Common Core meeting in Tavares
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#24 Aug 6, 2013
No doubt Dr. Moxley was the favorite candidate for the first appointed superintendent. After all, she was personally known by most of the selection committee. FLASH…..favorite candidate does not equate to best candidate. Maybe former Superintendent Senator Anna Cowin knew something the rest of us did not. She demoted Dr. Moxley who in turn high-tailed it to Orange County.

If you recall Dr. Moxley’s first order of business was to terminate the outside (not Lake County folks) experts and bring in her friends. Where are those friends now??? Not at the district office. They are back at the school level. Everyone applauded this move because they were not qualified to hold those high-level positions. Well folks, look around. If my memory serves me correctly, are not most of those new “experts” from Orange County. Do you think they were Dr. Moxley’s buddies while she worked in Orange County? Something to think about.

Now, let’s talk money. Did you know that the district office has become a refuge for principals who can no longer adequately do their jobs. For example, Mike Elchenko and Robin Neeld. Both of these fine folks were caught up in controversy and had to leave their respective schools. Now, they are both hiding out at the district office – compliments of Dr. Moxley – until they can retire with full benefits.

Guess who is footing the bill for their salary and benefits while they await retirement? That’s right. We are, you and me, Lake County taxpayers. Now I hear that Doug Kroulik, former principal of Eustis Heights Elementary whose school grade garnered a “D” this year, has been promoted to the district office.

Another principal who is still destroying schools is David Bordinkercher formerly of South Lake High School. He was demoted to Carver Middle School whose school grade took a dive during his two year tenure. Now, he is at the Villages of Lady Lake Elementary whose school grade fell for the first time since its inception from an “A to a B”. How long do you think it will take till he gains refuge at the district office?

Let’s face it, the only reason that Dr. Moxely is still the appointed superintendent is because it is easier to only need three votes from a five member board instead of being elected county wide.
By the way, this is the same board who gives her glowing marks for the job she is doing.

What are you going to do Lake County citizens? You have plenty of ammunition. What is stopping you from demanding the school board do its job? Yes, they are ultimately responsible for the mess our schools are in. Don’t you think that if Dr. Moxley had been an elected superintendent she would already be unemployed? Something to think about.

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#25 Aug 7, 2013
common core hore

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#26 Aug 9, 2013
Jeb Bush blasted actor Matt Damon on social media for the Hollywood A-lister’s decision to send his own children to a private school after publicly campaigning about the importance of public education.
Here is what Jeb Bush tweeted on Monday:
“Matt Damon Refuses to Enroll Kids in Los Angeles Public Schools. Choice ok for Damon, why not everyone else?”
If this is not proof positive this man is on a mission to destroy the Public School systems of the USA what in the world is it? They are in high gear to destroy public education as we know it!
If the people do not organize in support of those who want to save our public schools beginning right here in Lake County this nationally organized Bush effort is going to undermine and destroy the Public School System of America!
left out

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#27 Aug 9, 2013
The white folks got left out of this one
common core hore

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#28 Aug 9, 2013
left out wrote:
The white folks got left out of this one
Rick scott and his Buttie Jebbie dona have to back up and regroup their conspiracy to destroy Fl public schools.

But they will never give up.

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#29 Aug 11, 2013
Jeb Bush is obsessed with destroying our Public Education system and turning it over to his New World Order family

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich.-- Jeb Bush praised charter schools and slammed traditional public schools and teachers unions in a speech here Wednesday, saying that public education “dumbs down standards to make adults look better," a phrase often used by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

"We must expand [school] choice," said Bush, delivering a keynote speech at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference in northern Michigan. "Our governance model includes over 13,000 government-run monopolies run by unions."

Since he left office, the former Florida governor has become an evangelist for a certain strand of education reform; through his $19 million Foundation for Excellence in Education, he advocates for online education, grading schools based on test scores and forcing students to repeat grades if they don't pass standardized exams.

At Mackinac Wednesday, Bush championed the growth of charter schools, the fastest-growing sector of public education across the country.

