"Amish" heaters and EdenPURE heaters-...

Gilroy, CA

#531 Apr 8, 2013
Do not buy Eden Pure heaters!!!!!!!!!! They don't last and their customer service dept never gets it correct on any order for part or heater! 3 heaters in just over a year, none of them work! It has cost me well over $2000 to own this heater because of it not working. This is just over a year and we don't use the heater during the summer! Do not buy!!!!!!!!!!

Lakeland, FL

#532 Apr 19, 2013
Seems like mark works for eden pure. An idiot with a little bit o knowledge is dangerous lol smiley face random emoticon :p see i can post stupid faces and my space Acronyms. Same people like mark buy those ozone air purifiers and dont relize ozone breaks down into carbon dioxide while the slowly choke them selfs of oxygen.bottom line they are a gimmick

Auckland, New Zealand

#533 May 14, 2013
To heat a 1000 sq house you need at least 35.000 BTUs per hour I know because I used to own have a central heating business in the 60s and 70s.
To claim that a 1500 watt heater will heat a 1000sq for house is pure unadulterated BS

Roseville, CA

#534 May 25, 2013
This is a lot to do about nothing. EdenPur has a money back offer. I got two. One for use in California and one in Utah. They would either work or I would send them back. I still have them. They work just fine. The unit in Utah is especially good on cold days. You can heat the room you're in and not the whole house.

Desoto, TX

#535 Aug 29, 2013
It is so obvious that Mark Witsken is either a sales person for
Pure Eden or Amish Heaters. I believe the gentle remarks are
probably right on target. Everyone has a right to express their opinions. It's irrelevant whether he owns a heater or not. Most people can make analogies (hair dryer) to prove their point and the gentleman did just that. It seems to me it would be very difficult to heat a 100 sq ft room with 1500btus. Maybe Mark hasn't really used either heaters.
Mark Witsken wrote:
<quoted text>
You obviously haven't had an Eden Pure for very long, hoss! Hell, I'll bet you haven't had one AT ALL!
And it certainly isn't fair for you to "lump" the reputable and proven copper-coil Eden Pure technology into the same abusive diatribe of ONE overgrown paragraph..........combined... ....... with the oft-advertised Amish Heat Surge Heaters, which any imbisol can tell is obviously a total scam & a rip-off sceme!
DOH!~~~~ "FREE" Heaters!!!~~~~DOH!
The red flag should have gone up right then & there, skippy!!!
I'll bet you never even TRIED,even SEEN or FELT THE HEAT come out of an Eden Pure , big hoss!
You're no doubt just generalizing about ANYTHING else you see advertised and "pricey", because you're too C-H-E-A-P to go anywhere but "chinky-chinky Wal-Mart" to get your p.o.s. junk that'll last 1 1/2 years, then fall to pieces!!
We've had 2 Eden Pures ( one 750 watts, one 1500 watts) for going on three full winters now, and they're everything we expected them to be.... and more.
Even with a somewhat more-efficient and newer Bryant heat pump system, using the 2 Eden Pures during (extreme) cold days & nights has helped to cut the electric bill dramatically, allowing us to often turn the emergency electric blower heat off altogether!
I only wish we had the newer Eden Pure models out these days ...with the remote-control temperature controls!
(Oh, well!)

Desoto, TX

#536 Aug 29, 2013
It is so obvious that Mark Witsken is either a sales person for Pure Eden or Amish Heaters. I believe the gentle remarks are probably right on target. Everyone has a right to express their opinions. It's irrelevant whether he owns a heater or not. Most people can make analogies (hair dryer) to prove their point and the gentleman did just that. It seems to me it would be very difficult to heat a 1000 sq ft room with 1500 btus. Maybe Mark hasn't really used either heaters.
I really wanted to purchase an Amish Heater because my heating bills in the winter is outrageous! I guess I'll keep looking because the Amish heater doesn't sound like the real deal. I do subscribe to Consumer Report, I know I can get to the bottom of the heaters via CR.
Joyce Foreman

