Niagara Bottling finds Lake County lo...

Niagara Bottling finds Lake County location to take wastewater

There are 32 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Mar 13, 2008, titled Niagara Bottling finds Lake County location to take wastewater. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

A new agreement could allow a controversial bottling plant to send thousands of gallons of wastewater each day -- possibly by the truckloads -- to irrigate golf courses at the Mission Inn resort several miles ...

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Sensible Citizen

Clearwater, FL

#21 Mar 27, 2008
Look, even Lauren from the Sentinel noted that the amount of water for Niagara is bupkis. More water is wasted on golf courses (with no real benefit to the wider community) while the Niagara water is for Florida, creating REALLY good jobs without harming the environment. It's easy to be emotional, much harder to really understand the issues.
E Vey

Longwood, FL

#22 Mar 27, 2008
REALLY GOOD jobs? Like driving a forklift? The difference between a golf course and a bottlng lan is that some water put on a grass comes back. Bottled water gets shipped away.

And no, I don't drink bottled water.

Hollywood, FL

#23 Mar 27, 2008
The REAL issue here should never have been Niagra or bottled water in general.. It should have pointed to the greater issue of moving towards new ways of conserving the DRINKING water for use by PEOPLE... and finding new ways to minimize potable water use that is currently wasted on flushing toilets, watering yards and golf courses and greenhouses during freeze spells. Keep the water for people. Capture rain water for flushing or watering yards... Or better yet encourage alternative native plantings. But don't just saddle a company who could help our economy with bringing jobs with having to solve the problems WE and our leaders have allowed to happen since the beginning of time. This is OUR problem. We really do a MAJOR disservice to ourselves by vilifying a company that is just doing what companies do. Fix the problem - and stop casting stones.
E Vey

Longwood, FL

#24 Mar 27, 2008
"But don't just saddle a company who could help our economy with bringing jobs with having to solve the problems WE and our leaders have allowed to happen since the beginning of time. This is OUR problem. We really do a MAJOR disservice to ourselves by vilifying a company that is just doing what companies do. Fix the problem - and stop casting stones."

Who is vilifying? A company comes to li'l old Central Florida looking for water that they would have to PAY for in their home state, but here it is free.

Then they want to sell this water they pump for free.

It is a MAJOR disservice to complain about this? We should "fix" our problems first?

Here is one way to fix it, privatize the water the way it is done out West. Then there is no incentive for the company to come here because they couldn't get the water for free.

If that is what it takes to keep these leaches away, then that is what we should do.

Hollywood, FL

#25 Mar 28, 2008
Ok smart guy E Vey ...( if that's your REAL name )...

Let's just deliver water to thirsty joggers, roofers and kids by having your local 7-11 sell cold water out of a metered tap (no more free water from the fountain anymore!). You can either buy an empty plastic bottle there at the store, or you can bring your own.. BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO drink water, and you STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT...

So... that nasty little 7-11 makes you pay for water WE ALL OWN. Bast*rds! HOW DARE THEY supply COLD POTABLE WATER TO THE PEOPLE for a price! This is RUSSIA.. I mean the United States .. we don't do that here.

Hey... do you guys all remember the days when every gas station had a free air hose to fill your tires? Well what do you think happened to that...unless you have an air pump of your own... you gotta PAY! And as far as I know... AIR IS STILL FREE! What is up this THAT?

Be constructive E Vey ... Find a solution other than telling everybody to leave Florida for YOUR convenience .

Like it or not... you are not paying for the water itself... you are paying for the transportation of it from 500feet below your feet .. to the shelf of your local 7-11. If you want to also charge the company for the water itself (like out West)... then the price of that bottle of water will skyrocket... and the ultimate consumer... That jogger, or roofer, or little kid... will be the guy paying that high price.

That being said.... E Vey ... I suggest you go and start picketing at every Coca Cola bottler and Orange Juice plant around here.... cause guess what... They bottle water TOO! They just add lots of sugar and flavorings to it to disguise it so you unsuspecting drinkers don't recognize that THEY have been abusing our water too!
E Vey

Longwood, FL

#26 Mar 28, 2008
-->So... that nasty little 7-11 makes you pay for water WE ALL OWN.--

No they don't go in and ask for a cup of water and they will give you one. Try it and see.

I'm not telling anyone to do anything. If you want to give something to someone to sell, then be my guest. Bt don't think I will do the same.

Please stop telling people lies about what great jobs will be available in the warehouse. Central Florida has plenty of those types of jobs now and they don't pay the rent.

I'm being very constructive. We don't need to keep compounding the same mistakes we have made in the past.

