What's with the JUDGES?
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Holcomb, MO

#1 Sep 17, 2008
Another one has shown the public he's here to protect, that he's just on the BENCH to get his jollies. This time it's Judge Jason Fleming. Jason, I gave you more credit than I should have. This judge has sent 2 young boys back into a home with a father who has abused them and their mother. This man tried to commit suicide last week aand threatened their mother in front of the noursing staff @ JSMC ER. The man is such a con artist that he convinced Cumberland Hall staff that it was an accidental overdose, Judge Fleming was sent a copy of his ACCIDENTAL Suicide attempt note. I forgot to say that It must pay to have political friends in your hip pocket here. This man and Judge Fleming's father are neighbors. God be with these boys as they are thrown back into the LION's den.
Brandy Buckley

Bay City, TX

#2 Oct 8, 2008
OMG!!! YOUR NOT SERIOUS?! The man we do not speak of got the boys?! How in the hell did that happen?! Why didn't she try to stop it?! Oh mama, this is scary! Tell DM I will pray for her and the boys! Especially the boys!

Alliance, OH

#3 Feb 21, 2009
This sounds serious is it still going on?

Middlesboro, KY

#4 Feb 22, 2009
YES n someting needs to be done to protect the kids
half time mom

Madisonville, KY

#5 Mar 27, 2009
I know the world is coming to an end when good a mother who loves her children and takes great care of her children looses primary custody of her children to her tyrant ex because judge Jason Flemming uses hear say "evidence" (that was not even brought up in the court room) as basis for his ruling. Now, because of his ruling 2 innocent children are now in custody of their tyrant father who continues his campaign to alienate the children from their mother. Isn't it lucky that this "tyrant's" attorney lives just a few doors down from judge Flemming? Also, when evidence is given by a supposed "unbiased" witness while it's obvious that this unbiased witness prefers one parent over another due to friendship bonds shouldn't this witness's evidence be thrown out? This "tyrant" and his families pocket book has everyone from teachers to attorneys to judges fooled. I feel powerless because my side in this case has been totally dismissed. How can "evidence" that has never even been brought up in the courtroom be used as deciding factors for a ruling while I obviously never had the chance to dispute the evidence because this false "evidence" wasn't brought to my attention until after the ruling was made 2 weeks later and I read the order. Perhaps this judges caseload is to full and overwhelming. There are women out there who are truly unfit mothers who get to keep their children while their loving caring fathers get denied custody, and I loose primary custody to this "tyrant" because I don't know the "right" people. My beliefs in the justice system has been completely shattered, as it seems to me that it was not ruled by proper evidence, but by who u know. This "tyrant" had systematically broken down my self of steam in the 5 years that we were together, mentally and physically abusing me. However none of that compares to how low I feel by this unfair judgment/ruling. To judge Flemming... I wish I could say different, because god has called you to use your judgment to lead, guide and protect those in need but i feel that you have made a terrible error and I pray to god that this will not have long term negative affects on my children. Although this is idle hope because I already observe negative affects on my children. I will never stop loving, providing for, and nurturing my children, and I will always fight them and protect them because they are my blessing.
half time mom

Madisonville, KY

#6 Mar 27, 2009
Btw... not from toronto, from ky
half time mom

Madisonville, KY

#7 Mar 27, 2009
in ky

White House, TN

#8 Mar 28, 2009
I know which case you are talking about, and I know the parties involved. It has not even come up to hearing yet.

White House, TN

#9 Mar 28, 2009
I was talking about the earlier situation, not the one by half-time mom...

White House, TN

#10 Mar 28, 2009
There are no attorneys who live near Judge Flemming. He lives in Crofton.

Eaton Rapids, MI

#11 Mar 6, 2010
I am going in front of judge flemming to fight for my children in which my husband was abusive as well should I worry that I will not be given the chance to get my kids back as well?

Waterloo, Canada

#12 Mar 6, 2010
My comment is this: there are always three sides to every story....his side, her side and the truth! There is not another fairer Judge seating in Christian County than Jason Fleming! He has dedicated his entire life to this career and community THEN to his family! In any child custody issues there are so many variables from extremely important to bullshit being said to just try and get someone in trouble. In the over 500 custody cases I have been involved with, it comes down to not only evidence but which attorney argued the points most effectively. I tell my clients, this is a true test of faith and having money to support all your efforts....as there can be motion and motions filed...theraphy sessions, psych testing for kids AND parents, the list goes on and on. Knowing Judge Fleming and his desire to see families work together, he tries all options and when it seems like ther isn't any thing else, he pulls a rabbit from his hat! Yes he'ss young but wise and true to his job! I appreciate having a JJudge like that and thank his staff as well for always being on top of things AND keeping lawyers not as experienced up to speed on how we handle things here! My two cents, did not support his campaign by donating money or time as I was uncertain but the change has been amazing and many children have benefited from Judge Fleming's attention to detail!

