Do white women like Filipino men?

Do white women like Filipino men?

Created by Dumlao on Apr 2, 2008

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Yes - They're very attractive



Spring, TX

#668 Dec 22, 2010
Love my husabnd of five years. he is native filipino. His family loves me, and he is the best thing to happen to me. Girls dont know what they are missing out on!Most adoring man I have ever known. He Brings me roses all the time, Never lets me forget that he loves me.


#669 Dec 27, 2010
hey guyz i was born in the philippines n live there for about 15 years then i moved to australia ive been living in sydney for almost 3 years but tell u wat during my high school days ive dated an white blonde girl she is very tall im like 5 9 and she's like about my height ive never seen a girl so aggressive like her us filipino mans were never used to date a aggressive girls so anyway our 1st date we were watching movies together then she holds my hand so tight and place it on her boobs n im like omg i was so shock n ijst didnt move my hand i let her play with my hand. after that the movies she took me over her house which her parents are not home she started get naked and stuff wat i did is i put her clothes back and i told her sex is not wat i want from u i want u she started to cry and hug me very tightly she said she nver met a guy who has very big respect for a woman. and i told her now u do after a month i left her without saying a word or goodbye i didnt say anything everytime i see her i hide everytime we got class together its either im cold to her or ignore her or skip class n wen she txt or col i dont txt bak or col i just didnt want her anymorer she is too immatured giving me so much headache and pain in the ass i jst got sick and tired of it so ryt now dont know where is but who cares anyway so any flipinos guyz here wants to date white chick just be confident with them gentlemen show em wat filipinos made for gudluck

Rome, Italy

#670 Jan 3, 2011
[email protected]

my fb
I'm a Filipino guy

need white girl^^
Lamir A

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#671 Jan 6, 2011
No! I have dated with a Filipino man for 2 and half a year. He comes to my country for work.
Due to being busy with work, we just met once a week. But that week, he said he got extreme headached and didnt go to see me. But then in the evening I called him, heard too much noise, music and he said he is with his friends!
I got angry, texted him that we should not meet coz he didnt respect me.
Since then, he turned cold to me. Didnt say a single sorry to me and even reply to one of my email that he does what he want!
Then sometime (very rarely, after many months) we on - off through telephone, or chatting. Sometimes he said, he miss me or want to see me through my webcam. But I didnt show because still angry.
Until now, 1 and half a year we havent met. I dont know what to do, cause I cant know where he is living and working now. So it's really no chance for me to meet him directly and ask to solve our problem.
So I decided to send him email on new year, asked if he still think about our relationship, and do you want to give it a chance. I also said that "Yes, I want", what about his idea. If he is silent, then it will stand for his answer.
I give him 3 months to answer. Also I filmed myself, some our nice pics and other decoration of streets here, because he said he is not living in the downtown now.
Now the deadline is not yet coming. But I know he always come online, leave invisible, but never chat with me nor download the files. In constrast, he made facebook for his son, add the son recent pics, when I was with him, he said he loves his son so much, but never show me any pics (I am single, he has 2 children, separated with his wife for more than 10 years. The children live with the mom in Phil.)
Really I am hurt! I dont know what to do. Most of my friends advice me to move on!
The deadline will be near his birthday. Should I send any other email to celebrate for him?
I am very depressed.

Ottawa, Canada

#672 Jan 10, 2011
Wow this comments amazed me^^ good job flips^^ ive been living in ontario canada for 5 years now but never dated a white girl im a typical filipino shy/scared of dating white girls haha i mean i like challenges but i guess i cant find one here in my city. My friends told me that i dont look like a filipino but more on half spanish/chinese lol yes i have lighter skin. But anyway i like white girls^^
And oh my filipino people i duno if u heard about this site that asian likes white girlls and all that so u can chat with them..its

So as white girls who like asians^^ im also there^^

Ayt have fun^^


#673 Jan 18, 2011
kathy wrote:
hello i'm a canadian girl who was just in the philippines and fell in love with the filipino men... and now i'm planning to go back next year to find myself a husband.... lol to me they are very sexy.... ;)
refly hello


#674 Jan 18, 2011
Hello Kathy your planning to visit Philippines where so that i can ask you for a date and will try to visit places here in my country if your fun of adventure..

