What does Hoopeston need most?

What does Hoopeston need most?

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Mr Tarpley

Fairfield, OH

#1 Nov 2, 2008
Driving through town all you see is vacant buildings and houses for sale. People leave town after high school and have no incentive to ever move back. How did this happen?

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Nov 3, 2008
First off it's in Illinois. I left due to corruption.

Munfordville, KY

#3 Nov 12, 2008
I think alot of it has to do with city government. they offer no incentives for businesses to move there. the property taxes go up every year. you can't do any improvement to your home that they don't raise your taxes. drugs are a problem, but they seem to be a problem everywhere. it's like a festering wound. the overall morale of the town is terrible. the kids have no future there. you have to drive to at least danville to make a decent wage. the school system sucks. what is there 3 or 4 empty factories setting there roofs falling in and such. Silgan will close next i bet.
Silgan and still working

United States

#4 Dec 5, 2008
You have no idea what your talking about. Silgan is going strong and will outlast you. Take a look around---all small communities are struggling to adjust. At least our school system-that by the way is very good--is not broke. We still have city workers that do their job day in and day out. You people are so negative.

do something

Orangeville, IL

#5 Dec 7, 2008
I agree that all small communities struggle at times, but to say that there is not significant loss in this town is denial. I come home a couple times a year and it is heartbreaking. I remember a time where this town was booming. We had thriving businesses,a full school where people wanted to send their children. Now all I see is houses that were once beautiful-run down and not taken care of, empty buildings, simply a shell of a town that use to be.
But what I see most is the moral of the town is down. There seems to be no hope or simply denial. It has been a gradual change and unless you step back I dont think you see the severity of the situation.Those who live there deny it, and those who left, simply dont want to come back.
To claim that all towns struggle is true but to not see the truth of what has happened to this town is ignorant and irresponsible.
My favorite it the last remark someone make "that we should go to another country and see how good we have it". I completely agree that we are blessed in this country, and with that statement we should use our recourses and fix up the town. If you feel that way then prove it, take pride in your town again. clean the streets, fix your homes, make a difference. With that attitude will you only see change.
How ignorant to think things will ever get any better when you arent willing to do something about it.

United States

#6 Dec 16, 2008
Hoopeston can make it. We need to stop crying poor poor us. When is a big factory going to come save us? When I lived in INDY your job could be 20 miles across town. Whats 20 miles to Danville
with out the stop lights and trafic of indy.
Do we even know how many people in town dont have jobs and why? When they started letting the bars open on Sunday it opened up more work. Car lots cant open on Sunday. Work thats there that cant be done. State law.
Lets stop crying about the bad and start looking at the good in Hoopeston. Like the jobs in the old FMC factory. Its a start.

United States

#8 Dec 20, 2008
We lost factorys over the years thats true. But
Show me one of the buildings that are not being used for new jobs.
fullfrontalnudit y

Munfordville, KY

#9 Dec 29, 2008
silgan and still working your an idiot and you will be there when they turn out the lights. maybe you could work at the pallet place on route 9. wabash national wanted the fmc building but that fell through too! just like quaker oats did 40 years ago.
living here and hating it

Hoopeston, IL

#10 Jan 5, 2009
When i first came to hoopeston it was magical almost going down the beautiful cobblestone streets. The loudest whistle i had ever heard yelled out over hoopeston corn pack is over. i miss that. Hoopeston people are hard working people. I went to school here for 1 semester it sucked cute girls i later married a jerker. half of my family dropped out at hoopeston. Changes are needed build a county school, more kids more money. Better choices. And build a indoor recreation center.(pool SKATE PARK)I tried to help get a skate park, very few parents came out to help. the Bars raised money. No churchs helped hording their money. thats sad.
just me

Danville, IL

#11 Jan 5, 2009
Hoopeston sucks..the comment above said work at the pallet place, oh hell no.. I heard that place is going to be closeing down, The man don't know how to control his money.. People talk that he has to many women he buys drugs for..Some is working there now..From what i heard from that place it is a junk ass place.and drugs going in and out of there.. They need to shut it down..So better off going somewhere else then that place..

Danville, IL

#12 Jan 5, 2009
I have heard the same on the pallet place..Its a shame..
gibson city illinois

Arcola, IL

#13 Jan 5, 2009
why do youn think i moved! i graduated in 98 from HAHS & it kills me to know thats where my step children are being educated!

Munfordville, KY

#14 Feb 22, 2009
you know silgan's last comment sounded so childish "it'll outlast you" like my dad can beat up your dad. FYI moron i spent time in the military and have lived in and been to other countrys. you don't appreciate what we have in the USA til you see people in Jamaica of all places diggin in a garbage can at a KFC to scrounge up a chicken bone or two. or the streets of TJ Mexico, raw sewage is pumped to the channel of the street in front of your residence, kids play in it. or you can go to thailand and pay for a 12 year old girls mom and dad 10 bucks U.S. for sex (12 year old boys too if your Dennis Catron i'd like to catch that SOB myself). get over fool

United States

#15 Mar 17, 2009
I just moved to Hoopeston I think the town is beutiful love the old style homes and cheap! Moved out from California bought a house 2x the size for half the money. Ill. Sucks though you guys have G.D. nazi gun laws.

Hoopeston should focus on its strong points maybe make it a retirement place. It is beutiful and freindly everyone says hi I like it alot here.
proud parent

Dubois, IN

#16 Mar 18, 2009
ya a retirement community is just what hoopeston needs yo be that will help our school system alot how many retireees go to school and yes the school is in need of help just try to send a child through their they are one sudes and snobbish

Carmel, IN

#17 May 21, 2009
Sounds to me like, "What Hoopeston Needs" is
a match and a big FIRE!!!!


#18 May 22, 2009
Well Well well. I guess everyone is right the problem I have had is that The police dept is full of cocky unfreindly officers that do not want to do their job. Like The MeganB thing the cheif did not investigate it cause her husband was his freind.Also I work in chicago so a little drive to work is better than living in the windy shitty. 2 more kids to get out of school and I will move else where that is if the school is still open due to enrollment . have a good day . earl
The Man

Danville, IL

#19 Apr 16, 2010
Silgan and still working wrote:
You have no idea what your talking about. Silgan is going strong and will outlast you. Take a look around---all small communities are struggling to adjust. At least our school system-that by the way is very good--is not broke. We still have city workers that do their job day in and day out. You people are so negative.
It's funny how so many people think that American't is such a great country. I'd leave right now if I had the money.
Hoopeston Resident

Waltham, MA

#20 Apr 21, 2010
Hoopeston needs a legitimate restaurant. Not a bar that serves sandwiches, not a bowling alley that has some tables in the bar. A straight up restaurant that doesn't only serve short order food, and that doesn't force people to sit in a bar with the drunks while they eat.

While some of the people running the burger stands here in town may mean well, the impression I get from them is that they don't have a clue what it takes to run a proper business.

1) POST HOURS OF OPERATION AND STICK TO THEM. I call ahead and ask when someplace is open, they say "well till 9, but maybe till 8."

2) DONT HAVE A MENU AND THEN RUN OUT OF THOSE ITEMS. Basic sandwiches, Ive gone into kellys, hennings, and gotten "We're out of that" all the time!

3) TRAIN YOUR STAFF ON HOW TO BE PROFESSIONAL. No one pays any attention to orders and then screws them up.

Bradenton, FL

#21 Apr 24, 2010
Many businesses have come to Hoopeston and just fail NO SUPPORT

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