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Rockwall, TX

#1 Mar 20, 2006
Has anyone seen this site?

Branson, MO

#2 Mar 23, 2006

Columbia, MO

#3 Mar 24, 2006
This is exactly what we've been needing. Thank you

Columbia, MO

#4 Apr 5, 2006
Yes!!! It is so great to see someone standing up to those idiots running this area. Wish he/she would update the site more, though.

Mason, WV

#5 Apr 13, 2006
Looks like a couple of updates!:D
Melissa Parker


#6 Apr 23, 2006
Rachel wrote:
Has anyone seen this site?
Thanks for the updates. We have been going down there since 1984 and did not want to see all the new developments. I wondered what was going on behind the scenes.

Stroud, OK

#7 Apr 28, 2006
Was raised there when Branson was nice place to be and live, Tom Keller was the policman and the only stop light in town was a flashing red at the intersection of 65 and 76 in town. Bill Gooch had the grocery store between the RR tracks and the river. Chick Miller had the barber shop and Welchel's owned the funeral home. Mt. Branson was called 7 falls hill and T-hyway was called " Long Beach Road" and Doc Aubin was the best Doc in the country. Left for the service for 24 years and now after seeing all the cutting down of the mountains, filling in the creeks, ruining the countryside, I don't even like to visit there anymore except to see some close friends. The whole area has gone to hell in a hand basket.Ruined the country side and a way of life that was decent and peaceful. Sure wouldn't want to live there for no body.
Deanna McDaniel

Columbia, MO

#8 May 5, 2006
i used to live in hollister and now im back in Kansas City, mo
and i think everyone in Branson is Gay meth heads and all the people in hollister are gay and Mary Avery when i get down there this summer i gonna be at your house just to let you know get ready!!!!!!!!!!111


United States

#9 May 29, 2006
Deanna, thank God, KC has you now. You sound like a meth head yourself
Wet Feet

Plano, TX

#10 May 30, 2006
I liked the way the Branson Landing people hosed the sewer water right down the middle of the walkway at the Branson Landing. 3 Stores were closed due to rising water. Too bad the little Dutch boy was not available with the special thumb. Next time I go I will wear waders.
John Ashcroft Herschend

United States

#11 Jun 3, 2006
Everybody's "Must See & Read List' should include the now world famous website..... .I showed this to all my friends here at the CBN Headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va.

United States

#12 Jun 3, 2006
PLEASE update the site more often; people will lose interest fast
Lonzo Spooner

United States

#13 Jun 4, 2006
John Ashcroft Herschend wrote:
Everybody's "Must See & Read List' should include the now world famous website..... .I showed this to all my friends here at the CBN Headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va.
Yeppers, Mr John Ashcroft Herschend, that new website tells the 'unblemished truth' about Branson.It tells about how, you,when you were
Governor of Missouri
back in 1992, you secretly declared an "Economic Emergencey" with dirty old bald headed dirty man.....
demogogue-would be leader of the people,Pete Herschend...
then secretly convinced
the Missouri State Legislature to find funds and build the now famous "Pete's Pike", the $348 million dollar road that goes to nowhere except......'Steal Your Dollar City'
Steal Your Dollar City is also known as LPC....which is 'Low Pay City'.
The Herschends in Branson are evil money grubbing people.
They have lost their moral compass.
The only thing they care about is the almighty dollar.
Lonzo Spooner

United States

#14 Jun 20, 2006
Deanna McDaniel wrote:
i used to live in hollister and now im back in Kansas City, mo
and i think everyone in Branson is Gay meth heads and all the people in hollister are gay and Mary Avery when i get down there this summer i gonna be at your house just to let you know get ready!!!!!!!!!!111
Hey Deanna McDaniel in Yucky-Kansas City, all the Meth heads & Dopers live in Branson & Rockaway Beach, Missouri. Y'all come on down from Yucky City to see us, OK ?
Signed Lonzo Spooner Rockaway Beach Missouri

Branson, MO

#15 Jul 13, 2006
Branson is evil---or is the poster just evil????
I am as supportive as the next guy who wants to diss Branson. I have lived here for 9 years, and there are things I don't find appealing either. But, really now, the way this guys talks would make you think that NO ONE here pays good wages, NO ONE offers insurance, NO ONE gives their employees adequate time off (including Sundays) and basically the whole town is just a cesspool for old entertainers to go die in. There are days where, yeah, I agree. BUT, there are also things that our poster does not mention. I know several people that work at SDC--they have better health insurance then I do. I know several people that work at Branson Landing--they make more per hour then I do. I have seen several of the shows in Branson--there are actually a few worth seeing--amazingly enough! Casinos and gambing? Please. If they are such a good thing and he is dying to work for one of those outfits (lets talk lack of wages and lack of respect for employees here) please--be my guest and move to Vegas or Biloxi or any of the other dives where you can happily deal cards for minimum wage and be expected to make a living off of tips.
For a little more balanced view on Branson, might I suggest
Neither of these people are particularly excited about Branson either, but I found their insights to be alot more "insightful" and not just flinging about profanity with a chip on their shoulder.
In closing, let me just say to the branson is evil dude--look, for the most part, I agree, but if you want people to take you seriously, a) check your facts b) learn some new words (using fuck multiple times in a sentence just illustrates your lack of education and the ability to choose something more descriptive and intelligent) c) be willing to consider the other point of view. Not acknowledging your opponent's strengths and opinions just makes you look like a closed minded reactionary and does not reflect well on your opinions in general.
By the way, I agree, I am rather fond of Branson Meadows myself.

Davenport, OK

#16 Aug 12, 2006
Would anyone like to contribute to the Branson is Evil site? I can contribute from time to time but not daily. But, I have added a little tidbit today.

Davenport, OK

#17 Aug 12, 2006

If my blog sucks so much why do I now have copy cat blogs?

Why are you so afraid of gambling in Branson? How can you ruin a town that already sucks? I bet you haven't fucking lived here very long have you? I thought so.

I'll have to check out these other copycat blogs and perhaps if they are worthy...I'll link to them.


Davenport, OK

#18 Aug 12, 2006
Also Anne, if you would like to contribute to my blog you are more then welcome. Let's see how interesting your writing is!

I don't proofread my posts and don't give a crap about grammar and other shit.

It is my blog and its primary purpose is for me to vent. I also one to piss people off. Especially all the holier than thou jerkoffs in Branson.

If you want to make an edited/refined copycat of my blog - go for it! Stop bullshitting and get to work.

Obviously my blog struck one of your nerves as you are sinking to low levels - name calling, etc. and you took the time to make this post. I could call you a four letter name that starts with a C, but why repeat the obvious.

As for the blogs you suggested, they suck. The first one is a bunch of whiny liberal random garbage about anything from Paris Hilton to Intelligent Design.

The other blog looks promising, but right off the bat looks like a clone of my awesome blog. I would suggest a different theme, add some pictures and a pinch of creativity to make it better.

Also, I don't want to read the posts because they aren't broken up into paragraphs. They have post running together into one HUGE paragraph.

But of course, this couldn't be YOUR blog as a highly educated person as yourself would never make such a mistake. LOL!
Terry Compton

Columbus, OH

#19 Aug 25, 2006
Lookes like everybody must be busy there are no updates. How does everybody feel about the subdivisons going in down in Cedarcreek.

Canyon Country, CA

#20 Aug 29, 2006
Wow...evil Branson, good to know about such an evil town, if its so bad why don't you leave...if you thinks it bad and corrupt in Branson, you haven't lived anywhere else in this country. Go try and live in LA or NYC or Chicago...they created evil and its still there

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