Mult-vehicle crash kills driver, inju...

Mult-vehicle crash kills driver, injures two in Hauppauge

There are 101 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 19, 2007, titled Mult-vehicle crash kills driver, injures two in Hauppauge. In it, Newsday reports that:

One driver was killed and two others injured in a three-car crash in Hauppauge Monday night, the Suffolk police said.

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Jimmy In mD

Columbus, IN

#83 Jun 21, 2007
My name is Jimmy. Your Daddy IS a great man. Let me tell you one thing that I know you already know. Everything he did....every second all the time was for his kids and family . He always would talk to me about you guys and let me know how you were doing. He was and is very proud of you.
We were buddys since I started at DVI in 1992. I really enjoyed the talks we would have. He was in early to get the computers up and I was always in early because I had to goto school. We talked about guy things..ya know sports...and complaining. We would go at it because he liked the Rangers and I love the Islanders. He always would let me "win" though...cuz he didn't sweat the small things in life. He was always the calm one while I always get worked up. He had a way of making me step back ,take a deep breath and be cool about things instead of going bonkers like I tend to do. Feeling the way I feel, it is unimagineable to me the pain you must be in. Please know many people are thinking of you and praying for your family. There is no way this makes any sense to me at all. Your Dad did everything the right way and this happens. The only thing we can take from this is live your life and appreciate every your Dad did. I live in Maryalnd now and work for DVI here. Just a couple of weeks ago your Dad "saved" 2 of my computers from the trash pile...but thats what he did...especially at DVI. Helped everyone. Please know that we all love him and will miss him. Will see you at the services. God Bless...
Angie LaShomb

Patchogue, NY

#84 Jun 21, 2007
Cristna- Cristina wrote:
<quoted text>
Mrs. LaShomb, I wanted to let you know that my family is here to fight with you. Monday night will never be forgotten and we will do everything that we can to make sure that justice is served. This individual was driving with no regard for the road or anyone on it, and for this our lives are forever changed. Your family is in my prayers and we will fight this to the end with you...
Thank you very much Christina to you and your family - again my thoughts and prayers are with you as your mother works on recovering and getting better. I finally talked to the detective on the case yesterday and do not want to jeapordize "our" cases against this woman by saying anything in this forum, but I do suggest that you get a lawyer as I have done yesterday.
Angie LaShomb

Patchogue, NY

#85 Jun 21, 2007
carol richter wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Angie...I'm so sorry about Keith. You know at work there is a real somber mood all over the place. I agree that the woman should not get off with a violation..she should never be allowed to drive again. Given the circumstances it is not as if she was drving cautiously and skid on a patch of ice...she deliberately exceeded the speed limit and blew the light. Go get her girl...I know if anybody can do it, you can. Again I'm so sorry.
Love ya,
Thank you so much - I am doing as well as can be expected at this time - I have my good moments and my bad moments. I finally got a few hours of sleep, which was good because I was physically exhausted from being up so many hours. Yesterday we were playing some old cassette tapes of Keith being his humorous self and could not help but chuckle. He always had a way of making us laugh.
I am preparing for Katie's graduation on Saturday and just hope that this happy day will not be ruined for her. Tonight was supposed to be her prom and she does not want to go, which I cannot blame her. Please tell everyone that I appreciate everything.

Love ya
Angie LaShomb

Patchogue, NY

#86 Jun 21, 2007
Marcia LaShomb wrote:
Angie, Katie, Brian, and Jennifer and Sorry that you have to go through something like this. I know exactly what you are going through and it sucks. I love you all and I am here for you. Keith was a great uncle to me and my children, we will miss him very much. If there is anything I can do for anyone, please let me know. My prayers are with all of you.
Marcia - we all love you and the kids too. I am so glad that you did come down this winter, we had a great time and if you ever just want to get away, you know you can come down.
Cristna- Cristina

Medford, NY

#87 Jun 21, 2007
Angie LaShomb wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you very much Christina to you and your family - again my thoughts and prayers are with you as your mother works on recovering and getting better. I finally talked to the detective on the case yesterday and do not want to jeapordize "our" cases against this woman by saying anything in this forum, but I do suggest that you get a lawyer as I have done yesterday.
Thanks for the advice Angie. Luckily for us, my sister is a lawyer and started working on all of this as soon as she was able to. She has been doing a lot of running around trying to get all of the necessary information. I am sure justice will be served.

United States

#88 Jun 21, 2007
After nine months of dismal red light camera results, the yellow lights at RT7 and Towlston Rd. in Fairfax County were secretly increased just one half second. "Red light running" dropped about 70 percent a result. Although much better for safety, the yellow lights were still inadequate. After 20 additional months of dismal red light cam results, the yellow lights were secretly increased a second time. What most people were decribing as deliberate "red light running" virtually disappeared and the cam eventually went out of business. Instead of telling the public about the lights, an important safety issue for everyone including people in New York, VA red light cam advocates simply decreed that their red light camera worked.

From the testimonials in the forum it sounds like you may need a new traffic engineer in Hauppauge, not more cops driving square pegs in round holes under ongoing dangerous conditions.

