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Just wondering

Richmond, KY

#1 Aug 3, 2010
Does anyone out there know him? What is his carpentry like? Would anyone recommend him? And is it true he has 3 dui's

Hanson, KY

#2 Aug 3, 2010
i know him, great carpentry, would recommend...just a little higher than some.don't know about the dui's. wouldn't surprise me though.
just wondering

Richmond, KY

#3 Aug 4, 2010
thanks i saw his sign out and have been getting mixed reviews on whether or not to use him

Radcliff, KY

#4 Aug 28, 2010
great carpentry work,very precise and sufficent with his work.highly recommend him.Dui's yes but only two and charged with one.He has had a run of bad luck seems x wife got him in alot of trouble.But i can really see a different and better man since she is out of the picture.really cleaned his act up with his new wife.

Utica, KY

#5 Aug 28, 2010
if u need drywall done email [email protected]
taking up 4 ex

White Plains, KY

#6 Sep 9, 2010
must not be his downfall cause hes already divorcing his new wife
hate him

Port Orange, FL

#7 Sep 10, 2010
he is a peice of shit as is his entire family, what a waste of life, i would never recommend that trash to anyone, i hope he gets his ass shot in the head with a nail gun. People like him make me mad enough to kill, but that is just my opinion

Richmond, KY

#8 Sep 16, 2010
hey he is tryin to kill his kid! He put him on a 5000 lb bull and it crushed his head, tony made money through insurance, then he bought him a gun and the kid blew half his hand off, he lets him drive this truck around and hes only 15, ive seen him down at petticoat early in the mornin and the kid has almost ran me off the road. Why does the sherriff let this go on! Because Tony is a snitch, so drug dealers beware of his ass! Tony also has no license and ive seen todd pate wave at him while goin down the road, i hate this fucked up place, people need to grow some balls, he hurts me or my family id have nothin to loose id be blowin some heads off before i took mine

White House, TN

#9 Sep 22, 2010
you need to grow balls susan and tell him face to face...and taking up for x i am not getting a divorce..i am happily married..and hate him u need to get some balls too cause u dont talk about someone's family and not tell who u are if u are not scared..and their is no such thing as a 5000 pound bull..u should not listen to the gossip from the neighborhood local store...who is conviently employer for crazy ex wife..who has nothing better to do than lie and snort !!!!Tell your drug dealers to come see me if ther is a problem..signed tony aubrey himself

United States

#10 Sep 23, 2010
well i think its crazy whoeve said that about tony. their idiots. his son had that gun way before his accident and tony didnt force him to do anything. bull riding is a dangerous sport and stuff happens. tony didnt get ne money off insururance. ha. your bot half stupid

Louisville, KY

#11 Sep 27, 2010
wow you people really need to get a life and grow up forreal. you act like a bunch of kids in high school listen to hudson gossip. i think you ought to have your self shot in the head for makin up so much lies on someone. its not nice. and karmas a real bitch and it will come around an slap you in the face. tony has his flaws but his son is not one of them he loves that boy and if you knew cole you would know he wanted tor ide that bull!!! and no one got any isnurance tony would never put his kid in danger for money. i mean look the mans got everything he wants and more so why would he need to do that for money. he works hard for his money. so grow up and get your facts straight forreal!

Louisville, KY

#12 Sep 27, 2010
just so you people know you can get i trouble for talkin about him like this. it could a be a lawsuit filed against you.

Glasgow, KY

#13 Sep 27, 2010
Slander is the oral communication of False Statements that are harmful to a person's reputation! And a word of advice "GET A JOB" and stop assuming you know someone just because you "HEARD" someone else's opinion. Good Grief don't you have bills to pay, try worring about those instead of what Tony Aubrey is doing with his life!

Louisville, KY

#14 Sep 29, 2010
AMEN well put!

Louisville, KY

#15 Sep 29, 2010
get a life you low life pieces of shits. always wanting to put someone elses life down cause you dont got anything better to do. YUCK. all of you need to take a look around. your prolly the ones sittin around hateing your life and marriage so you have to put everyone else down. your disgusting. takin up the good air we breath. yeah brendas a piece of shit smoking that crazy shit but tonys doing good with his life. and all your doing is tryin to being him down. him and amys life is none of your concern. oh any btw.......Cole loves his dad. and he would tell all of you to shove it where you shit from! i know that for a fact. i mean look around there is other people in hudson besides them. the campsite is full of no good lazy bums that sit around on their ass all day drinkin and smokin weed. tons of people down there arent worried a bit a bout thier kids. and i know this for a fact it aint just hear say.
linda brendas sister

Vine Grove, KY

#16 Sep 30, 2010
First off Crazy ex-wife...I would be crazy if I had to put up with what she did over the years but crazy no... she just decided that she wasn't putting up with the cheating, beatings and degrading any longer (and I have personally been there to see this for myself). I personally could care less what goes on or doesn't go on in Tony's life. I thank God every day that marriage is over. I just wish people would grow up and get on with their own lives. And as far as Brenda being the cause of his DUI's NO...he was with his new wife when those occured not Brenda... some of this information you can find at our local court house it's public record if you want to look for yourself. As far as Brenda doing drugs...the girl goes through hell and loses weight and everyone ASSUMES she is doing drugs...GET A LIFE is what I have to say to you. And don't tell me Brenda is a peice of crap...if you haven't walked a mile in her shoes you have no ideal what you are talking about...I am not going to dog Tony on this because unlike some I above that high school petty crap and believe that God is our judge not people...but believe me you all better take a good look at your lifes because there will be a time that you will have to admit to all the wrong doings you have done and you WILL NOT be able to cover them up any longer....And this is real grown up (not) discussing my nephew's parents on here for all to see...he loves them both. He is a good kid with a big heart and you all are hurting him. I am really saddened that grown people act this way.

Louisville, KY

#17 Oct 1, 2010
yeah well its no one but tonys faught that he got the DUIS. no one can blame anyone but him. and linda you are right. they are vaught up in other peoples lives cause theirs is going to hell. poor cole is right. hes the one that gets put in the middle.
linda brendas sister

Loretto, KY

#18 Oct 1, 2010
I agree jjj! I get so sick of hearing how Brenda is trash and how everyone else (no names mentioned) is doing so great now. That's funny..I know better and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out but as I have said before that marriage is over and I thank God for that daily. You just have people that can't let it rest in the past where it belongs. My daddy always said don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house some people need to consider that before they throw the first stone. But as I tell SIS karma is a bitch all will have a date with her.

Louisville, KY

#19 Oct 3, 2010
IDK what KARMA is but she seems very meann...and a lesbian too?? why would u let her date ur sister if u know shes a bitch and bites peoples asses??? ohhohhhoh. i still like chesscake...
Just Wondering

Campbellsville, KY

#20 Jan 18, 2012
Is Tony still married to Amy

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