There are 274 such schools in Michigan, and Bush argued that the state leads others in charter school performance, with those schools also outperforming traditional public schools.

But it is difficult to concisely characterize charter school quality nationwide, and the study on Michigan's schools Bush touted is less definitive than he made it sound.

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#30 Aug 12, 2013
Florida Center for Investigative Reporting Article on K-12 and its methods.

If K -12 seems to be operating like the criminal empire it is. That's because its simply another Bush Family criminal enterprize venture.
destroying public edu

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#31 Aug 14, 2013
Jeb Bush and Rick Scott want to overthrow the public school system and turn them over to their for profit charter school friends and partners!
destroying public edu

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#32 Aug 14, 2013
Rick Scott supported Tony Bennett right to the end.

Why? Birds of a feather flock together! Criminals!!!!!
gutless prevaricators

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#33 Aug 14, 2013
instead of getting to the root cause of islam being tuahgt in our schools by pearson publishing with ties to jeb bush the brevard school board will solve the problem with a supplememt.

gutless to face the real devils head on.
another program

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#34 Aug 17, 2013

Everytime we get another new acronym in education = when you follow the $$$$ you will always find a BUSH at the pot of gold, everytime!

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#50 May 2, 2014
Rocky Hanna, a Leon County school administrator, has notified the district that he is a whistle-blower under Florida statutes, according to a letter obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat.

The letter, which was hand-delivered Wednesday to school officials, states that Hanna, a divisional director and former principal of Leon High School, is reporting matters involving the misspending of taxpayer dollars. The letter was addressed to Superintendent Jackie Pons.

“As you are aware,” Hanna says in the letter,“I have already reported these matters to the FBI and verbally to you in January 2014 when we met in your office.”

He goes on to say in the half-page letter that,“I have reason to believe that monies that should have been designated for students and other school district related functions have been misspent. I also have reason to believe that the competitive bidding laws have been violated based on materials that were provided to me.

“For example, the Griffin (Middle School) project was to have been competitively bid and after your alleged dissatisfaction with the results, you allegedly split the bids into three parts just under $2,000,000 each which appears to circumvent state laws.”

Tallahassee attorney Marie Mattox, who is representing Hanna along with Tallahassee attorney Tim Jansen, said Hanna probably already had whistle-blower status after meeting with Pons in January and disclosing his concerns. With the filing of the letter, he officially is a whistle-blower and is protected against workplace retaliation.

“What this means is that he has the protections of the whistle-blower statute, meaning they cannot fire him in retaliation for making the disclosures that he made. And what this does is it brings it to the forefront and it shows Jackie Pons I’m the one who is asking you to make corrections,” Mattox said, referring to Hanna.“I’m the one who has brought this to the attention of the authorities and I’ve brought it to your attention. And it’s now up to you to take action to correct the problem.”
happy mothers day