Lady Lake, FL

#27 Mar 29, 2008
Sorry E Vey .. We are talking about 2 different subjects here at the same time... and the issue is being confused.

Issue 1 is: We are abusing the clean potable water from the aquifer. We spray it on our yards, we flush our toilets with it.. I totally agree we need to preserve this water for it's natural uses. Flowing out of our Springs, feeding the Wekiva river basin, and for the people where i live, getting their potable drinking water from our wells (that is until eventually we all get hooked up to city water and sewers). So we need to work on getting off the wasteful use of natural potable water.

Issue 2: is Jobs in Lake County. Sorry, but anybody who A.) Brings a decent job to Lake County and B.) Pays people at least 15 percent more the and average wage C.) Trains people for new (non-residential building) work D.) Generates 4 more support jobs for each direct job they create E.) Pays taxes F.) Minimizes pollution by saving transportation of water by delivering it to OUR grocery stores and OUR 7-11s and ends up simply moving potable water from the aquifer to thristy people ( which is what any city water plant or private utility company is already doing ) is not a bad deal ... AND I just cannot support the trashing of reputations and gnashing of teeth which has been going on for so long.

If all of this arguing has HIGHLIGHTED the fact that we are major water wasters... Then I say OK.. WONDERFUL .. Problem identified ... Let's form a state wide task force and address the problem from a top down systematic approach. This is about OUR water right? But what is the point of alienating a company who was invited here.... essentially lured here ... encouraged to invest $15,000,000 bucks in Lake County with full expectation that they would be received with open arms ... and THEN TRASHED by pandering politicians and the Slantinal?

I how have to wonder what other good companies who MIGHT have been interested in locating here are going to see this circus and simply fade away...

I wonder just how many decent hard working people living in Lake County are either going to have to go without jobs now because of the way this was handled ... how many will have to keep commuting to Orlando and spending more and more money on gas just to get some low paying job ( if they are lucky )...

This is the old "law of unintended consequences" that seems to always come into play...

Frankly, I wish we had simply never invited Niagra. I think they are probably a good company (as good as companies can be)... but we have now embarrassed ourselves in front of the national business community .. and we are going to play heck recovering from this in their eyes.

The long and short of it ... People NEED jobs and occupations for society to survive.. Everybody can't work for the government, or get benefits from it... Somebody has to work for private industry.

And Lake County's biggest employers are the County Government, the School System, and the Sheriffs office... Somebody PLEASE correct me if I am wrong.. WE NEED MORE GOOD jobs here... we need intelligent growth... more commercial, less residential..

Thanks for listening.. E Vey please ... you have the final word on this one... My work is done here...
E Vey

Longwood, FL

#28 Mar 29, 2008
II think you have an unrealistic idea of what selling water will do for the county. It will not do what you think it will do.

The fact that the government is the largest employer is not as bad a thing as you portray it to be.

It just means that rather than having a few HUGE employers, small businesses rule in Lake County. Unless you are anti-small business, this is not a bad thing.

These folks would be one more small business. They would not be the employer of 2,000 employees required to be a major employer.

I have an excellent idea. Rather han taking water from the aquifer, why not set up next to one of the new water plants planned for our area? The ones mentioned in the article
where the politicians are reeling at what the true cost of future water will be?

It would be an ideal setup and very efficient. Then the free market will rule and the cost of water bottled will aproximate it's true cost.
College Guy

Destin, FL

#29 Apr 3, 2008
IT's a small time gain but a long time loss! The community needs to decide if 1) a disater on large scales could lake co. sustain itself. 2) Sell to raise profits in time to prepare for the disaters ahead, my opoion convert to renewable energy 3) just clean the water and save for an emergency!
Friend of Niagara

United States

#30 Jun 19, 2008
The plant is almost complete.The jobs have been created.And there is nothing that can be done to stop it.The water bottled there will be sold in florida not trucked across the united states as niagara already has plants in all its key markets.Its sad that lake county and groveland residents cant see the good in this thing.Time will show tht niagara is a great company and gives more to the community then it takes.Do some research you hillbillys.

Leesburg, FL

#31 Jul 10, 2008
kwgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
Who doesnt want their business? Think of the jobs that will be created for people. Do you not drink bottled water?
No, I don't drink bottled water, never have, never will.

It's difficult to understand why people in central Florida are willing to give away their resources when the result will cost them more than any return they could possibly make.
lady in lake

Miami, FL

#32 Jul 21, 2008
kwgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
Who doesnt want their business? Think of the jobs that will be created for people. Do you not drink bottled water?
The jobs they will bring are a drop in the bucket the water they will take, isn't. We simply do not want them here. Go back to Texas.

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