And yes. Before the camera was installed at RT7 and Towlston Rd., officials claimed the yellow lights were fine. But the ensuing facts showed nothing could have been further from the truth.

Since: Jun 07

Baldwin, NY

#89 Jun 21, 2007
Good evening everyone,
I really don't know if changing the red light timing would change anything, but I do believe that people need to slow down and smell the roses while they are driving and not be is such a rush. This society is too fast paced these days. We worry about being late to our jobs and for what? This woman, Agamez, was just plain going too fast not worrying about the speed limit, red light and she just wasn't paying attention. And that is the bottom line. Unfortunately her delinquency on the road cost my sister, neices and nephew to lose a very important part of thier lives and nothing can bring him back. Agamez needs to pay for what she has taken away, regardless of how innocent she is of not drinking or driving, If in fact, that is the case.

To all that have sent love and support to my family, I can't thank you enough. You have all been great and I believe this is heping my sister and her family to heal as best they could.

To my sister, There are no words to express how much I love you and are proud of the way you are handling yourself. You know that I am here for you every step of the way. God has made us sisters for a reason and brought us together for that reason. He knows what he is doing. I pray for all of us to heal and get through all these rough times. May god bless you. All of you!!!!!!!!!

Since: Jun 07

Bronx, NY

#90 Jun 21, 2007
Keith was a fabulous, gentle, kind-hearted, and considerate human being.

I met Keith at a NY Rangers playoff game at Madison Square Garden during the cup year of 1994. I only saw him angry once in the 13 years that followed. We became very close friends and I would not trade the relatively small amount of time we had together for all the world.

Of my friend I can say this, his family meant everything to him. He worked multiple jobs to support his children. We went to Pinehurst for the 2005 US Open; Keith called his wife every day to tell her he missed her and loved her. I know he couldn't wait to get home, despite the good time we were having.

I spent countless hours having deep conversations with Keith; most revolved around his Wife, Children, Siblings, Mother, and Grandmother; in short, about his family. I felt honored every time Keith told me I was a part of his family. I knew exactly what he meant by that.

As we experience, over the next week, what should be a celebration of his life and the time we had with him, I hope that everyone who attends the viewings and the funeral service is able to reflect on the number of people who were deeply touched by Keith during his lifetime...that is the true measure of this man, my Brother Keith.

I love you and I'll miss you more than you can possibly know...Rest in Peace.

United States

#91 Jun 22, 2007
In October 1994, a horrific "red-light" accident happened at the corner of 19th and Holloway in San Francisco. The accident has been credited with launching the red light camera movement in CA. 19th and Holloway was a notoriously dangerous intersection for years. Just after the accident, officials lobbying for red light cameras claimed the lights were fine and everything that could be done engineeringwise to make the intersection safer had been. Nothing was further from the truth. Engineering safety improvements were rejected and a red light camera was soon thereafter installed.

Almost four years later, here was the stunning admission regarding the lights at 19th and Holloway:

"In San Francisco, a particularly gruesome red-light crash in 1994 launched the camera enforcement movement in California. A driver ran the light at 19th and Holloway avenues and slid through a crowd of 50 people at a bus stop. One of the city's first enforcement cameras was installed at this intersection. But traffic engineers discovered that traffic-signal timing was causing many of the red-light violations there because the signals were not coordinated with those at 19th Avenue and Crespi Drive only 250 feet away. Some drivers cruising normally past Crespi found themselves almost immediately confronted with a yellow or red light at Holloway. After the signals were coordinated, very few red-light violations were recorded, said Tom Folks, senior traffic engineer. "We think the prudent approach is to look at all the things you can do before getting to the point of installing the camera," Folks said." ["A Matter of Timing", Steve Emmons, Los Angeles Times, 9/3/98]

It is very much in people's self interest that the fools gold of predatory enforcement, in the form of cameras or otherwise, not interfere with the implementation of safety improvements that really work.

PS Just a few months before the tragic October 94 accident at 19th and Holloway, a student was killed there by, you guessed it, an alleged "red light runner".

Sad. Very sad.
Lara Luchart

Brandon, FL

#92 Jun 22, 2007
I am still in shock after hearing about this horrible accident. Keith was a former co-woker and friend for almost 18 years. Of all the things that I know about him I know he LOVED his family more than anything in this world. Angie, I remember when Keith met you he spoke to me about a lot of things back than and I know his love for you genuine!!! I am sure he will be watching over you forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Albertson, NY

#93 Jun 22, 2007
I have know Angie, Keith, and Katie since 1996. I was fortunate to meet such kind, wonderful, people. We have shared special times and this loss is a tragedy.

Keith was a kind, smart, funny man who loved his family very much. He also loved and cared for his friends.

I have fond memories of those special times and will never forget them.

Angie and Katie, my thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.
Charity Smithtown NY

Albertson, NY

#94 Jun 22, 2007
Angie and Katie, My family's hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. You are loved by many.
To Mrs. Abreu, I hope for a full recovery.
I hope that justice will prevail in this horrible tragedy.

