Rev. Harris is Out!

Richmond, VA

#1 Feb 28, 2012
the GOBs and black traitors in Hopewell have stabbed the Rev. C. Harris in the back. Rather than be forced to a trial, he resigned from city council. Back-stabbers standing behind him were councilors Stokes, Pelham, Bailey, and Buji(the football has been). These and others have a lot of nerve.

Oak Ridge, NJ

#2 Feb 29, 2012
The man has attended 4 City Council meetings since his stroke in 2010. I don't think they stabbed anyone in the back. His health is not good, wouldn't you like to have someone actually on council that will be able to attend meetings? Come on people, not everything is a conspiracy!
Prince George Gal

Hopewell, VA

#3 Feb 29, 2012
I agree not everything is a conspiracy, but you can rest assured that the dirty politics in Hopewell had a role in pushing Rev. Harris to make his decision. He has represented his ward with dignity and dedication for many years. But council has their (4) votes to pass whatever they want, so whether he was there in person would make no difference in the outcome. Citizens of Hopewell, you are in for a rough time. You have my sympathy.

Oak Ridge, NJ

#4 Feb 29, 2012
All politics are dirty, not just Hopewell, people need to understand that. Yes, he did serve his ward with dignity and dedication for years, but for his own health he probably should have stepped down a year ago. There has always got to be finger pointing. It is in the best interest of himself as well as his ward to step down and allow someone else to step in. But I'm sure for months, this will be blamed on the other council members.
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#5 Feb 29, 2012
Politics IS dirty, but we in Hopewell have the "Gang Of 4" that are owned(bought and paid for) by the GOBs. And these people do NOT have the best intrest of the city in mind. At least with The Rev. Mr. Harris and the other two thinking councilors, Hopewell had some representation. The thing now is that the "Gang Of 4" will stack the deck with another "YES" person, so as to really screw the citizens of the city. There is so much corruption, you wouldn't believe. Curtis Harris was a bright light, and he WIL be missed.

Prince George, VA

#6 Mar 14, 2012
Even when Rev Harris was absent he was more logical, fair and effective than the sitting members who threw him under the bus. He went out on his terms with the dignity he deserved. He will be missed...!! now watch the blood letting to replace him.

Ashland, VA

#7 Mar 14, 2012
the sad part to this is that his replacement will probably be either Sylvestro or Stokes which just adds more problems. They both are a joke....
Joe Schmo

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#8 Mar 15, 2012
So he was the do-good savior of hopewell eh? IMHO he only represented one side of hopewell and prevented alot of good, hard working people from getting good jobs at Fort Lee with his protests in the past. Now fort lee is a joke, bunch of uneducated, unexperienced fools running a base. yeah thanks rev.

He was a socialist, and only cared about 'his own'. good riddance.

As for the council, I have sat in Council meetings and listened to church groups,'snake pastors', etc complain about ".015 cent tax increase" for HOURS wasting my and the Councils time.

They then complained about building a new Police Station! "Dont spend the money" they say. Have ANY of you been in the old one? A disgrace for sure. Our Officers DESERVE more than a basement. I'll gladly pay more to the city to help them, cause in the end it helps me too.

Oh and the funds were already allocated for THAT project years ago and sitting in a fund, just like the Marina. Too bad we may now lose the funds to Obama now, thats right, the feds will take it because it went unused. Thanks protesters and fools!

The council is doing the best they can with what they have left. A delapitated, crime ridden, financially broken cesspool. No money since the good hard working people are leaving for higher ground. Maybe with the loss of the Rev we can actually get something DONE.

When will you all wake up and realize what is killing this town is the riff-raff, drugs, and foolish people who think progress, and thier next welfare check, are FREE. Businesses (like Wal-Mart) wont invest here since it will cost them too much in theft losses. Get real Hopewellians. Socalists, sec 8, and lack of retail are killing this town, not the council.

Have a nice day.
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#9 Mar 15, 2012
Joe Schmo, for the most part I agree with you. The GOBs have crushed the city with their rental properties being rented to the scum of the earth. Businesses will not come to Hopewell(much less downtown)because of the wonderful ethnaol plant that went belly-up. Just remember WHO voted against it, the Rev. C. Harris. He may have pissed off people in the past( who hasn't?), But he came through in his later years, and didn't belong to the GOBs. Bimbos ,racists, senile ex-city workers, and hasbeen football players are bought and paid for by the GOBs. If you own a business in Hopewell and disagree with the powers that be, they will put their MoJo on you to put you out of business. Sounds a lot like that scumbag Odumbo in D.C. You sound like a reasonable person, talk up good people to help run the city. Help get out the vote. Perhaps even think about running for council, or getting someone good to do it. We can't win if people sit on their azzes and don't do anything. HELP, DAMNIT.
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#10 Mar 29, 2012
Well, council passed the buck to replace Harris. Now a judge gets to pick a replacement(how many of you trust a judge from around here?).

Carson, VA

#11 Mar 30, 2012
It would seem the prudent thing to get the incarcerated off their lazy behinds and have them, first and foremost, clean up that dump. This would serve a dual purpose to get the place picked up and then get the lazy guards to do some work. Lazy abounds in this day and time. I see it on the job and in the streets. Some"homeless" bum with a sign smoking a cigarette. If he has enough money for a pack of cigarettes, he don't need my money. Then there is the "work for food" sign guy. My brother told him to jump in the truck and he had work for him. Shucks, he was even going to pay him depending on how good he was at the job.
"Just give me some money." was the reply.
It just seems that there are a lot of "entitled' people in this country anymore, without the "work ethic" our parents had.
Then you have the "citizen" who gives a ride to some person and gets killed. Why even stop for anything because if you are not hurt or maimed because of it, you might be dead.
I have never been one to side with the "established" law enforcement/criminal justice system in this country as it is, but when, even after "lifting a finger" to defend ones self one finds them self in court facing all sorts of charges. Best to keep a small circle of friends and then, go home alone.
As for Mr. Zimmerman, true, he might have been a bit zealous in his pursuit of Mr. Martin, but when does that give Mr. Martin the right to put his hands on Mr. Zimmerman, sucker punch him and beat his head into the pavement. I believe Mr. Martin got his just deserts. Mr. Obama's son. Trademark his name. A farce. If the shoe were on the other foot? How many are killed in this country, or even in this "neck of the woods" and Mr. Obama does not proclaim them as his "son". The prison system is full of "sons of Obama".
Many years ago I was a "member of the "Sons of Silence", as the last time I went past their clubhouse, I would not have dared to step foot in the place for fear of getting killed. It is getting to the point where the "Honest and hard working" citizen needs to arm himself just to go to the store. Then the Police come and seek you out for some misdeed. Very Kafkaesque.
Mr. Obama, please do us a favor and just go home to Chicago, where you live, and let someone with a spine run this country. You were quite a sight in the eyes of the country with your remark to the Russians, who, bear in mind, are not afraid of this country one bit.
As we now enter into third world status, with a variety of countries not even wanting to take the dollar in exchange for service, what awaits us.
Citizen, Do you have plenty of ammo for your Shotgun? You just might need it when the soldiers come, or worse yet, when the unemployed punk breaks in to kill you in your sleep.
vn redpatch

Carson, VA

#12 Apr 2, 2012
vn vet is cool and right on target, another banana clip for the vet and the m16 hurrah

United States

#13 Apr 2, 2012
Out? Does Harris even remember being on the council?
vn redpatch

Carson, VA

#14 Apr 3, 2012
probably his liver is shot

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