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Hopewell, VA

#1 Oct 20, 2009
David Hunter was charged with stalking....but it must be good to know Tony, his case was dismissed, is that one of the reason's his family support's Tony, as I say "one of the reason's". Stay tune.

Morristown, NJ

#2 Oct 20, 2009
i'm tuned,tell us more.

United States

#3 Oct 20, 2009
Larry wrote:
David Hunter was charged with stalking....but it must be good to know Tony, his case was dismissed, is that one of the reason's his family support's Tony, as I say "one of the reason's". Stay tune.
You are so mean. Why bring David into this political mud bath?


#4 Oct 20, 2009
Maybe the same reason Tony's supporters brought Debra Rose's son into the discussion.


#5 Oct 21, 2009
case dismissed!!! that is why hopewell crime is down!!!

Colonial Heights, VA

#6 Oct 22, 2009
These posts are killing me. Everyone is out for blood. Let's just discuss the issues and may the best candidate win!!!!!!!
I do work in the legal field and Tony did not try David Hunter due to conflicting interests. Someone was brought in from Colonial Heights. Now what is the next subject??????
Helen P Hunter

Richmond, VA

#7 Oct 23, 2009
David was falsely accused and the judge saw things for what they were.....LIES! The charges were dismissed due to NO evidence whatsoever. WE support Nino because of the job he has done in office, his honest character, and his love for Hopewell. Thank you "Larry" for bringing up a horrible time in our life for your....WHAT EXACTLY? I am so happy to have heard about this blog today while volunteering at my children's school.

Since: Oct 09


#8 Oct 23, 2009
Shame on you Larry. To support, I assume , your candidate you really went the "extra" mile digging up dirt supposedly on Nino. David Hunter and his wife have what only you can only dream of having.....a loving family and support from great friends. The case was given to someone outside of Hopewell because Nino had a conflict of interest. To imply otherwise is sick. Lets play this election fair and discuss the issues of Hopewell. In case you want to dredge up past issues, how about this? Maybe the police officers that signed the Letter to the Editor, criticizing Nino had a conflict of interest in the David Hunter case. A good majority were friends with the accuser. Hmm....speaks volumes, huh? Ask them about Ms. Norwood.
Educating Larry

Hopewell, VA

#9 Oct 23, 2009
Larry, Larry, must have worked REALLY really hard on that post. I guess you were one of the "ignorants" during that time that, with no evidence, just took the side of 4 attention-hungry women? That is one of the sad things about living in this small town...all it takes is accusations and no proof to prompt the police to place charges against a law-abiding family man. Sounds like an episode of "Dukes of Hazzard" or some such ridiculous small time show that we all laughed at because it was so ridiculous. The sad part was that it wasn't a show. However a lot of pitiful people did get entertainment out of it at the expense of David and his wife and children. Pathetic. As far as Nino is concerned, if you had been informed correctly, he excused himself from the case and the prosecutor was brought in from Colonial Heights. Oh shocker....does that mean that Nino acted in a totally professional manner? In a manner that we NEED in Hopewell? Why, yes it does. I'm sure that the Hunter family is supporting Nino's campaign for the same reason that all his supporters are....We believe in and support him and the job that he is doing. As far as his opponent, does he really have the "love and roots" in Hopewell that he proclaims? If he doesn't win the election will he still be here after the first of the year since he loves it so much? Or will he be heading on to another locality (are we seeing a pattern????) as soon as his rental lease ends with Ingram and Associates? Make a commitment and buy a house here...then we might be a little more convinced. As far as I am concerned, in the words of Judge Nye in the David Hunter case, you, Larry, have brought no evidence to the table and this case is dismissed!!!!!
4 attention-hungry women