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#51 May 11, 2014
Common Core -- rather than enhancing thinking -- is actually replacing critical thinking skills with emotional based outcomes. This is something liberals have perfected -- basing decisions on emotion and not rational thinking. Is Common Core the final tool of the left to wrestle full control of our children from their parents?
Do high school students no longer need to read Plato’s “Republic” in the ninth grade, or “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in tenth? Do we no longer need to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or Lincoln’s anti-slavery response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision?
Perhaps this is why Common Core is moving towards more "informational texts" and "sexualized stories" rather than the reading of my youth, such as George Orwell's "Animal Farm" or "1984" which is explicitly about critical thinking (and liberty). The classics by Shakespeare and John Milton are being replaced by “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult and "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison and "Dreaming in Cuban" by Christina Garcia. Look them up, they all have vulgar language and pornography.
So within Common Core, we can debate whether the Holocaust is true, but…
• Can we debate global warming or global cooling?
• Can we debate macro evolution or intelligent design?
• Can we debate Common Core?
• Can we debate the harm of an invasion of illegals?
• Can we debate abortion? Whether it stops a beating heart?
• Can we debate if second hand smoke is actually deadly?
• Can we debate the harmful effects of legalizing marijuana?
• Can we debate the cultural harm of same-sex marriage?
• Can we debate the personal harm of homosexuality?
• Can we debate whether a property owners rights trump a rat or tortoise?
• Can we debate historical fallacies in the History Alive! textbook?
• Can we debate the 1,400 years of Islamic terror, slavery and murder?
• Can we debate whether jihadists are actually following Islamic holy texts?
• Can we debate whether or not the First Amendment applies beyond Congress?
• Can we debate whether or not the Second Amendment protects an individual right?
• Can we even debate at all in America anymore?
The simple answer to these questions is no. Liberals, progressives, journalists, the media, Hollywood, professors, universities, administrators, government -- nearly everyone on the left (with Jeb Bush and cronies on the so called right!) and the institutions they control has determined there is no debate -- these things are settled and no further discussion is allowed. Bring them up and you are considered a public nuisance, at best, and a threat to the public safety, at worst. You might even get arrested if you read out loud from one of the Common Core textbooks.
You see, liberals have a copyright on "Intelligence" and anyone trying to use it; is to be shouted down or sued.
The left will shut you down -- not with speeches, but with single words, slung like arrows, shot like bullets. They will label you racist, sexist, bigot, prejudiced, intolerant, homophobic, or Islamophobic.
How do these words shut down debate and take effect, you might ask? You might recall the poetic words of yesterday, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me." But today these words are no longer valid, for the words used by liberals are more than mere descriptions -- they are weapons, like the exploding money bag that splatters the thief with purple dye. Your name is discolored and you are thereby deemed a political leper forever more.
One word arguments, that's what is in the liberal's quiver. And they have the chutzpah to call other people narrow minded?
I recommend every parent seek out the reading list for the school in which their child attends and make sure the standards of your school are higher than the standards of Common Core or the superintendents who defend it.
Betty B

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#52 May 12, 2014
Conservative Destroys Fox News’ Juan Williams and Unmasks the Common Core - By Onan Coca / 12 May 2014

Juan Williams is a liberal. He may work for Fox News (and be hated by other liberals because of it) but he is a down the line, mainstream liberal. Williams, like most liberals in the media, has been stumping for the Common Core since its inception and is still a fan of the massive government takeover, even as we see it failing around the country.

Recently on Fox News he had the misfortune of running into the buzz saw that is the brilliant George Will – and Will set him straight on the Common Core.

Listen closely to Will’s argument because it is damning… and it is 100% accurate.

Juan Williams: And, I don’t think it’s out of place for our governors, for our school leaders, local school leaders, to say,‘Here are the common standards that we want them to achieve.

The military’s on board, the Chamber of Commerce is on board, even Condoleezza Rice and the Council of Foreign Affairs are on board.

[Juan forgot to mention that Jeb Bush is the driving force behind Common Core! Why did he forget to mention this?]

George Will: They’re all wrong, and here’s why.

The advocates of the Common Core say,“If you like local control over your schools, you can keep it. Period. If you like your local curriculum, you can keep it. Period.” And people don’t believe them, for very good reasons.

This is a thin end of an enormous wedge of federal power that will be wielded for the constant progressive purpose of concentrating power in Washington, so that it can impose continental solutions to problems nationwide.

You (common core supporters) say it’s voluntary. It has been driven by the (federal government’s) use of bribes and coercion in the form of waivers from No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top money – to buy the compliance of these 45 states, two of which – Indiana, and I believe, Oklahoma – have already backed out, and they will not be the last.

Watch the verb align in this argument. They’re going to align the SAT and the ACT tests with the curriculum. They’re going to align the textbooks with the tests. And sooner or later, you inevitably have a national curriculum that disregards the creativity of federalism.

What are the chances that we’re going to have five or six creative governors experimenting with different curricula, or one creative, constant, permanent Washington bureaucracy overlooking our education?

We’ve had 50 years now of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – 50 years of federal involvement that has coincided with stagnation in test scores across the country.

