Hello all,

I have been reviewing posts online and have found interesting posts regarding the November election and the possible change that may come to Hopewell’s City Council. I have read multiple posts that discuss grievances within the city and a need for change on City Council. If you have any comments or suggestions about issues that are important to you during this election, please post them here. If you would like to contact me, please visit: Gore4-Ward4.com

If you do not feel comfortable posting comments on this forum, there is a survey located on my website.

But here are some quick facts about myself. I come from a military family and have lived in Hopewell for the past 15 years. I graduated from Hopewell High School and attended VCU. I graduated from VCU with a dual-degree in Political Science, Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I have interned at various state offices as well as the General Assembly. My goal was to understand procedure at the state level before approaching the local level. Since then, I have participated in the City of Hopewell through various forms of public service. I am a board member for the City of Hopewell's Economic Development Authority (Secretary/Treasurer) Keep Hopewell Beautiful (Education Liaison) and the Architecture Review Board. I am also a member of my local neighborhood watch. I have organized local charity events for residents that reside in the City of Hopewell. I am running to force community participation within City Council. I believe votes/legislation passed for the city should be a reflection of what residents in the city want!
I will take the majority opinion to council and will provide multiple avenues for residents to voice their opinion. My platform includes:
Communication & Technology Advancement (Provide avenues for citizens to address comments, questions, suggestions, concerns and vote on matters)

Industrial Development (Roads, drainage, lighting, parks, beatification of Hopewell etc.)

Economic Development (JOBS, new business, assist struggling businesses’, grants, internships, apprenticeships, Fort Lee expansion)

Education and Public Safety.

All areas will have a domino effect that will benefit resident families, teens, military and all residents of Hopewell. Thank you. I look forward to speaking with you.