Crawfordsville, IN

#537 Sep 25, 2013
Indyson wrote:
Thanks for all the comments. I'm looking for a better way to heat my home in the winter. Better translates to "safe and less expensive".
My engineering background caused me to focus on just a few relevant statements, and many misstatements, in the above. 1500 watts is hte amount of energy used to produce what appears to be about 5000 BTUs of heat from the EdenPure. If you draw 1500 watts, you pay for 1500 watts over whatever time period you are drawing it...think of it as water out of a faucet. Faucet open a crack say at 500 watts, open full at 3000 watts...so 1500 is about the middle, but constantly on...like leaving a standard hair dryer running. However, that 1500 watts electricity usage per minute might produce 1000 BTUs (British Thermal Units, or units of heat) or 10,000 BTUs, depending on how EFFICIENT the device is at converting and conveying the electricity to heat units.
So, the bottom line is, 5000 BTUs of heat is no more space covering than, say for comparison, 5000 BTUs of cooling you would get from the smallest window Air Conditioner you could purchase. I own a 3000 sq ft house in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. That 5000 BTU heater will work for ONE standard size room, not 1000 sq ft. A WalMart $30 ceramic heater (1500 watt model) with thermostat control will do the same thing as this EdenPure, judging from all I have read so far, and culled from the sales pitch and tech data provided.
Everything else I have read and heard on the TV commercial is sales and marketing. I tend to agree that this appears to be an overpriced item. The "technology" of quartz to copper to air heat transfer is not "new", or a breakthrough as it seems to be presented.
Just my 2 cents worth. I have no connection to any of this...I was just interested in investigating a better way to heat my home for the winter. I'm 53 years old with a education and work background in instrumentation, engineering and technology. There are posters above who certainly give me every indication they are either working for EdenPure directly or indirectly...very suspicious.
Joyce Foreman, my response is this: My furnace stopped working three to four days ago, the temps are getting down to approximately 45 - 50 degrees this week. I have an Eden Pure that my friend had purchased for me a few years ago. I brought my Eden Pure down stairs (I keep it upstairs where I usually only heat if I have company) and have used it for two days to heat downstairs. My downstairs area is approximately 1000 - 1200 square feet, I have kept the Eden pure on less than half of it's capacity for heating and it has kept us toasty warm, even in the bedroom that has walls around it an only one open door. I have not yet received my electric bill so I cannot comment on the cost to heat at this point, bas to heat, it is great!!
yeah buddy

Severn, Canada

#539 Sep 28, 2013
Nice got the same problem

Painesville, OH

#540 Sep 28, 2013


Paris, TN

#541 Oct 5, 2013
We had propane to heat our mobile and it is very expensive. we bought a Eden Pure and it worked great. We decided to purchase another. we discontinued our propane service. WE recently built an addition 14x18 so will purchase another one. We have no propane bill and our electric only went up 35.00 to 62.00 in the coldest part of winter. Even heat with no cold areas.

New Freeport, PA

#542 Oct 21, 2013
We bought one last year for one of our tenants to help her save on fuel oil costs, since she is on Social Security and limited income. Her electric bills did not go up like it did with the cheaper heaters and she used much less fuel oil than in previous years.
Travlinman, did you realize you posted on the exact day that the "cursed" Paul Harvey died? big hoss seemed to have a problem with him too!
Ed Taylor

Pisgah Forest, NC

#543 Oct 22, 2013
We have a local ad from Lily's that should qualify for the Nobel prize in physics. It is 1800 watts and will heat 1800 sq ft with a 75% reduction in heating bill. Mind you that is only one watt of electricity per sq ft, maybe it will make coffee too!

Westmoreland, TN

#544 Oct 27, 2013
Keith wrote:
I have seriously considered purchasing an Edenpure heater; however, I personally only know two people who own one, and both have had their heaters stop working in the first season only to have the company refuse to repair or replace them. I don't want to spend that much on something that will not last. Has anyone else had this same input or experience?
I have had the same experience with 4 units from Comfort Zone (Howard Berger Co), all quit working after one season and they have trouble replacing them. We are going to look into simple and cheaper heaters.

United States

#545 Nov 8, 2013
Caleydog wrote:
This discussion is very intriguing, so I went to EdenPure's Web site at www.edenpureusa.com/... to see what the manufacturer has to say. I know most of the discussion is about the room heater, but I thought the fireplaces looked handsome, so I clicked there and read what EdenPure posted. One sentence in particular jumped out at me:
The FIREPLACE uses FUSION to create and maintain ultimate comfort levels.
FUSION? REALLY? Wow. I'm no physics geek, but fusion (excluding the culinary and music worlds) relates to what happens in a nuclear reactor, doesn't it? Sooo.... off to Google and Dictionary.com and a few other sources to get some info about fusion.
Indeed, fusion is the process of combining two light elements into one heavier element. In the process, pantloads (an arcane scientific unit of measurement) of spare electrons are tossed into the atmosphere creating nice, clean heat as a byproduct.
Bottom line is that if EdenPure's claim of using fusion is correct, we can merrily withdraw our military forces from the Middle East and not give North Korea another thought. If those rogue regimes and evil-doers want to develop thermo-nuclear weapons, why, for a couple of hundred US dollars, anyone can order a miniature nuclear reactor cleverly designed as a fireplace (in either oak or cherry) and have it delivered directly to their address of choice!
The only mystery remaining in my poor, shriveled brain is how in the dickens the oak and cherry mantles can weigh precisely 58.4 pounds each. Every single one of them. Not even one-tenth of a pound difference between oak or cherry, two woods of different densities and weight per identical volume. Come to think of it, even pieces of the same species of wood cut to precisely the same dimensions don’t weigh precisely the same amount. There goes Mother Nature for ya, muckin’ up the works again.
This was the most entertaining retort/comment, to the whole Eden Pure controversy, that I read today and the most realistic… You made my day… I want to be your friend!!! Just use common sense and do your research when purchasing anything; we all have different needs. The only reason I happened on this site was because I am bewildered as to which Quartz Heater I would like to purchase. My choices are an EdenPure Quartz Heater or a Muskoka by Greenway, each retailing at Costco for around $199.00. I like the double duty the Muskoka by Greenway offers – it looks great and can be used as a night stand. I am totally into purchasing items that are utilitarian, and besides a really nice looking end table would cost me at least $250.00… so I win either way. I just would like to get an honest opinion on which quartz heater performs better or are they the same?

