Broward lets probation-violation susp...

Broward lets probation-violation suspects go free in transport ...

There are 276 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Feb 9, 2008, titled Broward lets probation-violation suspects go free in transport .... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

A convicted robber, two drug offenders and five other people who normally would have been put behind bars went free in recent weeks - all because the Broward Sheriff's Office said it doesn't have the money to ...

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Saginaw, MI

#263 Sep 29, 2008
well, it has been a week since my fiance was supposed to be released from jail here in michigan and he is still waiting (told there is a hold from Florida) to be extradited or whatever...i just can't believe that a misdemeanor violation (although he is on felony probation for possession of Xanax and reckless driving) would get him extradited. Everyone up here figured Florida might have more serious crimes to deal with than this one...what kind of state is this?? I guess no one cares that there are more than just 1 life that has been interrupted...i have 2 children that keep asking when he is coming's just so frustrating, seems like a waste of time to me, but i guess the judicial system in Florida has nothing better to do than ruin people's lives. they will want restitution and there money, but don't figure that when you are incarcerated you LOSE YOUR JOB, SO IT WOULD BE KIND OF HARD TO PAY THE FINES AND COSTS?? anybody know a way to get him out of this mess?? I still am completely lost because bond was now what?????

Hollywood, FL

#264 Oct 17, 2008
jen _ Michigan wrote:
I am facing this same problem. My boyfriend was put on probation in tampa florida last july (07), he has violated up here in michigan with a driving while impaired charge. He is doing 30 days up here for that offense, and I found out Florida has a hold on him and a warrant has been issued there. I am supposed to be able to pick him up next week but have no idea what will happen. Do you think Florida will extradite over a misdemeanor DWI charge?(his probation is felony for a possession of Xanax and reckless driving) I can't find anything out from our jail up here of course and no one seems to be able to tell me anything. Personally I agree. Everyone up here thinks "are you kidding me?"? why in God's name would Florida WASTE TAX PAYERS money to do that. It is ridiculous. My boyfriend had his probation transfered up here in
Michigan, reports here regularly, works, has completed some of his Community service hours, attended a program that was required..I mean this is simply insane!!! I am sooooo frustrated I don't know what to long will it take for them to come get him? and how long will the ride down there be?? any info would be helpful!! Do you think they will extradite????
<quoted text>
Florida in notorious for extraditing people for anything, from as little as not paying court costs, to misdemeanors, to Felonys. A friend of mine was on three years probation and he caught a misdemeanor for driving without a liscense. he was pulled over pulling into his house and was arrested and sent to prison for three years for the V.O.P and got time served for the new charge. Go Figure. Oh yeah he was on probation for felony D.U.I in whick there was no accident and no crime, just driving!!!

Hollywood, FL

#265 Oct 17, 2008
Florida in notorious for extraditing people for anything, from as little as not paying court costs, to misdemeanors, to Felonys. A friend of mine was on three years probation and he caught a misdemeanor for driving without a liscense. he was pulled over pulling into his house and was arrested and sent to prison for three years for the V.O.P and got time served for the new charge. Go Figure. Oh yeah he was on probation for felony D.U.I in whick there was no accident and no crime, just driving!!!

Hollywood, FL

#266 Oct 17, 2008
Hey Jen in Michigan. They will come get him!! Florida that is!!! It will probably be a ride from hell, probably taking a week. When he is done up there they will probably get him from 1 week to month later. He will sit in Idle, "called Dead-time" until they do!! He will be lucky not to go to prison also!! The New "No Tolerance Policy" with probation and parole now. Also by they way, they extradited me from Ft.Lauderdale, FL up to Sanford, FL whick is up by Daytona, normally a 4 and a 1/2 hour drive and it took the Bastards 26 long sweaty hours to get there, riding in a dog-wagon, shackled from waist to ankles, dying of thirst, with no air, and hardly any bathroom breaks. Warn him to get a drink of water before he gets out of the jail when they go to transport him. They are assholes once you get in their death box of a van. Also if you start banging or making noise back there, they will Taser you and the two people next to you. Pray to God he dont get U.S. Transport!!!Good Luck and God Bless You and Him!!!

