hour work weeks to support this man and his child as well. so maybe you should think before you judge people because it is not up to you


Since: Nov 07

Caledonia, MI

#8 Dec 8, 2007
as a matter a fact some people that have posted here have! And would move h$## and high water to have them back!!! Sooooo, they have been there and know the pain.

Grandville, MI

#9 Jan 11, 2008
Then u know her pain so why judge? Her life is probably already hell based on the fact that she is beating herself up that she even trusted someone with her son and she paid the ultimate price and being that you have been there how would you feel if people were saying these things about you? Probably not too good I imagine. So leave the judgement up to God.

Since: Aug 07

white cloud

#10 Jan 11, 2008
God bless this little boy and may he fly high with the angels that he was and just be thankful the lord took him and he didnt have to suffer from this tragedy for the rest of his life and he is out of this abusive situation!!!!!!!!
set adam free

Madison, WI

#11 Mar 18, 2008
why would a guy that has a 3 year old lil girl kill a lil boy around the same age and besides that i know that he would never to this kinda stuff to a kid he went to church every sunday spent the whole day with his family its not right i hope lynn gets all the pain in this world can bring to her and i hope she is sufferin just like adams whole family including his baby girl ke ke
A Friend

West Bloomfield, MI

#12 Apr 26, 2008
Lynn will get what is coming to her in the long run. WE ALL LOVE YOU ADAM. Kiara LOVES HER DADDY
Thank You Jenison Mi
A Friend

West Bloomfield, MI

#13 Apr 26, 2008
Lynn will get what is coming to her in the long run. Just know we all LOVE YOU ADAM. Kiara LOVES you too. Thank you for the comment jenison Mi

Since: Aug 07

white cloud

#14 Apr 30, 2008
Chris wrote:
Which trail is the boyfriend ordered to go to?
Look up wzzm 13 spelled it wrong to no one is perfect. this is about the death of a little boy not spelling class

Temperance, MI

#15 Jul 16, 2008
Why would Adam kill Dominic and not his OWN child?Why does a nut case do anything? Because they are crazy that's why! Adam went to church, so he can't be a killer. Lot's of people who go to church commit crimes daily. It is sad but true. He was high on pills and lost control. When they arrested him they found all types of drugs in his system. He went back to the house and cleaned the day after Dominic's death. What was he trying to hide? When he was arrested the first call he made was to tell his mom to go to the house to get THE spider man outfit! Dominic was wearing a spider man outfit the day he died. Why would someone in jail be concerned with a outfit. The day of Dominics funeral Adams family went to the house and stole all of Domincs toys and clothes. What kind of people do this? Probably the same ones who raise a murderer for a son! Adam did kill Dominic. HE WILL GET HIS IN THE END!!!!!! We should try to protect his child from him!!!!!

Hickory Corners, MI

#16 Aug 25, 2008
look all u mother f****** talking s*** about lynn. she loved that boy with all her heart. i know for a fact she had nothing to do with her son's death. she already took 2 lie detector test and passed. and what about adam... thats right he failed his. and anyone who knows me knows my nickname is fatty, so if u disagree about what i am sayin than come and see me. i bet u wont live past that day!!!!!!
know the facts

Concrete, WA

#17 Sep 30, 2008
I think you all should know dominic was lucky to have adam in his life for the time that he did. Adam loved that boy and would not hurt anyone. He is a honest god fearing young man. Is it not strange her story to the police an the judge were totally contradicting? How about the fact her first child dies under strange circumstances? I thank god adam was cleared of any wrong doing. I hope to see the mother and killer of her child prosecuted. Also the battle creek prosacuting attorney should be held accountable for her role in trying knowingly send a innocent young man to prison.

Levittown, PA

#18 Oct 14, 2008
LUCKY To have Adam in his life???? Are you for real? Lucky to get beat every day for peeing his pants? Lucky to be killed by this nut? Dominic died a horrible death by the hands of Adam. What is the luck in that? You make me sick!Lynn did pass two lie detector tests. Adam refused to take one. Lynn never had another child. Dominic was her first and only. He was a miracle. She was told it would be near impossible for her to have children. She loved bubby with everything she had. If she is guilty of anything it is being young and naive. RIP DOMINIC Question if Adam is such a great guy why did he drive by the memorial of Dominic pointing and laughing? There were other families there grieving the lose of there children also. What is so funny about that?
Hope Adam Gets Tortured

Saint Louis, MO

#19 Dec 5, 2008
You people are sick, to believe that this man had nothing to do with this child's murder. It has been proven that he was the only one there when this poor child was brutally murdered, and that he tried to cover it up maqny times. None of us know all the facts because the best facts are never released to the Media, this I know because I work for the media. They only tell you enough to keep you content. They never tell you what is really going on because they can't. It would taint the case. And by the way just because someone is released does not mean that he didn't do it. And about the mother changing her story, people under pressure always lie. Unless you have had your child taken from you by a violent crime you will NEVER understand. And being from the media I can tell you that the mother took a lie detector(and these things are 100%) and some of the questions were directly linked to her son's murder, such as "did you kill you son" or "did you have anything to do with your son's murder?" AND SHE PASSED! SO PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE HEART AND STOP BEATING THE WOMAN DOWN I AM SURE THAT SHE DOES THAT ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.

Phillipsburg, NJ

#20 Dec 23, 2008
Three words people: LIE DETECTOR : PASSED

the mother passed! He wouldn't even take one, so tell me all of you people who support him, if he is so innocent why did he REFUSE to take the test?Only the guilty have something to hide. Anyone who was clearly innocent would have taken that test , so swallow that down.

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