Hey folks! We see it on the news everyday now and all indications are that it's going to get worse! Break-ins, armed robberies and fires. The simple answer is an inexpensive but reliable security system!

There is a company going around claiming all kinds of things that they simply can't do and people are believing them. I won't mention the company's name because that is not the way ADT Security does business. We never disparage other companies or make claims that aren't true, we don't have to!

Drop me an e-mail and I'll be glad to explain how practical an ADT system is. In addition to that, my wife and I give rebates to active duty, reserve, retired and anyone that has served in the armed forces. I'm retired coast guard myself, so both of us appreciate the sacrifices that have been made and will be made by our military brothers and sisters and their families.

It's a wireless system so it involves no damage to walls to run wires! Drop me a line and I'll explain more!