Saginaw, MI

#267 Nov 17, 2008
YEA S-BIC IT WAS A RIDE FROM HELL US TRANSPORT GAVE IT TO ME TOO, MORE LIKE A DOG KENNEL TO DESCRIBE THE VAN. I am the lucky one who was extradited. It took them about 10 days for them to get me from michigan and took me 3 days to get to florida. The judge gave me 10 days with credit for time served so I ended up doing 7 days total in florida jail The judge asked me about the ride down and terminated my probation and told me I was an alcoholic UNBELIEVABLE I AM SO HAPPY ITS BEEN HELL ON THE BOTH OF US THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL


#268 Nov 27, 2008
My brother was arrested for under .20 grms of pot (roach in a cigarette pack) in Broward when the guy driving the car he was in went thru a red light. He spent night in jail and got out on 100 bail, but was given no paperwork. What does he do now? He received no notice to appear in court, did not go before a judge, etc. and has no idea if he has to, or how much a fine he will pay, or if he will get probation, etc. The internet states its a 1000 fine or probation.He starts a new job in two days and is worried. Any advise?
Hey Jen

Hillsdale, MI

#269 Jun 10, 2009
I hope you are receiving emails when there is a response to your post because I have some questions too about Hillsboro county Florida that I am hoping you can help me with.
Did FL. come to MI. to PU your BF?
My bro in law is a dip chit, moved from MI. to FL., got his booty in trouble in Hillsboro county, FL, his own bad choices of course, no one was hurt or anything like that. Was not a serious crime but serious enough for the law to get involved. ;-(
Anyway, they are considering relocating back here. But are worried he may be extradited if he does. So I was wondering if FL. did in deed get your BF. or not.
jen _ Michigan wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi..since it was a violation of probation, the judge in florida denied the motion for a bond, or ROR...there is a hold on my boyfriend from Florida still (the oomputer at the jail says 'hold until decision is made by probation officer'...I don't know what that means, but there is a warrant and a hold on him out of Florida still and the only way it will go away now is when he has finished his time in jail up here my county will call hillsborough county and ask if they are coming to pick him up....i guess there might be a chance that Florida says they're not coming...but I don't really think so :(

Coudersport, PA

#270 Dec 24, 2010
Fed-up wrote:
Yea, I am a probation officer. The DOC has since further tied our hands. They only want us to arrest offenders who pose imminent danger. So if a serious drug offender, robbery offender, sex offender test positive for a drug test or violates for many other reasons, they walk until a judge signs a warrant in many days later. I agree with the sheriff. DOC should get out in the field and protect the public. This does not really happen. Probation officers spends very little contact time with an offender. I calculate we spend an average of about 5-10 minutes actual time with a offender per month. The rest is paperwork in the office. Yes, the "bad guys" have more rights than the victims.
if im in probation 6 states away and there is a probation warrant for me will they come 6 states away to get me?

United States

#271 Apr 22, 2011
Just because a person gets a felony does not make them a bad person. I was in Florida and was very sick have been trying for 10 years to get medical help but was always turned down for meds that would work I was in so much pain I turned to street drugs which I know was wrong but did help my pain to get more drugs for my pain I delievered 100$ worth and got busted for s&d was in jail 43 then sentianced to 18 months probation I was and still am totally disableied I was put back on street with no home no meds and drug dealers for friends but was almost dead. I broke my probation to get medical help and a place to live and now have a warrent and fighting for my disability I have not and will not touch a drug for almost a year but no matter I am screwed I can't afford a lawyer I can't get my disability with the warrent and understand that Fla will extradite me away from my doctors just to be put back on the streets with no home no income no meds just to be forced to violate again its a revoluing door to the jail there and I am not a threat to anyone I just don't know where to turn at this point and believe me I tried praying to hasent seemed to help if anyone has any answers please email me [email protected] as God as my witness I am not a bad person

