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#103 Mar 9, 2013
skilled tradesman wrote:
<quoted text>There is no such thing as a safety bypass button you stupid ass. Its clear to anyone with any knowledge that the ladder logic allowed the machine to cycle once the conditions of its cycle were met. Even with the gate locked out.
If the gate is locked out that is an e stop stupid. No motion is supposed to occur .

Hopkinsville, KY

#104 Mar 9, 2013
There is absolutely no excuse for an employee being killed by a machine I don't care what anyone says!

Hopkinsville, KY

#105 Mar 9, 2013
I'm sure they will pay OSHA off just like any other company, it's sad a government agency that was created to protect the American worker does not do its job! Maybe it's time for the unions to make a comeback, after all this is the reason they began in the first place!
Onion head

Windsor, Canada

#106 Mar 9, 2013
Sad employee wrote:
I hate to be like this but none of you really know what happened unless you was there ... assuming most of u was not!!! This is a very very tragic loss.... to Jasons family and friends and all his coworkers!!! U ppl are being SOO disrespectful to do stuff like this on here at a time like this!!! Accidents happen... tomorrow is NOT promised. We are promised 2 things... LIFE and DEATH!!! For those of you speaking so poorly on Martinrea... if ur so unhappyn feel so unsafe I strongly suggest you find a new job. Asap! To all of u speaking so strong about them management... IF u sad ass ppl KNEW half of what u possibly THINK happened Thursday night &#65279;then you wouldknow &#65279;the Management that was in the building during that very sad time NEVER LEFT from that area at ALL!!! The management including KELVIN, &#65279;the maintenance men and few coworkers was there by him &#65279;the entire time!!! In 10 yrs at that factory only 2 ppl have bn killed..Jason being &#65279;the 2nd!!! So sad. Tragic! And unfortunate!!! You people are pathetic!!!! Stop doing this when ppl need prayers and comfort at this time!!! This entire post from you guys is disrespectful to Jason and his family at their time of loss!!! I'm praying for your family Jason.. and your friends and all our coworkers suffering from this painful loss, and ALL &#65279;the responders to them call who STAYED by his side that visually mentally n pyshically endured this pain in OUR plant Thursday night!!! Praying strong for all of u disredpectul people on this site as well!! What a discrace!!!!
10 years and "ONLY" 2 people killed! Is that supposed to be some kind of stellar track record? That's deplorable! Give your head a shake!

United States

#107 Mar 9, 2013
Yes, Factory's can be dangerous, but trust me because I work there now and have worked at other factory's in the past,This place has the lowest emphasis on safety I've been apart of.Most all the employees there will tell you the same thing. And yes we could find another job, most people are trying ,that's why the high turnover.R.I.P. Jason

Hopkinsville, KY

#108 Mar 9, 2013
Wake up and get a union I agree with that! How many have to die before you organize people?

Since: Mar 13

Adams, TN

#109 Mar 9, 2013
First and foremost I would like to send my prayers and condolences to this young man's family. Noone deserves this to happen go them. However I do work for Martinrea(Springfield plant). And I know firsthand just how they don't care. The same thing happened at out plant 7 years ago. And guess what- they fixed the cell before OSHA girl there. Then they had the nerve to blame it on the operator. Having worked there 12 years-I have seen it all and some. At out plant there is so much racism. To move up it requires alot of butt kissing. All they care about is numbers. Don't care about people's lives, family, or other responsibilities. They never do a big clean up on the plant unless they know that the big wigs(Frank, Fred, or Pete) are coming. To best put it-I would not suggest ti anyone to make Martinrea your first choice in employment. Look around first if you can. Believe me- once you are there -you are stuck. Again my prayers to the young man's family. I hope they sue the heck out of Martinrea. And if they are reading this- here is a little hint. At out plant there are cameras installed on the cells(laser).Camera catches everything. No way to deny any actions recorded in film.

United States

#110 Mar 9, 2013
I feel so sorry for this man family. His kids don't have a father this is such a sad thing that can happen you go to work to put food on the table for your family and have to risk your life doing my prays are going out to this family and I hope they find the strength to heal through there rough time

United States

#111 Mar 9, 2013
Shelbyville Employee wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello!!! Robots do exactly what there told, nothing more, nothing less. They crash, they break things, they will kill you. It's all just one blipped input away when the logic is done by a alchoholic hack.
You mean Jesse Corban?

