A long time ago, Jan 20th or 21st 1964 was a day I remember. I had just left my wife and two children in the Southern Tier and enlisted into the USAF. The trip to Griffiss AFB at Rome NY took me through the Elmira Bus Station. Alone, already missing my family, I received an unbelieveable surprise. Unannounced at the bus waiting room came Wendell and Eleanor Cleveland. For no reason, just to show their support. The hour or so visit was one of the highlights of my life. As my wifes Uncle, I have had numerous opportunities to visit with Wendell and watch him in action. He exemplifies what I believe to be a loving, caring, and compassionate Christian man. From Kathy and I, my best to Wendell, Michael, David and Cathy. May God Grant Him Many beyond this 90.