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#83 Mar 8, 2013
This is the most dangerous place I've ever worked, look out for the forklifts! full speed ahead. nasty,dirty smoky as hell.1st shift went to work (after they had a moment of silence), like nothing ever happened. I was bothered by the unconcern.

Charlotte, NC

#84 Mar 8, 2013
whatashame wrote:
<quoted text>you obviously dont work on the production floor!you have to be one of the know it all white shirts,Martirea is far from being safe!! If it is so safe how come the fire dept is called out to the plant every couple weeks because of fires? They dont put the money out to fix the machines,they rather give u a rubber mallet to beat parts into fixtures or do a quick fix for the next shift to worry about(and then wonder why parts are bad). Kelvin is the main guy when it comes to PRODUCTION,and from previous experience with fires and people having strokes on the paint line I would not put it past him to tell everybody to just get back to work like nothing happened.Hell a couple of times the smoke hadnt even cleared and they send us back in to run,but they offered filtration masks!! lol i mean come on people.Even if it was someone higher up that gave him the order to keep running,what the hell does that tell you about the company? They obviously dont care much about their employees,they just want their numbers!! I do understand accidents DO happen but with all the machines that are rigged up and not up to spec its only a matter of time before someone elses life is lost.
I work on it everyday. 100% true. Couldn't have said it much better myself. I am ashamed to be apart of it.

Madisonville, KY

#85 Mar 8, 2013

Martinrea managers have a long history of safety issues. I think this picture was taken right after someone died from a fall.

Martinrea denied his life insurance because they said " he had a heart condition" , they figured if he was going to die anyway in 10 or 20 years why should they pay out on the insurance they charge us for.
LAP B crew operater

Louisville, KY

#86 Mar 8, 2013
My Prayers to his family, very sad to hear about the tragic death of this young man! We are all pretty shaken up ! I know im hugging my family a little tighter tonight! Tomorrow isnt promised!
for real

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#87 Mar 8, 2013
teamleaders wife wrote:
I also worked there when a forlift driver ran over a girl and killed her , we had a brief meeting about it and then were told to go back to work. they have had several accidents lately with forklift drivers ,and yet nothing happens . this place has changed for he worst and its even bad when they can't even keep human resource workers and general managers due to how this place is ran. workers is just a dime a dozen , this place has a very high job turnover . but its all about the #'s , when I worked there we were working 12 hr shifts 7days a week for 6 months straight . and i could'nd remember how i would even get home .i know i would get in my car and remember getting on parkway ,then the next thing i remembered pullin in my driveway. everything else i couldnt remember doing. which is very unsafe for everyone involved, but big bosses didnt care , just get those #'s out!
You have lost your damn mind. I worked there 7 years & know a few people that are still there. There was never a woman killed by a forklift. A woman was hit by a forklift & continued to work there for another 5 or 6 years. I don't understand why people make up dumb shit in a time like this.
Long timer

Charlotte, NC

#88 Mar 8, 2013
for real wrote:
<quoted text>
You have lost your damn mind. I worked there 7 years & know a few people that are still there. There was never a woman killed by a forklift. A woman was hit by a forklift & continued to work there for another 5 or 6 years. I don't understand why people make up dumb shit in a time like this.
I agree that there are serious issues with management and upper management but I do not remember a woman be KILLED by a forklift. Hit ... Yes one a few occasions but no one ever KILLED.
Ford LAP lift driver

Elizabethtown, KY

#89 Mar 8, 2013
Its definitely heartbreaking to hear this news. Coming from someone who's main concern everyday driving a fork lift is safety I know there are people who do stupid things. I have people run out in front of my lift all the time.They don't realize how dangerous it can be. I have also worked in areas that I've done lock outs before and have seen several ppl including maintenance not take the time to lock out. This is partly on themselves but partly on the upper management for throwing fits when something breaks down. Speed and safety don't go together. Its one or the other. Everywhere I've worked when it comes down to it, the production numbers is what's most important which shouldn't be the case.

Just my 2 cents.
Shelbyville Employee

Chicago, IL

#90 Mar 8, 2013
Pray wrote:
<quoted text>
Robots do not just kick on when locked out. I think you are assuming it was locked out. Or heard from someone that it was locked out.
I am not saying Jason was at fault but I think you are making statements on something that you do not have all the facts on. OSHA will investigate ant then we will know what happened.
Hello!!! Robots do exactly what there told, nothing more, nothing less. They crash, they break things, they will kill you. It's all just one blipped input away when the logic is done by a alchoholic hack.

Howell, MI

#91 Mar 8, 2013
Cont wrote:
<quoted text>
It is a gate switch key. Sort of like a dummy switch. Puts the cell in auto
ok thanks "cont", that would explain it. Its a terrible accident and i agree with you that most maint employees have done that or something similiar at times while on the job trying to get a line or cell back up in a hurry. This is the 3rd death since December that i have heard of involving a robot hitting somebody. My prayers are with all the families

Somerset, KY

#92 Mar 8, 2013
I have worked at martinrea for 3 months I did not know Jason - I have heard good things about him. My family is praying for his family. As far as the things being said about the company a lot of it is true - there is issues there. I think the issues is everyone's management and employees. The management is not driving forklifts like they are NASCAR drivers. I want to see the company improve and keep jobs in the area for a long time. I was shocked they sent people home specially due to customers in the plant. The whole thing sucks - hopefully things will get better. My heartfelt prayers also go out to the people in the plant who called Jason a friend I hope you find peace in your heart too
Big Player