Eaton Rapids, MI

#13 Mar 7, 2010
I hope that for the bennifet of my children and others as well that you (lawgal) are right that he is fair and will go by the evidence and not hear say. My husband took a lot of public speaking classes and knows how to talk to get what he wants to where I just speak what is on my mind he hs gooten away with pretty much everything he has done with just a slap on his wrist.
lovingmybabiesal ways

Metairie, LA

#14 Apr 26, 2011
he doesnt go by fact and evidence. my husband also got my kids after i had an order of protection against him, my husband and his father crossed state lines and threatened me with a gun while i was 3 mths pregnant and judge fleming did nothing then either, and my husband admitted he was arrested for assault, and my husband still got my kids when i have nothing against me not even a speeding ticket for heavens sake. its amazing when you are in an abusive relationship and finally get the guts to stand up and say you want a divorce and get the protection order, then all of a sudden your a bad mom and his friends say these terrible things about me....keep in mind they say i was terrible when they were deployed...how would they know?? did judge fleming care...NO! 2 of my 3 kids are not his and judge fleming gave them to him because he signed their birth certificates 3 and a half years after they were born, when he was no where around. judge fleming denied me my right to a paternity test which is state law that i can have one, and he ordered me not to take my kids to indian reservations when my kids are half indian...so yes i am mad and furious that he gave my kids to a man they barely knew, spent most of his time deployed or hitting me or cheating on me while he was gone. now this same husband of mine is on dating websites with pics of my kids on them and their address and what school they go to...so someone please tell me where the justice is here. judge fleming doesnt care about the truth, i wonder if hes being paid to judge certain ways and as or lawgal up there she probably works for him or had something go her way hhhmmmmm.i am not the first to have this problem with this judge..google people and you will see that there are a lot of women with military husbands getting the kids...my kids are around different women, on websites they should have never been on, yelled at, on adhd meds they didnt need before...this judge is ruining lives and he doesnt care...

United States

#15 Sep 29, 2011
Well I have been fighting for children back for 2 years now after there father pretty much kidnapped them from me before we got divorced. And he has an abusive record including bodily harm less murder and the judge has yet to see that this man is a danger to my children since he still has not changed the custody order! I have took pictures of the bruises on my son and without my sons knowledge videoed him tellin me how he got the bruises on his back and judge Fleming would not even acknowledge my concerns about it in court this week! We go back to court in Feb for which is supposed to be the final hearing in which custody will be determined but until then my children are made to live with there abusive father! I don't feet that judge Fleming truly has any child's best interest at heart!
Oh no

Dunmor, KY

#16 Sep 30, 2011
I will say this and I know it's expensive but if what he says on his ruling is incorrect, appeal it. They watch the hearing tapes, read documents and can over rule it. The circuit judge in trigg, Lyon, Caldwell and Livingston is somewhat the same way. Our judicial system is not what it used to be and I don't think it will ever be that way again. Green usually speaks louder than words. Just saying.

United States

#17 Sep 30, 2011
If in Feb judge Flemming does not switch the custody order and gives my children back to there abusive father, I will appeal it, I will never stop fighting for my kids back. And what I don't understand is I am paying for an attorney its not cheap this process has already cost me 7000 and its not over and he has a legal aid attorney! I believe that since I don't live in ky but they do that they must know some ppl and that's why he still has my kids! Why else with all the evidence given, his abusive record, would my kids be made to live with him still! Judge Fleming certainly does NOT do what is best for kids!

Pflugerville, TX

#18 Sep 30, 2011
Judge Fleming is the fairest judge I have seen yet. I really feel that he truly looks for what is best for the kids and not the parents.

Owensboro, KY

#19 Sep 30, 2011
If Judge Fleming knows you or anyone involved in your case, and doesn't feel like he can fairly judge your case,then he will dismiss himself. Evidentely there must me something to his decision, because what kind of parent would get on a forum and air all their dirty laundry. That is a private matter and just sounds trashy. He is a wonderful man. Of course I don't expect you to agree. I'm sure when you lose a court case it's always blamed on the judge.
fools gold

Kuttawa, KY

#20 Oct 1, 2011
I bet you voted for Obama? that is why your family has been taken away from you , you evil democrat!

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