Wilmington, DE

#546 Nov 9, 2013
I have infrared heaters. They heat nicely. They can be costly to run. They pull 12.5 amps. Use only on a grounded outlet. They are still cheaper than oil heat.
Ed Taylor

Pisgah Forest, NC

#547 Nov 9, 2013
I still don't understand why they get away with calling them quartz infra-red heaters when all that escapes the box is heated fan driven air. They should rightfully be called fan forced convection heaters.

“Come and get it! ”

Since: Jan 09

Traverse City

#548 Nov 11, 2013
Joyce Foreman wrote:
My furnace stopped working three to four days ago, the temps are getting down to approximately 45 - 50 degrees this week.
Oh no, 50°?!! How can you survive in such brutal temperatures? Good thing you had a heater. Mine is lucky to warm my 200 square foot bedroom when running all night at full capacity.

Milton, DE

#549 Nov 13, 2013
I can say that I purchased an edenpure 3 years ago during an exceptionally cold winter and have never regretted it. Not once in the last 3 years have I had to turn on my heat! Granted I'm only occupying 1500sq.ft., but I'm warm and monetarily happy with a gas bill!!

Milton, DE

#550 Nov 13, 2013
oops.....WITHOUT a gas bill!!:)
Ed Taylor

Pisgah Forest, NC

#551 Nov 14, 2013
I found this interesting commentary on the web;

"Watch out for electric heater marketing hype!

While investigating the efficiency of portable electric heaters, Firelands’ Energy Advisors have seen ads for electric quartz heaters stating to use the same energy as a coffee maker, and expensive electric space heaters claiming to revolutionize the way you heat your home and family.

Some portable electric heater products advertise as much as 50 percent energy savings, but how energy efficient is it really? Beware of marketing claims of heater manufacturers who say they have a new “space age” heater that is more energy efficient or “new technology,” claiming you will see “huge savings month after month” on your energy bills.

“ALL electric heaters have the same 100 percent efficiency. Consumers need to remember that watts are watts, no matter how manufacturers market their products! A 1,500-watt ceramic heater uses the same amount of electricity to operate as a 1,500-watt quartz heater,” states Energy Advisor Lee Bohland.

No matter what the electric heater looks like, whatever its size or shape or color, whether it costs $25 or $350 — it is no more and no less efficient than any other electric heater. The ONLY difference between one electric heater and another is the electric capacity rating (watts) on the heater’s data plate. The BTUs of heat output are directly related to the number of watts of electricity going into the heater.

Many of these portable infrared, quartz, oil-filled and ceramic electric heaters can provide minor energy savings in certain situations — such as when you need to heat only one room, but not the entire house. These units are also ideal to heat rooms that are not connected to central heating systems, such as additions, garages, basements and workshops. Whether ceramic, quartz or oil-filled – the efficiency is basically the same as any standard plug-in electric space heater. Firelands does not recommend any of these products if your goal is significant energy savings.

Each kilowatt (1,000 watts) of electricity contains 3,413 BTUs worth of heat energy. All electric heaters convert electricity into heat with the same 100 percent efficiency – no heat is lost in the process and no heat is wasted.

Comparing two different heaters in a store, both 1,500 watts; one has a plastic case and costs $30 and the other has a beautiful wood case and costs $350. Remember, BOTH heaters will deliver EXACTLY the same amount of heat (5,120 BTUs per hour), and both heaters will cost exactly the same to run (about 10 cents per hour at Firelands’ current winter rates).

So if you want to buy a portable heater to help keep you comfortable this winter, you can buy one for less than $100 or you can buy one for as much as $500 to do the same heating job. One will look like a portable heater and the other will be a beautiful piece of furniture – but both will provide the same heating output and cost the same amount to run. The purchase decision is yours to make.

How do portable electric heaters compare to natural gas or propane heat? As a general rule, electric resistance heaters cost more to run than a natural gas furnace. They cost slightly more to operate than fuel oil and propane furnaces. For maximum energy efficiency, you should investigate geothermal or air-source heat pump units that can heat (and cool) the whole house very inexpensively.

Many homeowners endure rising fuel costs year after year with gas, oil and propane and continue to look for ways to reduce their energy bills. If homeowners would add an electric air-source heat pump to their existing natural gas, oil or propane furnace they could reduce their energy costs by up to 30 to 40 percent. A heat pump or geothermal system will provide your family with significant savings and more comfort."

For the full article see; http://www.firelandsec.com/content/portable-e...

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