Hopkinsville, KY

#93 Mar 8, 2013
Seriously wrote:
<quoted text>
I bet you just sit at home and collect that Obama check while you try to lay down your rap singles In your mothers shed...Im sorry your "studio". this country was built on hard working people who took pride In building this country and putting In an honest weeks work.
Jason was a very good man who never said anything negative at all and always had a smile on his face and tried to brighten everyone's day around him. Ive known him since middle school and I feel horrible for his family right now.
What ever dumb ass I use my brain to make money insted of working my self to death. Thats whats wrong with people, they have that mentality that you have to work until you 70 yrs old at some factory making another sucka rich. There are other ways, I started saving my money and bought a couple cars fix'em up sell them and now I own a car lot in Nashville, then I invested in real estate and so on. My point is this, I'm sorry that Jason lost his life, I just know there are better ways and smarter ways to make money insted of working for some one that dont give a damn about you, they show you that when they said keep on working when he got hurt and died.

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#94 Mar 8, 2013
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jason's family. RIP Jason.
teamleaders wife

Hopkinsville, KY

#95 Mar 8, 2013
Long timer wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that there are serious issues with management and upper management but I do not remember a woman be KILLED by a forklift. Hit ... Yes one a few occasions but no one ever KILLED.
sorry to mis lead you all about the women killed but in the meeting that was what was said to us so how true is questionable but a white shirt had told us this..

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#96 Mar 8, 2013
They need to shut that place down. People need rest, fatigue causes unsafe conditions.
skilled tradesman

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#97 Mar 8, 2013
conclusions wrote:
If anyone has ever dealt with it the will understand. The is a safety bypass button on the cell....he had the safety bypass on and went into the work area. The robot was not in teach mode. Every maintenance man has done it and they wud be lying if they said they didnt. Just shows you cant jump safety.
There is no such thing as a safety bypass button you stupid ass. Its clear to anyone with any knowledge that the ladder logic allowed the machine to cycle once the conditions of its cycle were met. Even with the gate locked out.

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#98 Mar 9, 2013
After reading all the comments. It's very sad that everyone has had a answer or what happened to Jason. It was a accident either way due to fault from either party. I think we should focus more on Jason's. family and friends we have lost a brother and need to stop all the blame and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. I re call Springfield losing a women about 8 years ago. Almost the same way.
Family man

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#99 Mar 9, 2013
Bingy wrote:
They need to shut that place down. People need rest, fatigue causes unsafe conditions.
and who do you think will pay us to support our family, it's the people who work there that make it unsafe. We each have to take responsibility for our own actions.
I love my job there and think this company is a good company as its growing
God bless Jason's soul sympathy to the family
LAP B crew operater

Louisville, KY

#100 Mar 9, 2013
Smh wrote:
It's totally bs! Martinrea does not fix every thing trust I know! We need to be shut down! Kelvin needs to be fired! Ford stay out here at this factory and they damn well knows was going on! All they care about are those parts and getting them out on time! Not us! Coming from a person that works c1 on 3rd

Maybe , just maybe ... you should find employment elsewhere! Production isnt for everyone ! No plant is perfect, we have issues of our own, and yet you want "FORD" to step up and clean up your plants problems because they see them! production has always and will always be about numbers!! It's always a blame someone game! Factories are a dangerous environment , tomorrow is NOT promised for anyone whether you work in a factory or not!! My prayers to your plant and Jason's family , hopefully his life lost will step up safety , its a shame it would take that to open eyes !!
Sad employee

Portage, MI

#101 Mar 9, 2013
I hate to be like this but none of you really know what happened unless you was there ... assuming most of u was not!!! This is a very very tragic loss.... to Jasons family and friends and all his coworkers!!! U ppl are being SOO disrespectful to do stuff like this on here at a time like this!!! Accidents happen... tomorrow is NOT promised. We are promised 2 things... LIFE and DEATH!!! For those of you speaking so poorly on Martinrea... if ur so unhappyn feel so unsafe I strongly suggest you find a new job. Asap! To all of u speaking so strong about them management... IF u sad ass ppl KNEW half of what u possibly THINK happened Thursday night &#65279;then you wouldknow &#65279;the Management that was in the building during that very sad time NEVER LEFT from that area at ALL!!! The management including KELVIN, &#65279;the maintenance men and few coworkers was there by him &#65279;the entire time!!! In 10 yrs at that factory only 2 ppl have bn killed..Jason being &#65279;the 2nd!!! So sad. Tragic! And unfortunate!!! You people are pathetic!!!! Stop doing this when ppl need prayers and comfort at this time!!! This entire post from you guys is disrespectful to Jason and his family at their time of loss!!! I'm praying for your family Jason.. and your friends and all our coworkers suffering from this painful loss, and ALL &#65279;the responders to them call who STAYED by his side that visually mentally n pyshically endured this pain in OUR plant Thursday night!!! Praying strong for all of u disredpectul people on this site as well!! What a discrace!!!!
Sad employee

Portage, MI

#102 Mar 9, 2013
Oan...was informed tonight they've spoke with his wife and her and their children would never want for anything again. And that was offered to her out of simpathy and loss... our company is not as awful as you people are making it out to be. Things so wrong.. we have fires ppl get hurt.. and we work a lot. Its part of it! Stop with all &#65279;the lies and rumors!! Prayer is needed!! I am not a white shirt either I'm a second shifter!!! And for &#65279;the record that line it happened on did NOT run. A few lines left and a few lines ran!! And &#65279;the TRUTH bc I was THERE!! Sad sad sad.

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