Pensacola, FL

#42 Feb 25, 2013
ht2gulfvet wrote:
Well good. Maybe if we can get enough people to stand up and demand justice Selbe and others like him will be awarded their just deserve!
I'm not sure why this posted twice.:)
Chicago thug among you

Benton, KY

#43 Feb 25, 2013
manup wrote:
Lack of concern for the victims comes at no cost, ignorant enough to believe race and sexual harrasment did not play a part in this however is priceless! <quoted text>
Victims? What victims? The women that saw the video likely watched the SAME video on PUBLIC TV!

The "victims" are the American people and especially the black Americans that the NAACP have kept in bondage by making them out to be "victims". People like Banks are the ones that are hurting blacks in America. Let Banks be the victim of hatred but the rest of my fellow Americans I encourage to look beyond the past and strive to create unity and harmony in the future.


#44 Feb 25, 2013
The HCC staff, that was offended are talking to attorneys about taking this to court. All racist bantering aside, it will be the White female that take him out
Chuck Norris

Benton, KY

#45 Feb 25, 2013
It will be a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT female that takes him out. The same liberal that believes that showing middle school kids how to put a condom on a banana is OK, that homosexuality is normal, that woman should be provided govt funded birth control, that murdering unborn babies is socially acceptable but the death penality for murdering, torturing rapist is not.


#46 Feb 25, 2013
Christain County Cares 2015 and the Diverted From Real Issues Committee; Oops! I mean the Diversity Committe are on this like Uncle Ben is on a rice box. They are sure to look out for the Victims; with one of the victims actively setting on the Diverted From Real Issues Committee and all.......... NOT!
well maybe the Human Relations commission..,,NOT!
well Maybe MEDI...,,,,,,,NOT!
BLACK City Council Members,,,,,,,,,,Not!
Social Civic Clubs,,,,,,,,,,Not!
Black Ministers,,,,,,,,,,Not!
Women's Clubs,,,,,,,,,,Not
Anyone, Anyone,Anyone,,,,,,,,,,Not!

Pensacola, FL

#47 Feb 25, 2013
Seriously I don't understand ya'll. "a series of isolated incidents" pick up your dictionary and look those two word up. This is a pattern. He has history of offending women colleagues. I don't understand why ya'll are OK with his using school $ and property for anything other than doing his job. I have yet to read anything on this or hoptownhall forums where his appalling lack of respect for other people is justified all i have seen is how the victim is wrong for standing up for themselves witch is what i would hope everyone would do. If he is never held to account for his actions he wont stop doing what he has a history of doing.

United States

#48 Feb 25, 2013
Chuck Norris wrote:
It will be a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT female that takes him out. The same liberal that believes that showing middle school kids how to put a condom on a banana is OK, that homosexuality is normal, that woman should be provided govt funded birth control, that murdering unborn babies is socially acceptable but the death penality for murdering, torturing rapist is not.
Politics don't play into this. Being forced to watch a video with sexual content by a supervisor in the workplace is wrong, regardless of how someone votes. Furthermore, left-wing politics don't automatically mean sexual immorality, just as conservatives do not and never have had a monopoly on strait-laced and proper practices. If the other "multiple isolated" incidents are anything like what he finally got caught in, I don't see how anyone who wants to improve the community or continue to enroll and graduate students at the college can think Dr. Selbe is a reasonable choice for a leader.

K12 people are held to an even higher standard... if this had happened at the county office between Link and a female teacher, he'd be out! Who in the world is protecting Dr. Selbe? It must be nice - I bet his victims would like some of that protection.


#49 Feb 25, 2013
Well after all it is Hyprocrasyville. The victims, white females, black females and black males are scared to death and put up with him for a long time. They told on him and now they are not sure that he will go away. The focus is not on the victims it is on the radical NAACP President John Banks and his new Era Opinion and the TEA baggers that want to save Selbe. None of them have any sense! Common sense and wrong and right gets lost in the shuffle along with the victims. One thing for sure, common sense just aint that common in a town full of hypocrites that can flip a bible and make it defend the most warped of views” For the Most part it is a racist and segregated town, but both races like it that way. No one wants to push the envelope and no one really wants change. They talk a lot about change when they must put on a show for outsiders, but at the end of the day, those in power both Black and White are not going to rock the boat. This is one town where Black people and White females no very well how to keep their place. Ain’t no better Christian then a racist, homophobic, chauvinistic one.

Tucker, GA

#50 Feb 25, 2013
That's funny. K-12 is held at higher standards.
Several wouldn't pass a drug test but by God they are politically correct when it comes to showing clips from a TV show.

