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Milford Parent 5

Westville, IL

#21 Oct 19, 2012
Milford Parent wrote:
OK, This is what it comes down to; I do know for a fact that the teacher and students stories both matched, he never denied it. The problem is the school board, state attorney, and parents do not agree on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate conduct.
I totally agree. This is something that will tarnish Milford. Both stories match. It needs to be handled appropriately and fairly. I for one believe the student felt uncomfortable. NO child should feel uncomfortable in their school. We teach them to tell a teacher, a parent, a friend if there was something inappropriate happening. She has done so. Now we need to let other children know telling is the right thing to do. Fighting over it does not help the situation. Neither is calling the young lady a liar.
Another Milford Parent

Westville, IL

#22 Oct 19, 2012
My husband knows most of the people in town and was told that Mr. Johnson literally cornered the girl's sister in Casey's and would not let her out. I don't know how she managed to get away, but I do know the family moved away from Milford because of the incident. And to those who think that his being a bus driver can keep him from looking down the girls shirts, think about it. When the girls are getting on the bus: What is the view from the driver's seat. We just have to be really careful who we allow around our children. My child has been told to stay well away from this man.
Milford Alumn

Danville, IL

#23 Oct 26, 2012
Having attended Milford High School in the last few years, I have had Mr. Johnson for wood working and construction for 3 out of 4 years in high school as well as attended his room during lunch and study hall hours. I have spent hours a day around this man for literally years and I for one cannot believe such an accusation based upon my own observations. In any instance when an off color joke was brought to light, he was the first to shut it down and made sure the boundaries of student and teacher were always in a very clear spectrum. I am doubtful of the accusations of any junior high student in today's day and age given the rampant media exposure to things of this nature. As I had read earlier, there wasn't any evidence that he had done anything that violated the law and therefore could not be punished for it. There are endless reasons why this entire situation could be a fallacy and there are many rumors that should be addressed before the rashest of assumptions are made.

Cherokee Village, AR

#24 Jan 22, 2013
Oh.... MY...... GOD!!!!
It is so typical for bus drivers or teachers to be so falsely accused of crap.

Terry Johnson was the epitome of a perfect gentleman when I was on the payroll with him. These accusations are complete nonsense, and any of you with a true conscience would know that! Mr. Johnson was and still is a very good friend of mine, and there is no way these accusations from some ticked off student or parent are true.

Sometimes a student accuses a teacher or driver of stuff ONLY because the student has gotten into trouble with that teacher or driver... have you ever thought of that? I know of an incident here where I live, where a 5th grade boy was nothing but trouble on the bus, so one day he went home and told his parents that the driver hit him. The high school kids were not loaded yet, so it was his word against the drivers, and the tape had been pulled from the bus the previous day. Since the parents threatened legal action, the driver was basically forced to quit, even though the driver was completely innocent.
I could quote you many other incidences where the student or the parent got their way and the good teacher or safe driver gets suspended or fired.
You people need to teach for one day, or drive a bus for one day. I think you would get your eyes opened as to the injustices put on those who are assigned to teach or transport your kids!

Mountain Home, AR

#25 Feb 4, 2013
Mr.Johnson is a respectable teacher, and appreciated by RESPECTABLE people. Decent people can see right through the ridiculous allegations.....allegations that more than likely come from people of questionable character!
Cranking it

United States

#26 Feb 19, 2013
What did the teacher do.. Again, slowly
Milford student 8th grade

Hazel Green, AL

#27 May 20, 2013
Mr. Johnson has always been a respectable man i have him for my classes he is always willing to help his students and every female student I have talked to have said and I quote "I have never felt threatened by him he makes class fun and we can always talk to him".And not to be rude but I knew the girl and i really think she over reacted I can see how what he did could have been mistaken, but i have no doubt that he is Innocent of what he was accused of.