Bronx, NY

#95 Jun 23, 2007
Keith was joking around at our house as they left for the golf range with my brother on June 18. I am glad to remember his humor.

I was horrified to learn about his death early the next morning, and become more horrified as I learned the details of the accident that killed him.

This accident was entirely avoidable: the WB car was speeding and the driver ran the red light.

Traffic rules must be enforced by law enforcement, whatever it takes. Every day we read about innocent people being killed or disabled by automobiles ignoring the rules of the road.

Keith did not deserve this; he was just going home to his family after having some fun with friends. He will be sorely missed.
Joyce Steger

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#96 Jun 24, 2007
To Vinny - Thank you for coming forth as a witness to the tragic accident that killed my son Keith LaShomb. So many people nowadays will not take the time to get involved. If more people did, perhaps we would have fewer incidents of this nature. It is too bad that our legal system looks at this incident as only a traffic violation. Some things must change. We intend to pursue this and see what happens.

To Monica Agamez - May you never have to walk in my shoes with the loss of a child. May you never have to walk in Angie's shoes with the loss of a husband. May you never have to walk in the shoes of one losing a brother. And may you never have to walk in the shoes of Brian, Jennifer or Katie with the loss of a father. You have created chaos in our family and apparently also in the lives of many of Keith's friends and co-workers according to the comments connected to this article. One thing I know is that I would not want to walk in your shoes for the rest of my life with that memory.
Joyce Steger

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#97 Jun 24, 2007
I am Keith LaShomb's mother and cannot thank everyone enough for your concerns for Keith's family. Angie and Keith were a great team as husband and wife and as loving parents. They both saw to the needs of their children.
Even with the physical distance between us, Keith made a point of calling me every week and he would also call another member of his family. I was blessed with 5 children and after Keith's father passed away I was fortunate to meet another wonderful man and our family grew with the addition of two step-brothers. We were and still are one family.
To all of you who knew Keith and to those of you who worked with Keith, thank you for your comments. You have enlightened all of his family as to the real Keith. You knew him better than we did because we did not live the day to day existence that you did. He apparently touched many lives and hopefully we can also touch the lives of others as we live each day.
May Cristna's mother have a full recovery soon. Our prayers are also with you.
Thank you again to everyone for your good thoughts and many prayers. Keith's passing has left a void in many of our lives but he will continue to live in all of our hearts. God bless you all.

White Plains, NY

#98 Jun 25, 2007
I appreciate your comments regarding drivers breaking the laws, but understand this. Keith was one of those drivers that always followed the rules. I can't wait to see the police report statement of the second driver who was hit. I'd bet she said they had the green light on Old Willets Path. Also, if anyone one saw the news 12 report, she had to be going a heck of a lot more than the speed limit on that road, from the damage that was on his car. Thank you.

White Plains, NY

#99 Jun 25, 2007
I guess I should have read all the pages of these comments before I posted my last comment. I am glad there is a witness and he came forward. I can not express how much Keith will be missed. I loved him like a brother and I have been truely blessed to have been a small part of his life. But then again, Keith was like a brother to everyone who came in contact with him. I could keep going on, only repeating what has already been posted about this great man, but I won't. I will just end this by saying, anyone and everyone who knew him, was blessed to have this wonderful man touch us in his own way.
Michael from Pennsylvania

Hazleton, PA

#100 Jun 26, 2007
Katie, I have known your mom my entire life and all she has ever said was how wonderful keith was, I didnt know him but only of him and my heart is sad today of hearing about his death, I pray that you and Your mom get thru this and that the woman who caused this pay the price for what she has done,, my best to you and your mom,
angels are taking care of him now..
Michael from Pennsylvania

Hazleton, PA

#101 Jun 26, 2007
To Angie,
As I read these comments left today from you, your family andkeiths friends I sit here my heart is broken and tears stream down my face and I didnt even have the pleasure of ever meeting Keith, but to feel the pain that you are going through, that you andyour family are going through has really touched me, what a senseless death , what a horible tragedy so avoidable so unfair, I pray for you ang,, for you and Katie and the rest of your family I miss long island and miss all of you, I know that you are a squeeky wheel and if anyone can change things it can be you, You are a force to be reckoned with, god bless you and pelase dont hesitate to contact me if you need anything,
praying for you. Michael
I Love Pickles

New York, NY

#102 Jun 27, 2007
Today a husband, a father, a brother, a son, an uncle, and a friend was laid to rest. A life that was stolen from those that loved him, and that he loved with all his heart in return, is forever gone from this earth.

I had the great misfortune to attend that funeral today. The funeral of a man I was fortunate enough to call a friend. I was but one among many today, all of whom loved Keith, and all of whose lives were in some way touched by him, and all of whom will forever by changed by the tragic death of the man we knew.

During the service the priest said that Keith's death was like a blackout. The one huge difference between the two is that during a blackout the lights eventually come back on, but for Keith and those who loved him, the light will forever be off.

Keith, you were missed yesterday, you were missed today, and you will be missed for all the tomorrows that exist. I can hear your laugh in my head, and picture your smile in my mind's eye, and you will forever be a man I called friend. RIP

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