Hoptown Lib

Eddyville, KY

#1 May 23, 2011
How about we set up some real forum software and start a new Hoptown site to compete with the hall?

Only about 10 bucks a month to do it but web hosts won't take food stamps in trade. I know that is part of the effort by consevative corporate america to keep us down but we have to deal with it.

So who is going to go out and get a real job so we can get this off the ground?

If anyone has high speed internet in your mothers basement maybe we could host a forum on that for less money?
BabyKillingMachi ne

Hopkinsville, KY

#2 May 23, 2011
What a great idea!

I can try to sell the hamster that is in my boyfriend's ass. When he gets home from the SEIU protests, i will dig that baby out.
Rico Suave

Hopkinsville, KY

#3 May 23, 2011
I did not come here illegally to work. I came to get the health care and the free education.

It is my human right to have a liberal forum. We need to get rich people to pay for it.
Gopher Baroque

Shepherdsville, KY

#4 May 23, 2011
Many have tried. All have failed!
Pale Lynn

Dunmor, KY

#5 May 23, 2011
Rico Suave wrote:
I did not come here illegally to work. I came to get the health care and the free education.
It is my human right to have a liberal forum. We need to get rich people to pay for it.
"Heck yeah...you damn right! Us fancy white republicans believe life begins at squirt-meets-egg...we believe that little "3 week blob of cells" has the right to be born, but I'll be dammed if I will help a sick adult STAY ALIVE."

Soo which is it boys? Your against abortion "at any time" but you are also against someone having healthcare to stay alive?

Geee whizzz. Mumbo Jumbo Jerks.
Hoptown Lib

Owensboro, KY

#6 May 24, 2011
Right , we shouldn't have to work when all the gov't has to do is print more money for us to live on. They can just print a few extra bucks so we can get a forum of our own without having to actually get a job.

Why can't conservatives see that it is really that simple ? It is so hard to soar like an eagle when your surrounded by republicans/conservatives.

We have to have a name for the new liberal theory forum. Ideas on a name ?


Thoughts ????

Hopkinsville, KY

#7 May 24, 2011
I was wondering when McCubbin would send his attack dogs. It usually doesn't take this much work to bait him into it. You've already taken the first steps to the destruction of a free forum, Topix. Now watch as McCubbin completely lays waste to it.
For the record

Hopkinsville, KY

#8 May 24, 2011
Oh for the old Hoptown News days. What a shame Philip lost his balls and developed a cowardly streak down his back. Even the rebirth of the site as a true forum was OK until he fell to the onslaught of threats brought on by Link's lapdogs.

There was another forum established after that, hoptownfreeforum, but it suffered from lack of participation.

So, with that kind of history, how can you think that a "liberal" forum will succeed? To be honest, there would have to be some sort of control. You can only put up with so much testicle gargling comments before you lose interest in what is being said.

HTH has succeeded because it limits people who like to have limits placed on them. Good Nazis always do what they are told. A liberal site could not possibly work under those restrictions because liberals like to argue and like to see all sides of an issue, testicle gargling and all. But those kinds of comments are what drive a lot of people off, so you end up with just a few and you have the viscous circle that has led to the demise of other sites.

Hopkinsville, KY

#9 May 24, 2011
It suceeds because 5 people have 5 accounts each. Three of those are McCubbin, his boy and his wife. Another handfull have only a few accounts. It looks as if there are a ton of people posting, when in reality they are as threadbare as the freeforum was.

Ask yourself where SNE went if indeed he ever went anywhere.

Hopkinsville, KY

#10 May 24, 2011
I rule Hoptownhall in the same way my gay prostitue's pimp rules me. With an iron fist.
For the record

Hopkinsville, KY

#11 May 25, 2011
I don't think they are as thin as the freeforum, but I would agree that a handful of people make themselves look like they are larger in number than they really are.

I also think there are more moderate thinking people on the site than the nazis want to believe. Colonel Claus claims to be moderate, but he won't stand up against the wackos on the right in fear of falling out of their good graces.

Jefferson Davis admits to being a registered Democrat, but I think he also poses a lot to the extreme right just to keep from being targeted by the mob.

Businessman claims to be moderate, but again his posts just go along with the crowd in fear of being cast out of the cult.

SNE is an interesting case. He was an equal opportunity offender which means that in the end he's just messed up in the head.

The only one left that appears to stir things up once in a while is Enquirer, but that's just about it these days.

McCubbin has culled out the herd pretty much, surrounding himself with the few people that like the flavor of kool aid he serves. No wonder his wife has never won political office. It's hard to win when you surround yourself with yes men and people who tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear.

New Orleans, LA

#12 May 25, 2011
For the Record: what about HSTruman?? He seems to be honest and straight up, and doesn't kiss no one's ass over there?
For the record

Hopkinsville, KY

#13 May 25, 2011
Yeah, to a point, but when the pressure is on, he will usually duck to the right, and he never sticks his neck out so far as to catch the ire of McCubbin. It's just the way those people are wired. They truly believe in being a part of the pack and buying into whatever the pack leader says. That's why i have always maintained that Republicans are much more likely to vote the party rather than the person because they fall in with the pack mentality.

And when they can no longer hide from the facts, such as GW being one God awful President, they act as a pack in kicking out the offender. In this case, Bush has now become a RINO, which is their way of saying he is no longer a part of the pack which allows them to pretend to have never bought into his brand of political mis-behavior.

New Orleans, LA

#14 May 25, 2011
He might not stick his neck out on that board, but he's been in town 5 years, and can't get a job with social services- despite the fact that he's a STATE LICENSED Social Worker! So, he must be pissing somebody off- and the people at Western State think he's nuts! All the people that I know, that know him, say that a nicer guy you can't find-and he's real good at straightening kids up.They say that he ain't afraid to speak, "truth to power"- and that is usually a problem in any town, not just Hopkinsville!

Hopkinsville, KY

#15 May 25, 2011
How's it going HST! How are the Nephoos? You haven't been posting quite as much as you did before heading out for your extended vacation in New Orleans.

If you're going to post here, I'll refrain from using your name in vain and stick to annoying the dog shit out of Bobby.

Calhoun, LA

#16 May 25, 2011
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Dr Phil

Hopkinsville, KY

#17 May 26, 2011
I think that working as a security guard might be your best bet, HST.

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