Gangs will lose, HPD chief vows - News

Gangs will lose, HPD chief vows - News

There are 194 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Apr 7, 2009, titled Gangs will lose, HPD chief vows - News. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

A San Francisco-based gang is fighting with local gangs for control of drug trafficking in Chinatown, triggering the recent spate of violence, Honolulu Police Chief Boisse Correa said yesterday.

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Honolulu, HI

#22 Apr 7, 2009
bring in DEA..HPD is a useless organization.
Get Real

Honolulu, HI

#23 Apr 7, 2009
Ms Honolulu wrote:
Wow, there are so many people that know all the answers and are great at pointing finger. Very easy. Any idiot can do it. Why don't you people come out a try to make a difference alongside of us. Or you only good at communicating behind the anonymous veil of email? People like you only make the problem worst. Shame on you!
HPD is now confirming what many of us already knew for years. Because they are finallly able to admit that we do have a gang/drug problem in Chinatown and is willing to work towards a solution, we in the community must rally behind their effort. Strength in numbers.
Boys of Korea

Honolulu, HI

#24 Apr 7, 2009
Ms Honolulu wrote:
<quoted text>
Hmmm, isn't it strange that only Police Union is capitalized in your comment? I wonder where you come from, brah?
Really???? I neva notice... my grammma is no so good old grammaaa. Wa els shud be capitalized????

Seattle, WA

#25 Apr 7, 2009
The Plan should be to follow the money trail up stream! and there you'll find the Big boys! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the street gangs are just distributors and money collectors only! Go after the Big Fish!
South Korea

Kapaa, HI

#26 Apr 7, 2009
It is all for show...nothing will change, but makes for good PR. If only the cops will shoot real criminals and not target senior citizens jaywalking or shooting homeless folk, it appears they rather stear clear from actual danger.
H Pee D

Honolulu, HI

#27 Apr 7, 2009
this is the game plan: H Pee D dont do nothing and let the gangs get rid of each other.
Chronic Chronicles

Honolulu, HI

#28 Apr 7, 2009
How interesting! Another mainland business will soon be closing it's operation and heading back home after finding out how difficult it is to do business here in Hawaii. All kidding aside, this crackdown is about the drug/gang related violence, not about drug removing all to the drug trafficking that goes on in Chinatown. At least residents/merchants will be stuck with the lesses of two evils, like HeadRest mentioned, it's better that our streets are populated with the "peaceful" drug gang instead of the more violent one.

Honolulu, HI

#29 Apr 7, 2009
The San Francisco area drug dealers have been around since, at leasts the early 1990's. There were many newsworthy arrests made but they never really went away.

Being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE is the better way in dealing with what is / has been occurring in the Chinatown area.

Why is it that only after two (2) very newsworthy incidents have occurred that resources are being moved and focused in this area? They should already been in place on a regular basis.

Get out of your cars, walk around, get to know the people, let them get to know you. If someone or something doesn't look right - get out and check it out. Be a pest, don't let any of these people become comfortable or think that they are entitled to any certain corner or area.

If people, the citizens and business owners and customers see the police doing this, they will be more willing to get involved because the police are involved and they know who they, the police officers, are.


#30 Apr 7, 2009
I used to like to go to Chinatown and visit the lei shops and other businesses. This crime wave will have a real impact on whatever tourist are visiting Hawaii and want to see Chinatown. Who wants to get caught in the middle of gang warfare. In Hawaii? In Paradise? Who would have belived it? I say get some cops down there on foot and bike patrol and do it now. This can be stopped if the mayor wants it to be. I feel bad for the people struggling to make an honest living over there.

Honolulu, HI

#31 Apr 7, 2009
Ms Honolulu is a frustrated old bag.

Honolulu, HI

#32 Apr 7, 2009
Hope that the city somehow is able to enforce the law. More cameras are need for this job.

Honolulu, HI

#33 Apr 7, 2009
david wrote:
that "top cop" is about as clueless as cops come when it comes to whats what on the street. using the courts to get injunctions is what works where real gangs work. mob piru in LA makes the sf boys in hawaii look like diapered infants.
if they cannot hang out in designated areas, wear certain colors, or communicate with each other in any way then they cannot make money and the police always have a reason to arrest them when they try to, a violation of the injnction.
of course, neither can the crooked hawaii cops - getting their pay offs in china town, so it may not happen if only for the fact that it works....and that's probably not the ultimate goal or they would do it. they want to control it, not stop it.
"L.A.- The city cracks down on Mob Piru members and names rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight in its injunction. Seeking to further curb criminal activities, Compton has asked a judge to ban individuals identified as members of the Mob Piru street gang -- including rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight -- from congregating in a northeast neighborhood. Authorities contend that the Mob Piru gang has terrorized the neighborhood for years, with buying and selling of drugs, discharging firearms, robbing and assaulting residents and by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation."
GREAT IDEA!!!!! The only thing is Hawaii as a state is a DIAPERED INFANT, SIMILAR TO THEIR GANGBANGERS.