Richmond, VA

#10 Oct 28, 2009
THIS IS HYSTERICAL!.....ONLY Hopewellians spend much of their time talking about stuff that they have little or no knowledge of. And HOW does the case with Mr. Hunter have anything to do with the election?......We all know that everything( at least here in Hopewell) is just a popularity contest-----knowledge, skills etc.....doesn't matter, especially if it's a legal issue, it's all about Who your attorney is, and what judge he/she is sleeping with!(figurativly speaking) and evidence (or lack thereof) is irrevelant(refer to previous statement for explanation). MR. Hunter's wife (and children) were sweet and innocent victims---reason being that so many MORE" attention hungry women" did NOT come forth. OH and for the record,( I know this is gonna come as a BIG surprise for MOST of you misinformed ignorant supporters), but the ONLY piece of AUDIO evidence,--- YES- there was a conversation between him and one of the females ---was SURPRINGLY LOST IN THE EVIDENCE ROOM!......Oh, my! Hard to believe that isn't it... LOL.....ALL of this is just as humorous to me now as it was then. Let dead dogs lye and leave the past exactly where it belongs. IN THE PAST. Use your energy to focus on something a little more positive. OH, BTW--anyone remember Mrs. Pleasants( teacher at HHS)?.....she too received MANY harassing phone calls back in the 80's from one of her students( cough!, cough!) which was before caller ID,had her phone tapped, AND GUESS WHO?..( and I am sure SHE wasn't "friends" with the HPD!.NOR was she "hungry for attention"--....) so go figure!....
VA Yankee

Sterling, VA

#11 Oct 28, 2009
Who is he alleged to have stalked, and when?

Since: Oct 09


#12 Oct 29, 2009
4 Attention-Hungry Women....Not sure what your point is. For or against David???? Sounded as if you were taking up for him but then you brought up ancient gossip from the 80's. For all "attention deprived , gossiping women or men"....there are others involved in this. His wife and children. Why are you trying to keep this alive? What is your ulterior motive? No good is coming from rehashing this except to hurt innocent children and his wife. Is that the real motive?? This case was dismissed. What else do you want? Please everyone...let it go.
Let It Go

Spotsylvania, VA

#13 Oct 29, 2009
I agree....LET IT GO! David Hunter has NOTHING to do with this election. His name should've never been brought up. This is about the character of Tony "Nino" and Rick....NOT DAVID HUNTER. As said before the case was dismissed so leave it dismissed and start talking about the real issue....the election between Nino and Rick. Stop using this as a bashing forum for David Hunter!!
Moniquehopewell2 3860

United States

#14 Oct 29, 2009
This is not a place to bring up such old matters that none of you people that do not even have the nerve to sign your names have any concern or reason to do but I guess you have a right to post what you want as do I....... YOU PEOPLE make me sick.... stick to the issues and grow a big set!!!!

Aylett, VA

#15 Oct 29, 2009
Give em Hell Monique!

One thing they have not factored in.

If there are any reasonably intellegent people that read this blog,
(Yeh I know, thats a stretch),

it doesn't take very lone to see which side all the hate spewing is coming from.

Love Pauline
Allen A

Brandywine, MD

#16 Oct 29, 2009
Man, you Newman supporters are Vile!
fifty eight cal

Chester, VA

#17 Oct 30, 2009
I guess its O.K. for Ninos supporters to attack and as you put it VILE as long as they support Nino. this web is full of nasty name callers

Chesterfield, VA

#18 Oct 30, 2009
fifty eight cal wrote:
I guess its O.K. for Ninos supporters to attack and as you put it VILE as long as they support Nino. this web is full of nasty name callers
100% of all the Evil hate is coming from Rick Newman supporters.

Just read last nights paper. Jimmy Jones and the Rev Whack job Charles Bennett.

No need to say more.

The majority of everyone supporting Newman has had their own brush with the Law.

I got a speeding ticket 3 years ago and I still can't stand the cop.

Hopewell, VA

#19 Oct 30, 2009
tyu, How could you vote for a Commonwealth Atty who commits the crime of lying to a Judge in court!
Anthony should be disbarred. The judge did nothing about his lying because the entire court system is corrupt. Do we realy want to go to court and have the judge in the back pocket of the CA? The reason the corrupt police were not put in jail is the very fact that they know too much on the judges and the CA! Anything is better than Sylvester the Cat!
fed up

Richmond, VA

#20 Oct 30, 2009
JUSTICE---that is EXACTLY what I meant in my earlier statement ( ie. the topic at hand_) IF you lived across the street from him and his kids and your kids carpooled to school together, do you think you would have been convicted of being a sick, perverted individual?....NO , of course not, Nino, may in fact, be a "nice" guy, but he doesn't belong in the position of CA. And your statement regarding the police having too much dirt on all of them is true, The "crazy Rev" ( as referenced earlier) I am sure is correct in his statements, hence being the ONLY reason he is called "crazy".....It kinda reminds of you being in HS again, where popularity is everything, and all you needed to win was a lot of "aquaintences", same here.........I mean,hell look what got the president elected!!!!!!!!!!

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