Macomb, MI

#273 Nov 10, 2011
florida is a f@@ked up state i cant believe they would really waste time and tax payers$$ to come get go for a stupid minor violation shame on them i guess they cant get the real crimnals and they must be bored i do understand if it was a violet offense such as rape\murder\drug dealing but come on a freakin misdemnor\im soo gals i doint live in ur f@@ked up state no wonder casey anthony got off.............

Chesapeake, VA

#274 Apr 10, 2012
hey guys. Came across ur post. I have an issue i hope someone can help me with. My husband served 2 days for OVI in Ohio. He is on probation there but we live in west va and he missed his probation meetings and is now "on the run" will he be ok as long as he stays out of ohio? Or will they come get him in wv. Im scared plz help
Adam P

Smyrna, TN

#277 Apr 11, 2012
Does anyone know if if Tennessee will extradite from Florida for misdemeanor, possession of marijuana charges and VOP? i know they very well could, but what are the chances and does any one know of past similar situations in which the same happened?

United States

#278 Oct 5, 2012
Anne wrote:
Wow can't believe I came across this. My brother was killed back on 10/5/05 by a drunk driver Richen Turner in Pompano Beach Fla. she was three times over the legal limits, not a us citizen. they never arrested her, allowed her to go home and sleep it off, then allowed her to flee the country back to her home town in the UK. You know what the Broward County Sheriff's dept told us, we have a 21 day law. If we arrest her we need to present our case to the DA. She wont flee she has two kids, which we later found out were actually two dogs. Under homeland security law she should have been arrested to assure she wasn't a flight risk. She should have been arrested under protective custody. My brother was from Florida his family from Mass. We are told because we don't live in florida there's no push. This is still pending. We are trying very hard to get the extridiation papers signed to get this killer back to the United states so justice can be served.
Now I read there's a budget problem.
Justice is on its way my friend! After all these years she is back. I hope England stops its pitty part
elizabeth goodman

Springfield, MO

#279 Jun 11, 2013
florida dose not extradite from springfield missouri
for mis or felony's i know from personal expierence they have a book n relese program here so nice i love it

Hollywood, FL

#280 Nov 16, 2014
Who cares...the only one I could care about is the robber. And even that is a week case for your papers uncalled for fear bashing. We have become a police state and freely give up our rights to corporations and billionaires. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Philadelphia, PA

#281 Jan 9, 2016
My fiance has been serving his Florida probation in New Jersey for almost 2 years. He had initially got 150 community service hours. He still owes 130 hours. In the second year of his probation, he fractured his wrist and needed surgery. He asked his NJ PO if he could do community service somewhere else besides the town borough because he needs to wear a wrist brace and the borough won't let him work with that. She advised him that he cannot preform any community service because he is a liability. So About 2 months before his Florida probation was over, his NJ p.o. told him to bring in any documents showing he had a serious injury and could not perform his community service hours. His insurance finally approved the surgery, but the surgery is very serious and we qre currently trying to get custody of his 22 mnth old daughter, so he decided to push off surgery until after court on jan 13, 2016..we did being all the documents showing he had x-rays and an MRI and multiple Dr appointments. These were donr between June and Sept 2015, when we went to probation on January 4th 2016 come he was arrested and taken to Camden County Correctional Facility in Camden New Jersey. His probation is not even up until the 21st of this month so Florida probation officer told me he is going to be extradited to Florida over missed community service hours I find this to be very suspicious I know he should have completed them earlier before his injury but it seems very extreme to make him sit on that van and take that long, expensive ride! Does anyone know if New Jersey will let him finish his time at Camden County until the 21st when his probation is up with Florida? Or does anyone have a specific time on how long Florida has to pick you up from another state or county?

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