HPD and its Police Chief have no clue on how to crackdown on gang violence and only see a water down version of it with their "wanna-be" culture they have here. They lack the expereince and know how. What the chief should do is send some of his people to LA along with the city prosecutor,judge, and legislator to see how they work the gang injunctions and how effective it is. Believe me, it made a hell of lot of difference in my old neighborhood.

Honolulu, HI

#34 Apr 7, 2009
kanuman wrote:
The Plan should be to follow the money trail up stream! and there you'll find the Big boys! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the street gangs are just distributors and money collectors only! Go after the Big Fish!
That job is for the pros with the Feds. Police need to keep the peace in the streets, and catch whoever breaks that peace.

Honolulu, HI

#35 Apr 7, 2009
All you whiners on here, shut your pie hole if you're only going to quip from the peanut gallery.
You want safer, cleaner, and drug free neighborhoods?? Then get off you fat a-s ses and do something about it. Walk the streets of your neighborhoods. Be the eyes and ears for the police, get involved in a security watch, write down license plate numbers, make anonymous tips to crime stoppers....DO SOMETHING! Instead of just finger point, whine and complain, and stay home and watch t.v. hoping things will get better....Auwe! Mo betta go live on Kahoolawe den

Wayne, PA

#36 Apr 7, 2009
BruceO wrote:
Drugs, prostitution,gambling have only been going on for decades. Something's wrong when senior citizens especially in Chinatown are targetted for jaywalking, while homeless and drunks are sleeping on the sidewalks. Leadership starts from the top. Hello, Mufi?(choo choo) Wake up Mr. Tam! Oh, Legislature! We need some tough judges, and a lot more prisons.Yep! Let's do this!
How's about posting mugshots of all those previously arrested for prostitution, drug dealing, outstanding warrants, etc? Public info, right?
Yes, do this!

Chicago, IL

#37 Apr 7, 2009
Get rid of the frisco boys and girls, they have been a nuisance to our community for as long as I can remember and not only in Chinatown. they bring there batu and coke over to Hawaii and poison our islands. SAY NO TO FRISCO!!!

Since: Mar 09

Anchorage, Makaha

#38 Apr 7, 2009
"However, the 32-year-old stabbing victim, Antonius Toloai, and Iosefa Meafua Pasene, one of two suspects in the March 28 shooting death of Joseph Peneueta, were both arrested on drug charges the day before the slaying."

So these two guys were busted the day before? Why were they out on the streets the next day then?

Reston, VA

#39 Apr 7, 2009
Gang members are animals...They are worse than animals...throwing them in jail only makes them better criminals...That's why they should be shot on sight. Flash a gang sign,*BANG* you're dead...tag a phone booth *BANG* you're dead...fight for turf *BANG* You're dead! Get the picture? Killing these monsters is the only way to handle the violence they bring into a community. Actually, they should be shot so that they are only mortally wounded , then tied to a stake in a public place, surrounded by weapons and sharp implements so that anyone who passes by can inflict whatever damage to the dying gang member they wish...If they want brutallity, then they shall die by brutallity! Kill them all I say!The only good gang member is a dying or dead gang member!

Chicago, IL

#40 Apr 7, 2009
i hope that law enforcement can handle this problem, because there is a war out there with the KPT gang and the frisco gang and i dont think it will end anytime soon.hopefully HPD can resolve the problem before someone else is hurt or dead.

Honolulu, HI

#41 Apr 7, 2009
...some good ideas on here about putting more surveillance cameras (cost money though, you all willing to pay more taxes to pay for that??) and getting injunctions on gangs like L.A....But this is a multi-faceted problem that does only require one answer. And it will take the community getting involved, not just pointing the finger at police, or the courts, or the legislature, etc. This is COMMUNITY PROBLEM...we all have to get involved, or suffer the consequences of our apathy and "ainokea" attitude. You feel me??

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