Paducah, KY

#112 Mar 9, 2013
Let's not forget the temp that was electrocuted and sent to the hospital from 377 rear line some time ago due to a former maintenance man wrapping an exposed live cable with tape when it was known to be an area that had water collecting in it. ZZAAPP!

The necessary time is almost never allotted to fix things properly. Just rig it to get it running, and tomorrow we'll do the same quick fix, MUST KEEP RUNNING! People get hurt, even killed now, bad parts are sent. Sorry but to improve safety and quality one MUST invest the TIME necessary to FIX safety and quality. Unless you do that you're only chasing your tail and your employees will remain at risk and your customers will continually become more dissatisfied, period.
ex maintenance personal

Greeneville, TN

#113 Mar 9, 2013
I know how thing are run at Martinrea. They what the # that's it. Safety is second. They didn't want this to happen but it did, sad very sad. Management is all about the numbers bottom line. I hope his kids never have to work in a place like this !!! If you know what I'm really saying. He is with our father in heaven. God bless his family.

Hopkinsville, KY

#114 Mar 9, 2013
conclusions wrote:
If anyone has ever dealt with it the will understand. The is a safety bypass button on the cell....he had the safety bypass on and went into the work area. The robot was not in teach mode. Every maintenance man has done it and they wud be lying if they said they didnt. Just shows you cant jump safety.
there is no by pass on these cells!!
Sad employee

Portage, MI

#115 Mar 9, 2013
Onion head wrote:
<quoted text>
10 years and "ONLY" 2 people killed! Is that supposed to be some kind of stellar track record? That's deplorable! Give your head a shake!
Its simply sad this is &#65279;the only thing u could argue. Negative. Not a track record n my head is just fine. Point being ppl are just dying everyday u ppl are full of it this was a tragic accident.

Hopkinsville, KY

#116 Mar 9, 2013
teamleaders wife wrote:
I also worked there when a forlift driver ran over a girl and killed her , we had a brief meeting about it and then were told to go back to work. they have had several accidents lately with forklift drivers ,and yet nothing happens . this place has changed for he worst and its even bad when they can't even keep human resource workers and general managers due to how this place is ran. workers is just a dime a dozen , this place has a very high job turnover . but its all about the #'s , when I worked there we were working 12 hr shifts 7days a week for 6 months straight . and i could'nd remember how i would even get home .i know i would get in my car and remember getting on parkway ,then the next thing i remembered pullin in my driveway. everything else i couldnt remember doing. which is very unsafe for everyone involved, but big bosses didnt care , just get those #'s out!
There has never been anyone killed at the Hopkinsville plant by a forklift!

Hopkinsville, KY

#117 Mar 9, 2013
There has never been anyone killed at the Hopkinsville plant by a forklift! Which is a surprise to me the way some of those idiots drive!!!!

Since: Jan 13

Hopkinsville, KY

#118 Mar 9, 2013
It was White Hydraulics. That someone was killed by a forklift.
mr fact

Oak Grove, KY

#119 Mar 9, 2013
that's true.. white hyd did have death by forklift in mid 90s.. copar had man seriously injured by one not long after..

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#120 Mar 9, 2013
Ashley is a wonderful lady & a loving, devoted mother. It's so sad this has happened to her husband. Prayers for her & the family at this time.
Not good

Paducah, KY

#121 Mar 9, 2013
Cont wrote:
<quoted text>
It is a gate switch key. Sort of like a dummy switch. Puts the cell in auto
Yes, I've seen those used at Martinrea at least twice while I was there....and on the C1 line too. Plug that in where the door latch goes and it will run in auto with the door/cage OPEN. Saw it with my own eyes in the past, unfortunately.

Farmington, MI

#122 Mar 9, 2013
It is illegal to use a dummy gate switch per osha per ansi specs. A plc does not control gate interlocks, unless it is a safety plc the plc is not an approved saefty device. Gate switches go through a saftey relay. THe safety relay inhibits all motion. It does not make it ok to perform maintenance. All hazordous ebergy sources must be locked out. THere is a clause that allows the gate to be used as an interlock if it meets ansi specs and you are performing Minor tasks. eg, setup, prox adjustment, etc.

Regardless if your plc programmer is a drunk or not he should not be able to bypass door switches using logic.

THe problem i have noticed at that plant (yes i have been there) is the lack of qualified maintenance personnel. along with a lack of orgiziantion. Racks laying every where , fork trucks with speeds that are too fast.

I do believe that plant is UAW where is the UAW safety that your dues pay for?

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