Quezon City, Philippines

#675 Feb 11, 2011
Send me a message... Any white chic here?
nobodys boy

Fujairah, UAE

#676 Feb 12, 2011
nice, its amazing! im a filipino guy and honestly i never tried to open up with white girls because i dont have any chances to meet them personally.
if i were given a chance to talk with them, maybe il get pee on my pants and the rodent will run on my chest.sounds crazy huh hehe. oh things i have to improve everything. hayyy :( i always wanted to be loved by american girl, i think its just only a dreams for me. sad to say that, but anyway who knows?maybe someday it will happen when i am ready. congratulations to all of you those married. and advance happy valentines day to all of you, spread the word! ;) [email protected]
Smooth J

Riverside, CA

#677 Feb 17, 2011
ahh yess a great discussion! i am a single filipino american that holds onto my my native phillipine cultures.Ive been seeking a beautiful white girl but apparently looking for love in all the worng places. There are not many filipino/white couples where im from but can anyone toss some advice how to score with a white girl? i mean besides the natural virtues we already carry such as passion loyalty respect romanticism and sweetness.I would like to do more than what i come with. Any wite girls have advice for me? My competition seems to lie with preppy white boys and hispanic thugs ahah you know how they act.


#678 Feb 18, 2011
dasz wrote:
Yes, I'm white and my boyfriend is a Filipino man... his looks, his sense of humor, his overall outlook on life-- all are perfect!
I am glad that you do like your man right now, well in may case, ever since i really like white women or american women or ay foreign women, i am not in favor in filipina because i was with a relationship to them before but they only hurt me for several times.. i wonder why, my friend got married with american women, ohhh how i wish i can also.

Bartlesville, OK

#680 Mar 19, 2011
My boyfriend is Filipino he's amazing. Very respectful, loving, passionate and affectionate I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Worksop, UK

#681 Mar 26, 2011
Im a filipina women and married to a british men. Yes I definitely agree... I would say filipino men in nature are very loving and caring, very in tuned towards womens feelings/modes....and they treat women as women with care and respect! English men in general can be a bit insensitive sometimes towards womens feelings or not very much in tuned. You dont have to say anything to a filipino men to let them know you are upset..they will sense it, but to an english men like my husband you have to tell him you are upset otherwise, you are hurting inside without him even knowing!!! maybe, i should have married a filipino man :=)), just a shame I did not appreciate them before nor their looks but now im here in England I just realised how gorgeous filipino men are..and even my brown skin that i hate before and been trying all the whitening stuff, now I really love my skin colour cos i dont have to pay a fortune to get fake tanned...mabuhay filipino!!!
Fil me

Danville, CA

#682 Mar 29, 2011
Am truly amazed that some white ladies do prefer Filipino men. I am a filipino, but I never imagined that some would actually prefer pinoy men than other white western guys. I am speaking for myself, I do sometimes have a realization that we are not as handsome, tall, musculine as them. So I always put myself on the side when I see pretty white girls. Always thinking, I am not their type. So maybe, that is why some of us are quite hard to get. We are shy. We dont feel inferior thou, we just feel that, we are not the type you white girls will look back twice. But we will love you and be faithful to you. We always see ourselves dying old inlove with one woman.


#683 Mar 30, 2011

There are exceptions to the Saudi women for Saudi men only - try a Saudi female doctor! I heard women doctors in Saudi are given the right to date/marry WHO THEY PLEASE! Good luck man!:)

Boynton Beach, FL

#684 Mar 31, 2011
A pure blooded Filipino looking for a caring and Jesus-loving white girl to marry.:) I'm in the US to visit my mom and my sisters. Communicate with me at: [email protected] m

Boynton Beach, FL

#685 Mar 31, 2011
I'm 27 y/o Filipino male, 5ft8inches tall, slim. Also a registered nurse in the USA, looking for a caring white girl to be my lifelong partner. Please communicate with me by this email: [email protected] m

Tampa, FL

#686 Apr 5, 2011
Im hispanic (latina) and I loveeeeeeeeeee filipino men ;] my boyfriend and college sweetheart is filipino and I JUST cant get enough of him

Calgary, Canada

#687 Apr 18, 2011
archangel23 wrote:
Hello Kathy your planning to visit Philippines where so that i can ask you for a date and will try to visit places here in my country if your fun of adventure..
Hello, It's too late cause i was already in the philippines for 3 months and just arrived back home last wednesday... anyways to make a long story short I reunited with a filipino man that I met last year in 2010.... we spent the last 2 months of my vacation together and we are in love! Haha
Words cannot express how I feel how much I love him.... I plan to visit him in August and then I will fly back again in January so we can marry.... I realize it will be a long and lengthly process, but I am 100% committed to this person.....
Yep life is good!!

Fitchburg, MA

#688 Apr 27, 2011
I've been with my Filipino fiance now for about 6 months. From the very first contact we had, we had a strong feeling for each other. I found it was so nice because he never has a problem telling me how he feels. When we fell in love we told each other. He is handsome, although he says he's average, but I think he's sexy as hell. He titi is NOT small. He's under the impression that all American men are hung. Funny how stereotypical we can be. But he is a hard worker, helps with the house, does anything to make me happy. It is true too, that having an American wife to a Filipino is like an amazing thing to them. But I can't imagine living without him. I have never loved or been loved like this. So any of you thinking you'd like to give it a shot with a Filipino....go for it. You won't regret it.

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