United States

#51 Feb 25, 2013
Selbe did not renew my contract after I worked @ HCC for 10 years, grew a program by 300% & did a 3 man job while being harrassed, my was life threatened & no support from him or the administration. I was a constant target of a very hostile work environment.

He deserves whatever he gets. I just hope he gets some help.

African American Female

Hopkinsville, KY

#52 Feb 25, 2013
Tell us more of what he did??? does he have a deep dark side????

United States

#53 Feb 25, 2013
I am not at liberty to say everything I want to say but let's just say he does have a dark side like "Hitler" or something. HCC is a Plantation & he is the "Yes Suh Massa." The African Americans there are very afraid of him & the most of the staff & faculty are intimidated by him. He is considered KCTC's "Golden Boy".

The most they'll do is reassign him to Lexington at the head quarters. KCTCS is so crazy they might even promote him & give him more money while the employees haven't gotten a Raise in over 6 years.

Pensacola, FL

#54 Feb 25, 2013
HELL to the yes!!! Kristie the beer is on me.:D Go to the K.N.era and throw down.
Chicago thug among you

Providence, KY

#55 Feb 26, 2013
What are you liberal NAACP supporting Democrats talking about? Dr Selbe is the poster boy for the local Democrats. He does NOT have nor has he ever had the support of the "TEA" party, or any other conservative groups. Selbe is a true blue Democrat.

I enjoy seeing how the black community has turned on their white useful idiot...happens every time!!!

United States

#56 Feb 26, 2013
He never had my support. I saw straight through him when he came to HCC. He has been quoted as saying "I wish I could just turn myself into a minority" or something of the sort after HCC was cautioned by SACS that they did not have enough minority faculty to student ratio. And they don't. The minority student population is over 30% & they have about 6 or less black full time faculty members.

KCTCS is always talking about their 0 tolerance to sexual harassment but they skip the part on 0 tolerance to Discrimination. HCC & KCTCS is racist and ignorant to cultural diversity to the 20th degree. It is no place for people in the "real world" who want to truly thrive. I'm from GA & was never accepted there because I was young, black, from another state & very intolerant of the ignorance there.

United States

#57 Feb 26, 2013
And I did not find Hopkinsvilke to be very welcoming to cultural diversity either. Although I met some great people there, overall the diversity awareness climate is very poor. Let's just say I'm happy to be back in "normal society." No where is perfect but anywhere is better than Hopkinsville. I heard horror stories about Hopkinsville before I came & had an open mind to see for myself. Most institutions there are full of "Institutional Racism" & it greats you at the door like the main house slave character in Gjango Unchained with a cast of White Klan Members, Church Of Christ, & Jim Crow Racists.

United States

#58 Feb 26, 2013
A lot of black & white students at HCC used to tell me they never had an "African American" teacher in their history of going to school. New students would often come into class ask "are you the teacher ?!" It was just plain SAD. It if was not for God & counseling, I would have had a nervous breakdown. I also suffered health problems due to the Chronic Stress in that environment.

Regardless of my Acute Suffering there, I was still able to produce "Results". Some of my students went on to get Masters Degrees & were very prepared for the University Level.

My experience there taught
me what not to be & that would be the word IGNORANT.

United States

#59 Feb 26, 2013
Typo corrections. New students would often ask.....& If it were not for God.....

Nebo, KY

#60 Feb 26, 2013
Now that KCTCS has let us down, it's up to a community uproar to remove Selbe and his careless thoughtless actions from this all-too-important position. Keep blowing up the local media until real justice is served. It can be done. Anyone remember his predecessor? Selbe has been as ass for years behind the four walls of campus and this "win" will only make him feel more invincible in the long run.
Chicago thug among you

Providence, KY

#61 Feb 26, 2013

I see Kristie is back in Chicago! The blacks in Chicago are attempting to turn Hopkinsville into a little Chicago where black rule, ah, ruin everything.
Hopkinsville has more "diversity" than any other township in KY. The Chamber, HCC, the school system are ALL driven by "how much we can do to appease the blacks". It is sickening!!

In real America we will treat every person the same regardless of race and have the same expectations, rules, grades, and opportunities and any other American.
Don't demand that HCC hire more "black teachers", simply demand the BEST teacher that is qualified and American! Black racist are incredulous, always expecting preferential treatment and wanting to refer to themselves as a special group of people instead of simply Americans.

Please go forward and attack your Democrat white useful idiot.....that will be one less power guy the conservatives have to do battle with in Christian County.

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