That’s exactly the point. As innocuous as the Common Core may look to some... As beneficial as the standardizing of national curricula may seem to some…

The endgame of Common Core is a Federal takeover of the entire education system across the country. It is simply more consolidating of power. The Common Core is to education what Obamacare is to healthcare.

It’s all about centralizing power in Washington, D.C.

You can call it socialism, or communism or Nazi or anything you want.

You can not find constitutional authority for a Washington DC mandate to over take the education of the USA's youth anywhere! Even though Jeb Bush and his cronies created this massive (manipulation) takeover by using the so called Republican Governor's Assn to do so!
earth to tod howard

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#54 Jun 29, 2014
Earth to Tod Howard..........

Everyone told you when you got elected what you think does not matter! At that time the self anointed godfather Bob McKee was the one running the school board and before you got there his Lt. and fellow BushMan Jimmy Conner destroyed the last duly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction that was directly report-able to the taxpayers and former voters (that is when the votes were not counted by the pre-set computers) and with the help of those computers converted that position to one hired by the majority of the school board/ The school board whose majority was and is under the influence of the culture of corruption that runs Lake County and the state of Florida.

The searched the US over and hired Dr. Susan "Getford" Moxley! Then SB Chair Jimmy Conner tried to fire the peoples duly elected super Anna Cowin to get her out of her office so Moxley could move in early. When that didn't happen the godfather Bob McKee provided Moxley interium office space until they could get rid of Cowin and move Moxley in.

In 2009 after Jimmy Conner had moved to the LCBCC he still strong armed the LCSB to buy insurance from his insurance friends at Brown & Brown and now that little deal he has spread through Lake government agencies. Everyone in Lake County since the early 1990's knew about Bob McKee's original lies about his maters degree's which got him run off from asst County Manager in 1993 but only in the last 2-3 years did private investigators uncover all the 4-5 dates of birth he has used on government applications and documents back from the early 1970's. Also all of his education certificates including his high school diploma are fraudulent copies he received at the closest Xerox University machine!

The exposure that Bob Mckee is and has been an unknown criminal on the run for decades hidden right here before everyone's eyes did at least put in in some gopher hole and keep him lying low. Heck he wasn't even seen at Edd Havill's going away party.

But, he's still right here running the local mob with the help of his Lieutenant's Jimmy Conner, Gary Borders and Carey Baker.

And if you think you are going to get rid of an anointed member of this mob you might as well think again. See what happened to Kyleen Fischer when she tried to stand up to the mob - she suddenly got ill and decided not to seek re-election.

Lake County School Board Member Tod Howard is asking his fellow board members to embark on a search for a new superintendent because of dissatisfaction with Susan Moxley.

Howard expressed frustration with Moxley again this week after she stuck by her decision to reassign Rhonda Hunt, a principal at Lost Lake Elementary School to Eustis Heights Elementary, an underperforming school, to the disapproval of parents and teachers at the school.

“It is not just this incident,” Howard said in a phone interview.“This has been building since I have been on the board. We are not planning for the long-term future of this district when it comes to the administration.”
Howard said he does not believe the district is improving.

“We need stability,” he said.“We need growth. We were an A district and now we are a C district. How far are we willing to go? I have reached that limit. At this point, I believe we need to go in a new direction with new leadership.”

Moxley declined to comment about Howard’s criticisms.
Howard said the class-size issue affecting the schools earlier this year also played a part in his decision to call for the search.

He called it a “serious error” in judgment.

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#55 Jul 1, 2014
And now Debbie Stivender is coming to the rescue of Dr. Susan "Getford" Moxley! Does that surprise anyone> After all the court house mafia traded places with her and Jimmy Conner when they could have just thrown her under the bus!

Paybacks are hell when you sell your soul to the devil..........

Just ask Kyleen Fischer, the allegiance is forever and when you dare cross the masters you are history. P.S. Ask that former lawyer Curtis Leonard what they do to you if you fail to follow their orders!

Has anyone seen the self proclaimed godfather Bob McKee lately?

If we are still paying him why can't we see him every now and again just to make sure he's still among us?

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