United States

#28 May 25, 2013
Maybe you guys should all educate yourselves with a little case down in Rossville a few years ago. Track coach/Youth Minister (how much more respected or trusted than that can you get) manages to sexually assault a child and they victimized the victim. The precious Minister could not possibly do these things, "this kid just wants attention" mentality kills me! Feel free to read thru his forum on here it is labeled "Andy Thomas". They ran the victims thru the mud but eventually justice was served. After it was all said and done he is sitting in a Federal Prison for 30 years while the victim tries to move on in life. It is a situation that should be taken serious on all sides and handled fairly. And to the person that posted that the victim "appears happy on facebook", you made me lol! Just because a victim smiles, laughes or attempts to move on in life doesn't mean something didn't happen, just that they choose to not let it define them!

Tinley Park, IL

#29 Jul 10, 2013
Just my opinion, but I think you should have to know proper Grammer and how to spell before being able to post in any forum... Continue on....

Hazel Green, AL

#30 Jul 12, 2013
Hey Cornjerker, grammar does not have an 'e' in it.
Spelling Nazi

Hazel Green, AL

#31 Jul 13, 2013
I agree grammar doesn't have an E, but it is a very, very, very tricky word, say it GRAM-MER or even GRAM-MIR, but Bob the spelling Nazi is correct it is GRAM-MAR. Nice job BOB strange a guy that can spell his name front or back is such a stickler for spelling. But keep educating the masses Bob, I doubt Cornjerkoff could have lived another day without knowing their is no E in GRAMMAR. Thanks all, this is The Battler

Hazel Green, AL

#33 Jul 13, 2013
I only commented on Cornjerker's spelling because in his post he states that people should know how to spell before posting in this forum. Not looking to educate the masses, just a quick post directed to cornjerker.
Spelling Nazi

Hazel Green, AL

#34 Jul 14, 2013
Ok boB but I was impressed, I used their in the wrong way in my last post. It's there dummy. Cornjerkoff, if you are not any good at gram-mar yourself, WHY call out the masses?
White Weezal

Decatur, IL

#35 Nov 1, 2013
Let's shed some more lite on this story. Because the mother decided to contact a local news station,and give her own "story" to the media,she got publicity.When Mr Johnson was not found guilty of any wrong doings,the family moved to Hoopeston. They have another older daughter,that during her attendance at Hoopeston school,missed so many days of school,she would not be passed,so low and behold,she came back to Milford High School,where she graduated.
Aside from Mrs.L***est seeking attention about this situation,she loves being in the limelight,as evidenced recently at a local couples wedding dance.Add a few beers and a chrome pole on the dance floor,and this woman is a true spectacle and needs her own stage.Bandstanding,attention seeking and being in the spotlite is what the mother craves regardless of who she steps on. Funny,no civil charges were brought against Mr Johnson by the family?
donald burgett

Pekin, IL

#36 Nov 6, 2013
i never new that my favorite teacher would do such thing in fact i know he wouldnt he has a daughter of his own he is very innacent if you ask me.if you ask me i think all this should be dropped and he keeps his job. theses days girls are asking for it cause what the wear.

donald burgett

Pekin, IL

#37 Nov 6, 2013

Kankakee, IL

#38 Nov 7, 2013
If you read posts 36 and 37 it becomes very apparent that mr. Johnson did not teach spelling

United States

#39 Nov 15, 2013
Milford Parent wrote:
OK, This is what it comes down to; I do know for a fact that the teacher and students stories both matched, he never denied it. The problem is the school board, state attorney, and parents do not agree on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate conduct.
It is such a tiny area; these people tend to stick up for one another down there even if it is as dirty as a pedophile teacher touching minors and I would not doubt the grievance against him. This should be investigated deeper. If he didn't deny this complaint, why was he not terminated and charges pressed?

Mountain Home, AR

#40 Feb 18, 2014
There is absolutely NO WAY this teacher would EVER be guilty of these accusations! NONE whatsoever! I observed him daily, in the teaching environment, as well as when he drove the bus. I have observed him talking to the students, disciplining them, offering sound advice, and truly teaching them manners and respect.
I have also been in the same car with him, and stopped by his house when it burned down. We have shared so many conversations, and NOT ONCE was he out of line. You can smear his reputation all you want, but those with any intelligence know what his true character is...... one of pure class and maturity. I cannot say the same thing about his accusers.
Word of Wisdom

Mountain Home, AR

#41 Feb 18, 2014
Never judge someone by the opinion of another!

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