I lived in Branson for a short time. I never stopped to think about how the shows shutting down for the off season affected the people that worked at these places,not only the shows,but the restaurants, and other small business;s close up also. and I know for a fact,the majority of these places pay minimum wage. I really feel for all the families and children,that go homeless,because these places shut down for three or 4 months,then open back up and make millions,at least that is what I'm hearing on this forum all the time. They should be obligated in some way to help these family's,it is so sad to see the children of these families go through what they are going throuh, I can't imagine how difficult it is for these poor homeless children, to get up every day and go to school.Someone please step up in Branson,and get these shows to accept some responsibilties!!!!