I brought a surround sound receiver that had a broken optical input to TV-pc laptop pro. The owner told me he would fix it for me, by the time I got back to my house he said it was already done. It took him about 25 minutes and he charged me $60.00 cash only. When I brought the receiver back home and set it all up it didnít work. I called him and told him it was not working; he didnít seem surprised and just told me to bring it back. I showed him the optical input and told him I plugged it in and it did not work. He said he would fix it and call me when it was done. A few weeks later he still didnít call so I stopped by his store. That is when I saw my receiver stacked underneath a pile of other electronics. I was not happy to see the way he stored my item and that he never called but then he told me the optical input was broken again and he would not warranty it like he promised because he said I broke it. I explained to him that I had it for less than an hour and all I did was plug it in at home and it did not work. I explained to him that there was no way I broke it because not only was I extremely gentle with it due to already breaking the original but I also showed it to him when I brought it back and it was not broken. He refused to honor his warranty and told me I needed to pay him again. The owner charged me $60 for a job that took him approximately 25 minutes and probably a used optical input he pulled off another receiver, he never checked to see if the receiver worked before he told me to come pick it and he will not warranty his service and instead is blaming me for the way he stores his customers merchandise which is probably what broke it again.